(VIDEO) Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson upon hearing Pete Bethune was given a suspended prison sentence. — Global Animal

See the full interview with Paul Watson, leader of the Sea Shepherd, after hearing Pete Bethune was given a suspended sentence. Pete Bethune has received a two-year suspended sentence and banned from Japan for five years, for obstructing a whaling fleet in the Antarctic Ocean. He is expected to be deported back to New Zealand on the next available flight.

Bethune, 45, was also found guilty of assault, for throwing a bottle of rancid butter at whalers on board the whaling ship Shonan Maru II. The ruling was made at the Tokyo District Court this afternoon, after Bethune obstructed the activities of a Japanese whaling fleet in February.

The sentence is suspended for five years, meaning Bethune will not be jailed.

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Bethune released