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whale lifts kayak video

Whale Lifts Kayak In Argentina

(WILDLIFE/WHALES/AMAZING ANIMAL VIDEO) In the incredible video above, watch as two kayakers–a father and daughter–are lifted out of the water by a massive whale off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina. — Global Animal

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Actress Isla Fisher gets a kiss from Nanuq. Photo Credit: Rigo Diaz/SeaWorld San Diego/Getty

SeaWorld Loses Another Cetacean Casualty

(SEAWORLD/WHALES IN CAPTIVITY) Last week, SeaWorld lost another one of its marine mammals, reigniting the debate over whether cetaceans belong in captivity. On Thursday, Nanuq the beluga whale died at SeaWorld Orlando after fracturing his jaw during an interaction with two other whales and later contracting an infection. According to SeaWorld, the cause of Nanuq’s […]

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When not performing, SeaWorld whales are confined to even smaller tanks. Photo Credit:

Good News For The World’s Loneliest Whale

(KILLER WHALES/ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY) Good news is finally on the way for Lolita, the world’s loneliest orca. Lolita was given this name because for the past 40 years or so, she has been living in solitude at the Miami Seaquarium in what is regarded as one of the smallest orca enclosures in the world. For […]

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The International Whaling Commission banned the hunting of blue whales in 1966. Photo credit: Wall Street OTC

California Blue Whales Make A Splash

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/WHALES) CALIFORNIA — California’s blue whale numbers are as high as they were before whale hunting became more common throughout the 20th Century, according to a recent study. The region’s blue whale population may have faced extinction if precautions were not taken to protect the endangered species. But thanks to strict monitoring, blue whales […]

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Steve-o, an animal rights activist, poses in front of the SeaWorld freeway sign Photo credit:

Steve-O Says, “SeaWorld Sucks”

(CELEBRITIES/SEAWORLD) The SeaWorld culprit is out! Steve-O, best known for his appearance on the MTV show and film series, Jackass, released a video on Wednesday of himself changing the SeaWorld exit sign on the San Diego Freeway. Steve-O changed the lettering of the sign from “SeaWorld Next Exit,” to “SeaWorld Sucks.” Although he completed the […]

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PETA is calling for orca whales to be placed in large-scale ocean sanctuaries. Photo Credit: Chris Gotshall/AP Photo

Bigger Tanks Do Not Mean Better Homes For SeaWorld Whales

(SEAWORLD/WHALES/CAPTIVE ORCAS) In response to the criticism SeaWorld received after the release of the documentary film, Blackfish, SeaWorld San Diego announced its plans to expand the park’s orca whale enclosures. The new orca environment will double in its size— spanning 50 feet deep and 350 feet in length. However, animal activists argue that enlarging the […]

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Three-quarters of the world’s primary fisheries have been overexploited and are in danger of becoming dead zones. Photo credit: Robert Harding

Ships Strike Whale Populations

(OCEANS/BLUE WHALES) CALIFORNIA — Blue whales are sadly facing threats to their population numbers once again. Blue whales commonly swim in waters, or “hot spots,” off of the coasts of Los Angeles and San Francisco—areas that intersect with busy United States shipping lanes. Whales are hit by large commercial ships that overlap with whale “hot […]

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<p>Originating from the Andes of South America, guinea pigs are not from the African country of Guinea nor are they pigs. Photo Credit: iStock</p>

Misleading Animal Names (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL NAMES) While some animal species are humorously named after celebrities such as Beyonce, George Bush, and Star Wars character Yoda, other animal names seem to make no sense at all. I wonder if the scientists who named these animals were just trying to pull our legs… — Global Animal

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