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3,000 different species of animals have plummeted in numbers. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Humans Cut World’s Wildlife Population In Half

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ENDANGERED SPECIES) A recent study by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) points to humans as the cause of a major plummet in wildlife populations—a 52 percent decline over the past 40 years to be exact. Factors such as hunting, fishing, environmental degradation, pollution, and global warming all contribute to the destruction of many exotic […]

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Lion Cubs Give Hugs

Lion Cub Hugs

(LIONS/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEOS) These cute lion cubs can’t seem to get enough attention as they paw and whine at their caretaker. Is there ever such a thing as too many hugs? We think not. — Global Animal

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Heartwarming: Raju (left) the elephant meets his new adoptive family member Phoolkali (right) at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre at Mathura/Photo credit: Wildlife SOS

Raju Gets A Girlfriend: An Elephant Love Story

(ANIMAL RESCUE/ELEPHANTS) Raju has a girlfriend. The elephant who became a social media darling for his tears of joy after being rescued from a lifetime of horrific abuse is finally enjoying life. The five-and-a-half ton animal is safely residing in the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Northern India, wheree he’s feasting on fruits and […]

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African Nations use elephant poaching as a form of income. Photo credit: Jo Crebbin/Shutterstock

Environmental Crime Uproar Poses Threat

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/POACHING) Animal and plant black market trading is now a 213 billion dollar a year industry, according to recent reports from the U.N. and Interpol. Poachers, illegal loggers, toxic waste dumpers, miners, and fishers all profit from environmental destruction, with logging posing one of the biggest ecological threats, generating $100 billion annually. As the […]

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Lion's Kin Rug

Lion-Sized Wishes For A Happy Father’s Day!

(WILDLIFE/LIONS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) It can be pretty sweet lounging around with dad on Father’s Day. Even if your dad is a man and you’re a growing lion at the Cedar Cove Feline Conservancy & Education Center. Watch as little lioness Shanta enjoys some down time with her adopted daddy and senior handler, Steve Klein, who seems […]

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Bear cubs are dependent on their parents for over a year. Photo credit: National Park Service

Wolf Pups & Bear Cubs Face Death With Kill-On-Site Policy

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ WOLVES) ALASKA — Alaska Governor Sean Parnell claims he will continue allowing for a “kill-on-site” policy for orphaned wolf pups and bear cubs. Predator control efforts who kill the parents of these poor pups therefore leave the orphans victim to a new lethal gassing protocol. Despite the fact that there are no reports of […]

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<p>Poachers are poisoning watering holes with cyanide; killing 41 African elephants and threatening their extinction. Photo Credit: Associated Press</p>

U.S. Marines Lock & Load: Close Ranks With Anti-Poachers

(POACHING/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) AFRICA — U.S. Marines were deployed to Chad to help park rangers deal with the increasing number of poachers. This small group of Marines will spend about a month with the Chadian Ministry of Environment’s Mobile Brigade, teaching the rangers different techniques for patrolling, marksmanship, land navigation, and site exploitation. The Marines’ mission […]

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