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Monthly Archives: June 2010

From Famine to Feast: Malnourished Chimps Thrive in New Sanctuary

Suena and Poplap - the 2 subadult chimps that were seized in January after being found in filthy conditions in Goma with insufficient food...

Alaska Commission Says “Sure, Kill Polar Bears!”

ALASKA – Alaska recommended to the U.S.-Russia Polar Bear Commission to lift the ban on killing polar bears in Russia for the first time in 50 years.

Endangered Siamese Crocodiles Born

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Conservationists in Cambodia are celebrating the hatching of a clutch of eggs from one of the world's most critically endangered crocodiles, the Siamese crocodile.

An Unlikely Victor

When you're tiny as a mouse and a leopard is staring you down, survival is a confidence game.

Puppy Love After The Disaster

A touching story of doggie friendship after a tornado in Kansas struck.

Incredible Pictures of Wildlife In Brazil and Panama

(PHOTO GALLERY) To search for and take pictures of rare wildlife species, Belgian ecologist and photographer Guido Sterkendries recently spent some time leading a Tarzan-like life in the rainforests in Brazil and Panama.

Lou Reed Performs Music To Dogs’ Ears

Lou Reed and his composer wife, Laurie Anderson plan to rock the dog house with a high frequency music recital that only dogs can hear.

Prize Goes To ‘Save The Elephants’ Founder

KENYA-Endangered elephants have something good to trumpet about as the Indianapolis Prize for Conservation goes to 'Save The Elephants' founder