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California’s Anti-SeaWorld Bill Stalled

(SEAWORLD/ANIMAL WELFARE) In Tuesday’s hearing, the California bill seeking to put an end to captive orca performances at SeaWorld San Diego was put on hold. Inspired by the documentary Blackfish, AB2140 would ban the export, import, and breeding of killer whales and would also require SeaWorld San Diego to relocate their 10 captive killer whales into larger sea pens. Despite being signed by 1.2 million people, the bill was stalled after lawmakers felt they did not have enough information to make a cohesive decision. AB2140 is now considered dead for the next year and cannot be picked up again until mid-2015. Read on to find out more about the potentially-landmark bill and SeaWorld’s reaction, and sign the petition urging SeaWorld to release their orcas and dolphins to ocean sanctuaries. — Global Animal

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Crikey Bindi! What Were You Thinking?

(SEAWORLD/CELEBRITY NEWS) “The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi is facing a storm of social media backlash after announcing she and her younger brother Robert are teaming up with SeaWorld. In an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, the 15-year-old gushed about how excited she was “to be carrying on in dad’s footsteps.” But has she seen Blackfish, the scathing documentary about Sea World’s brutal treatment of killer whales? Shortly before Steve Irwin’s death in 2006, Australia’s popular crocodile hunter was reportedly considering joining Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on one of their voyages to protect whales. The marine conservation group, who honored Irwin by renaming a ship after him, rigorously denounces SeaWorld and the captivity of any marine animal. So how exactly is joining forces with Sea World following in dad’s footsteps? Read below for more on Bindi’s controversial alliance. — Global Animal

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Silent Protest Makes Waves At SeaWorld San Diego

(SEAWORLD/BLACKFISH) SAN DIEGO — Protesters gathered at SeaWorld San Diego on Sunday, bearing signs that criticized the park. The protesters were silent, and police were present to keep the event peaceful, but the message was indeed strong and effective. Children and adult activists alike voiced their distress in response to the heart-breaking documentary, Blackfish, and efforts have not stopped in finally putting an end to the abuse. Protesters were also present at Lindbergh Field in the hopes of convincing Southwest Airlines to terminate their ongoing contract with SeaWorld. Continue reading for more details on the protest and for SeaWorld’s pathetic Twitter response to the attack. — Global Animal

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Stay Classy, Anchorman: Ditch The Dolphins

(PETA/ANIMAL WELFARE) Will Ferrell’s long-awaited sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues isn’t giving PETA anything to laugh about. The activist group wants all the scenes featuring dolphins at San Diego’s Sea World stripped from the movie. Pixar Studios recently left scenes from their upcoming animated movie Finding Dory on the cutting-room floor after reportedly viewing Blackfish, a documentary that exposes the cruel treatment of orcas held in captivity. The film’s powerful message seems to have captured much of Hollywood’s attention and compassion—something PETA hopes Anchorman 2 producers will take note of and follow suit. Read on to learn more about Anchorman 2 and share your thoughts on the film in the comments below.  — Global Animal

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Orca suffers from a floppy dorsal fin, an abnormality that occurs more often in captivity than it does in the wild. Photo Credit: Cowperthwaite/Magnolia Pictures

“Blackfish” Director Dishes Out Dirt On SeaWorld

(MOVIES) For those who couldn’t make it to theaters to see Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s critically-renowned documentary Blackfish, you’re in luck, because CNN is bringing the film to your TV sets tonight. Released in theaters back in July, Blackfish calls attention to the vast psychological problems killer whales face in captivity and the associated dangers. When Cowperthwaite set out to make the film, she originally intended to focus solely on SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau’s horrific death at the hands of killer whale Tilikum. Unbeknownst to her, Cowperthwaite stumbled upon a well-guarded SeaWorld history laced with tragedy. Blackfish brings a long list of incidents involving trainers and whales to the surface, and does a great job of convincing viewers that animal captivity for entertainment should be a thing of the past. Although Cowperthwaite doesn’t think of herself as an activist, there’s no doubt she’s done an incredible service to the cause. If you’re still not convinced SeaWorld is a terrible place, take a look at the director’s personal thoughts on the issue, and be sure to catch Blackfish tonight, October 24, at 9 p.m. ET on CNN. Continue reading below to learn more about Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s personal experiences with SeaWorld and making her documentary. — Global Animal

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Tilikum one of the orcas at SeaWorld sits in captivity.

“Blackfish” Documentary Dives Into SeaWorld’s Dark Depths

(MOVIE REVIEW) Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s 2013 film, Blackfish, does exactly what a great documentary should do. The film is as heartwrenching as the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, but at its core, Blackfish is even more horrifying, given that nearly ten million people inadvertently participate in the film’s tragic story every year by visiting SeaWorld parks across the U.S. Blackfish airs on CNN tonight, October 24, at 9pm. Read on to learn more about the critically acclaimed film and see the trailer for yourself. — Global Animal

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Tilikum performs in captivity at SeaWorld in Blackfish

Free Willy Falls Far From Freedom

(CAPTIVE ORCAS/KILLER WHALES) With the public finally opening its eyes to the plight of captive killer whales, thanks to the recent release of Blackfish, the collective attitude towards whales in captivity is growing reminiscent of the message portrayed in the early ’90s family film, Free Willy. Although it’s been 20 years since Keiko the orca first entered our lives as the star of Warner Brother’s seemingly animal-friendly film franchise, his story has never been more relevant than it is today. Following the film’s release, many fans and spectators began to wonder about the fate of the whale who portrayed Willy on-screen. Tragically, Keiko’s life story doesn’t even come close to the uplifting, glamorized tale of Free Willy. Read on to learn more about Keiko’s plight and watch Blackfish on CNN tonight, October 24 at 9pm. — Global Animal

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Another Disturbing Death At SeaWorld

(OCEANS/SEAWORLD) TEXAS — SeaWorld San Antonio is mourning the loss of a 4-year-old beluga whale named Bella who died on Sunday due to a “brief illness.” Being the marine park’s 13th beluga whale death since 1995, and seeing as though other SeaWorld parks have not recorded nearly as many beluga deaths, researchers believe the cause of death could be the result of warm and humid weather conditions. Read on for more details on the sad loss and share your thoughts in the comments below. — Global Animal

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