Dolphin At Japanese Aquarium Attempts Escape, Or Suicide?

(VIDEO) Japan — Tourists and seemingly, the other dolphins, were shocked when a dolphin propelled himself over the side of his tank.  Notice the concerned response of the other dolphins who crowded the edge to watch. It’s painful to watch – and safe to say there’s a sobering message from these captive creatures with what we pretend are smiles on their faces. — Global Animal

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The Huffington Post

In a scene reminiscent of “Free Willy,” a trained dolphin leaped from its tank in a Japanese aquarium during a performance in a dramatic escape attempt, Japan News Today reports. The footage, shot by a tourist in early July at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, shows the dolphin surfacing with enough force to topple over the front of the tank onto the pavement below, much to the dismay of the trainers and audience members.

Aquarium staff later returned the dolphin to its tank via crane.