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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Kitty Stowaway Survives 45-Day Trip From China

(PET RESCUE) CANADA – Read how one rambunctious kitten went on the adventure of a lifetime when the cat was stowed away on a trip from China to Canada – and survived.

Hens Rejoice! California Set To Become A Cage-Free State: Governor Signs Bill 1437

(CALIFORNIA) — The Golden State is set to become a cage free state in 2015 now that Governor Schwarzenegger has signed A.B. 1437, a bill backed by The Humane Society of the United States. Hens across the state rejoice! — Global Animal

Careful What You Flush! Human Medicines Causing Resistant Bacteria in Sharks

(SEA/SHARKS) — Flush your antibiotics? Stop! Leftover medicines have been finding their way to the ocean and the sharks living there and are causing drug-resistant bacteria to evolve and multiply. — Global Animal

Mekong River Dam Plans Ignore Giant Catfish

(SOUTHEAST ASIA) — Giant catfish can grow up to ten feet long and can weigh about 770 pounds, but proposed dams for the Mekong River in Southeast Asia would permanently threaten, if not end, the reign of these gigantic creatures. — Global Animal

“The Cove” Screenings Sell Out In Japan Despite Intimidation Tactics

(OSAKA, JAPAN) — Japanese theater owners are surprised by the public turnout to 'The Cove,' especially after all the bally-hoo from some extreme rightwing nationalists who claimed the film about the annual dolphin slaughter was an attack on Japan's honor. The sold-out showings suggest that free speech wins the day and many Japanese feel equipped to make up their own minds. — Global Animal

Greenpeace Co-Founder Led Memorable Life

(ACTIVISM)“She was so sweet, she kind of had the feel of everybody’s grandmother. And yet she was so hardcore,” says a friend of Dorothy Stowe, a Greepeace co-founder and activist who passed away last Friday. — Global Animal

Canadian Drivers Play Leap Frog To Avoid Toads

(WILDLIFE) B.C., CANADA — From April until July each year, Western toads hit the road around B.C.'s Fraser Valley. No worries, though - planned road closures will give the toads the right of way. Ribbit on! That's even better than the carpool lane! — Global Animal

Russia Pretends To End Harp Seal Hunt

(SEA) RUSSIA — Russia pretended to end their history of harp seal slaughter by announcing a 'complete' ban on hunting 'all' harp seals--but the ban only protects seals less than one year of age. Complete wasn't exactly the right word.

Rare Clouded Leopard Cubs Released In India

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) INDIA — This is the first known instance of the rare clouded leopard being rehabilitated and radio-collared in India. — Global Animal

Six Dolphins Saved Off Cape Cod Coast

(DOLPHINS) MASSACHUSETTS — Rescuers were able to save six dolphins who were trapped in mud flats off Cape Cod coast. — Global Animal

Polar Bears Drowning In Denial

(POLAR BEARS) ALASKA — Polar Bears are endangered and on the decline. Since being declared endangered two years ago little has been done. The current plan is basically to hope predictions of polar bear extinction and global warming are wrong. Did these officials miss the Dr. Phil episode where we learned denial changes nothing? — Global Animal

Curry For Sheep Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(ENVIRONMENT) One study suggests that the spices in curry such as coriander and tumeric can reduce the amount of methane produced by bacteria in sheep's stomach. Researchers hope that the spices can work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cows and sheep in the future. — Global Animal

You’re On Candid Camera! A Loris Thought Extinct

(LORIS) SRI LANKA- An amazing-looking, forest-dwelling primate called a Horton Plains slender loris was photographed in central Sri Lanka after being feared extinct, researchers said Monday. Check out those soulful eyes! — Global Animal

Dolphin At Japanese Aquarium Attempts Escape, Or Suicide?

(VIDEO) Japan — Tourists and seemingly, the other dolphins, were shocked when a dolphin propelled himself over the side of his tank.  Notice the concerned response of the other dolphins who crowded the edge to watch. It's painful to watch – and safe to say there's a sobering message from these captive creatures with what we pretend are smiles on their faces. — Global Animal