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Rare Photos: The Unicorn Of The Sea

(OCEANS/NARWHALS) Commonly referred to as “unicorns of the sea,” narwhals are rare and elusive, coldwater porpoises.  Photojournalist Daniel Botelho spotted the unique animal on his North Pole expedition, and quickly started snapping away with his camera. “I always knew it would be very tough to get close to a narwhal whale,” he said. “It is notoriously hard […]

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Beautiful Underwater video of Fiji and Tonga coral reefs and fish

Serene Scene Under The Sea

(OCEANS/SEA LIFE/ANIMAL VIDEO) You don’t have to travel to the South Pacific to see the coral reefs near Fiji and Tonga. Take a few minutes out of your day to relax and marvel at the life in our oceans. This video is a beautiful reminder of what’s at stake in our wondrous oceans. — Global […]

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Sperm whales. Photo credit:

Whale Poop In Perfume?

(OCEANS/WHALES) What’s the most expensive ingredient in perfume? Poop, of course! Sperm whale poop to be exact. Sperm whales create ambergris, a solid, waxy substance in their intestines to aid digestion. The fragrant ambergris can be worth $20 a gram, making these beauties quite the commodity. However, a question of morality remains. With sperm whales […]

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Japanese Ships Set Sea For Cold-Blooded Whale Hunt

(ANIMAL NEWS/JAPANESE WHALING) JAPAN — After a one-year hiatus, Japan has distributed its first whaling fleet to the Antarctic in search of over 300 minke whales. Despite a court ruling and strong worldwide opposition, four vessels left the port of Shimonoseki for the Southern Ocean today, and are set to return in March 2016. Although […]

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Southern right whales at Point Ann Fitzgerald River National Park - rare albino whale spotting

Rare Albino Whale Spotting

(ANIMAL VIDEO/WHALES) Southern right whales are staging a comeback as they’re becoming more common off the coast of west Australia. Drone footage captured by the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Australia’s Fitzgerald River National Park recently caught a very special birds-eye view of a partial albino southern right whale calf. This rare sighting is […]

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Three-quarters of the world’s primary fisheries have been overexploited and are in danger of becoming dead zones. Photo credit: Robert Harding

U.S. Navy Reels In Deadly Training

(WHALES/OCEAN CONSERVATION) In a recent settlement with environmental groups, the Navy agreed to reduce its use of sonar and other training harmful to whales, dolphins, and other marine life off the coasts of Hawaii and California. Sonar can often disturb marine animals’ feeding and communication, and in some cases, these training exercises can be deadly. […]

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Harry Styles of One Direction performs on stage. Photo Credit: Getty

One Direction Singer Sinks SeaWorld’s Reputation

(SEAWORLD/WHALES) Following a storm of criticism from campaigners, including singer Harry Styles of UK boy band One Direction, SeaWorld recently announced it will no longer accept whales taken from the wild. During a July concert in San Diego, home to the original SeaWorld park, the pop star urged the crowd to boycott the company. — […]

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Orca jumps in ocean, killer whale swimming in the wild

Orca Baby Boom: Hope For Endangered Whales?

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/ORCAS) The Pacific Northwest is experiencing an orca baby boom after four newborn orcas were born between last December and April of this year. The baby orcas were spotted off the coast of Washington and British Columbia, an area famous for its orca pods, and not a moment too soon. While four whales may […]

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