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Lucy The Pig Performs Tricks For Treats

(PETS/PIGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch Lucy the amazing pot-bellied pig jump through hoops to impress her adoring online fans with a few incredible tricks. She may be a pig, but she’s never a bore as she snorts and waddles her way onto the center of the stage. — Global Animal

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Dog Defeats The Cone Of Shame

(CUTE DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Is there anything worse for a dog than the dreaded cone of shame? Maybe trying to walk up the stairs while wearing one. This pup triumphs through sheer ingenuity! — Global Animal

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Mission Impossible, Squirrel Edition

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE VIDEO/WILDLIFE) Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to use your smart squirrel super-powers to defy multiple obstacles. You have fewer than 60 seconds and should you succeed, you will be handsomely rewarded. — Global Animal

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German Shepherd saves an abandoned baby girl, both named Jade.

German Shepherd Saves Baby In Remarkable Rescue

(RESCUE DOGS/HERO ANIMALS) Amidst the stories of humans looking out for the lives of animals, it’s always wonderful to hear about the animals who are also looking out for us. While the Wilday family and their beloved German Shepherd companion Jade were enjoying a leisurely stroll through a park in Birmingham, England, they came across the discovery of a lifetime. Roger Wilday witnessed his dog settle down near a displaced bag in the middle of the park, refusing to leave the bag’s side until coming over to investigate. As it turns out, the bag was carrying an abandoned child who was promptly named Jade—after her rescuer. Continue reading below to find out how Jade discovered the child, and what the future holds for both the baby girl and the heroic German Shepherd. — Global Animal

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Chicken nuggets contain very little meat.

Humanity Hones In On Hen Intelligence

(OPED/FARM ANIMALS) Next time you’re elbow deep in an enormous bucket of fried chicken, take a second to consider the intelligence of the bird who gave their life for the lard-laden meal. A recent study from Britain suggests chickens are relatively practical thinkers and even make excellent students. Although chickens probably won’t be taking up calculus anytime soon, their intelligence poses a lot of questions regarding the treatment of farm animals. If these birds show even the slightest indication of intelligence, who’s to say they aren’t emotionally distraught due to their caged environments? Read Nicholas D. Kristof’s personal account of farm bird intelligence at the link below. — Global Animal

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Tetherball Bear

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this black bear have a ball at his happy home at the Animal Ark Zoo in Reno, Nevada! This animal sanctuary works with the Nevada Department of Wildlife to help rehabilitate orphaned bears and release them back into the wild if/when they’re able. — Global Animal

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Man’s Best Friend Or Man’s Best Man?

(ANIMAL WELFARE/SCIENCE) Gregory Berns and his research team has successfully trained dogs to sit still for long enough in an MRI Scanner to receive a clear image of their brains. Images have proven dogs are more like people than we think, especially when considering brain activity in the specific brain region called the caudate nucleus. Since we have been limited for so long to just observing animal behavior, the ability to learn about dogs’ brains is a huge breakthrough for these animals. Read on to learn more about Berns’ research and what this new discovery could mean for the rights of dogs everywhere. — Global Animal

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