In 2009, The Cove won an Oscar for best documentary. Photo Credit: Stock Photo

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) When “The Cove” won an Oscar for best documentary in 2009, change was in the water.

Now, part of the activism inspired by “The Cove” to stop the mass slaughter of dolphins in Japan has reached an essential turning point.

The petition to end the brutal killing of dolphins obtained over one millions signatures as of April 2010.

Here is an inspiring email sent to those who had already signed the petition:

To: The 1,005,204 signers of End the Brutal Killing of More Than 20,000 Dolphins Every Year in Japan

Dear Dolphin Petition Signers,

Last night we hit our goal of ONE MILLION SIGNATURES on our petition to End the Brutal Killing of 20,000 Dolphins Every Year in Japan. I’d like to just take a second and say thank you so much for what you’ve done to make this happen. Every invitation you sent to your friends, every time you posted this petition to your Facebook profile, it all counted and it has added up to one HUGE movement to stop the dolphin slaughter and the sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat. It’s one of the top petitions that Facebook Causes has ever had! Thank you so much. Now, we have an exciting opportunity to get the full impact of our collective voices. Facebook Causes, TakePart, OPS, Earth Island Institute – our whole Cove Team – are making final plans to present the petitions in Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan. Watch for further details on how you can get involved too.

Help us ramp up efforts to get the message of The Cove to the people of Japan. A generous donor of ours has made a special offer to match any donation you make to this cause, up to a total of $10,000. So, if you want to support our work financially and put funds toward saving dolphins lives, donate to our cause now and your donation will be doubled! 

For those of you who are new signers, welcome! Be sure to join our cause at and we will keep you updated as our campaign

continues. We won’t stop until the cove is shut down and we need your help. Thank you for joining our movement. 

Ric, Dave, and the Save Japan Dolphins team 

Visit to sign the petition.