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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Man’s Best Friend Shoots Best Friend

(DOG) NEW ZEALAND — Think your dog is your best friend? How does Fido feel about gun use? In New Zealand, a dog owner took a bullet from his dog. We're guessing a few conversations about trust and some light therapy may have followed. — Global Animal

Hundreds Protest Mistreatment Of Circus Animals

(ACTIVISM) LOS ANGELES — Hundreds, including Olivia Munn from The Daily Show and Linda Hogan, protested with PETA against circus giants Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, who paraded their mistreated and shackled elephants. Read why a circus is no place for kids, or animals! — Global Animal

Animals and Lost Innocence

(ANIMAL ART) GA exclusive: Featured Blog Den contributor Claire Nettleton, Ph.D (ABD), shares her impressions of the art exhibit A Voyage of Growth and Discovery that ties themes of children, art, and animals. — Global Animal

Israel Introduces Bill To Be World’s First Fur-Free Nation

(FUR) ISRAEL In Israel, a full 86 percent of the population believes that killing animals for their fur is immoral and the organization Let the Animals Live is working to make Israel the world's first fur free country. — Global Animal

Volunteers Drowning In Dying & Dead Animals – And BP’s Blockades

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) LOUISIANA — Several reports from surveillance teams around the gulf tell horrifying stories of dead animals, killed by the oil and lack of food--and BP trying to keep everyone away from seeing anything worse. One volunteer says that in the three hours she spent around the gulf, she saw "one heron, two black birds, and one duck." — Global Animal

Defenders Of Wildlife And Southern Environmental Law Center Sue BP For Killing Animals

(ACTIVISM) ATLANTA — The notice of intent letter sent to BP today by the Southern Environmental Law Center and Defenders of Wildlife outlines both immediate and long-term exposure concerns for the well-being and survival of endangered species caused by the continuing oil spill and use of dispersants. — Global Animal

Man Is One Of The (Lion) Pack

(ANIMAL VIDEO) SOUTH AFRICA- Watch this video to see animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson be welcomed as one of the pack in this pride of lions. — Global Animal

Wolves Return To Oregon With Mixed Reactions From Residents

(WOLVES) OREGON — Two small permanent packs of Wolves roam the far northeastern corner of the state — giving Oregon its first real taste of what's ahead as Canadian gray wolves repopulate their historic haunts. — Global Animal

Huge Illegal Rhino Horn And Ivory Trade Uncovered

(WILDLIFE) AFRICA — A transnational operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL targeting wildlife crime across southern Africa has resulted in the location and closure of an illegal ivory factory, the seizure of nearly 400 kilos of ivory and rhino horn with a market value of more than one million dollars, as well as the arrest of 41 people. — Global Animal

Freeing Dogs With…Fences?

(HAPPY TALES) — When Mikael Hardy saw dogs chained and suffering all around her home in South Carolina, she decided to start freeing dogs by giving them fenced in yards. A nice spacious yard makes a mad dog happy! — Global Animal

83 Elephants Relocated To Safety Away From Angry Villagers

(ELEPHANTS) SOUTH AFRICA — 83 elephants were relocated to safety after locals became angry with the pachyderms for ruining their crops. "This is a victory for both elephants and people - they have been engaged in a battle that has seen elephants cruelly wounded and killed, and many local people killed as well," said Jason Bell-Leask, Director Southern Africa for IFAW. — Global Animal

Abused Elephants To Be Released Into Wild

(ELEPHANTS) SOUTH AFRICA — Nine elephants are set to be transported from a commercial training facility where they were being trained for safaris. “In fact 10 elephants were originally caught for training. Tragically one – a young male named Dumisani – died of malnutrition and the abuse he was subjected to." — Global Animal

Two Wrongs: Canada Geese Gassed And Fed To Oregon’s Homeless

(GEESE) BEND, OREGON-Hard to believe that State officials in Oregon are gassing migrating Canadian Geese to feed to the homeless. Nothing like combining two wrongs to make another wrong! — Global Animal

Cheap Meat Can Be Costly

Author David Kirby brings the harsh realities of cheap meat to light, warning that even vegans are not safe from the guilt of sustaining factory farming. Kirby warns that cheap meat can actually be costly to the planet and eventually, your wallet. — Global Animal