By Molly-Marie Canales for Global Animal

No longer are cats an underserved market in the hairpiece biz. That’s because an inventive entrepreneur has created the epitome of funky feline fashion – the wig.

Featured on shows like Good Morning America and The Wendy Williams Show, and in magazines such as People and Nylon, Kitty Wigs have gained notoriety for their unique take on the absurd. On Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper asked the question on everyone’s mind: WHY?

The creator, Julie Jackson, claims that she and her siamese cat, Boone, were bored, stressed, and looking for a way to enhance playtime. One has to wonder how that’s working out for Boone.

Jackson recently cashed in on the model-esque cat photos with her book “Glamour Puss: The Enchanting World Of Kitty Wigs.” The wigs are $50 each.

The website reminds Kitty Wig purchasers: “Please remember, Kitty Wigs should only be used with human supervision, and introduced slowly.” Or, humans can let their cats’ attitude shine–without a pink curly wig.

Molly Canales is a journalist at the University of Southern California. She enjoys family, food, and spending time with her pets, Sadie, Baby, Xena and Mr. Fishy.