From Famine to Feast: Malnourished Chimps Thrive in New Sanctuary

Suena and Poplap – the 2 subadult chimps that were seized in January after being found in filthy conditions in Goma with insufficient food and water – are thriving in their new surroundings at the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre near Bukavu.

Suena & Poplap are now inseparable – a truly joyous friendship has developed

Suena & Poplap were moved to Lwiro back in April, after a massive effort by
the Gorilla Doctors, ICCN and others to get these chimps to a better
place after they were abandoned by their keepers along with 3 other chimps
and 2 monkeys. I was in Lwiro on Tuesday this week – and was just amazed to
see how changed both chimps were.

Suena & Poplap try to figure out how to get food out of the firehose!

When I had first seen Suena and Poplap in the filth in Goma, they were
withdrawn, afraid, malnourished and dehydrated. It is remarkable what can
happen when animals have the proper care and company that they crave. Today
they have a zest for life that was unimaginable just 3 months ago.

Close companions

My congratulations to Carmen, Laia, Michel and the team of carers at Lwiro,
who provide sanctuary for over 40 primates, while also working to protect
primates in the wild.

Poplap is a totally different chimp now she has the constant care of a team of dedicated carers at Lwiro

If you would like to read more about Lwiro and donate directly to their
project please go here.