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Japan Confirms “Whales Win!”…For Now

(JAPANESE WHALING/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Earlier this week, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced the whales have finally won the dreaded whale wars. After an eight-year battle, the courts finally ruled that Japan’s Southern Ocean whaling was not for scientific research. Thus, all permits given under JAPRA II will be revoked.  In an even bigger announcement, Japan has canceled its annual Antarctic whale hunt, and plan to honor the above-mentioned court ruling. Although they have canceled their annual Antarctic Whale hunting trip this year, there is no promise they will end the whale hunt in other areas outside of the Antarctic. Continue reading to find out more about the court ruling, and Japan’s plans to try and continue their cruel whale “research.” — Global Animal

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Whales Win! Japanese Whaling Finally Comes To An End?

(JAPANESE WHALING/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and animal activists alike can finally rejoice. In a case against Japan ‘s JARPA II whaling program, the court agreed that Japan’s Southern Ocean whaling was not for scientific research. Thus, all permits given under JAPRA II will be revoked. It has been a long, eight-year battle for Sea Shepherd, but their diligent efforts have finally paid off. Continue reading below to find out more about the landmark court ruling. — Global Animal

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“Simpsons” Creator Journeys To Japan To Save Dolphins

(SEA SHEPHERD/TAIJI DOLPHINS) Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, along with Alexandra Paul of Baywatch and Missy Hargraves of Lost, arrived in Taiji, Japan yesterday. The three celebrity activists traveled to Japan to witness firsthand the cruelty behind the cruel Taiji dolphin trade, and encourage their fans to call for an end to the brutal annual dolphin slaughter. Simon will serve as an honorary Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian, and will spend his three days in Japan conducting interviews and spreading the word on the inhumane crimes committed against dolphins. So far this year, Sea Shepherd estimates over 800 dolphins have been killed and 164 were taken captive. Continue reading below for more on Simon and his friends’ determined efforts. — Global Animal

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Japanese Whaling Vessel Rams Sea Shepherd Ship

(SEA SHEPHERD/WHALING) Yesterday, a Japanese whaling ship collided with Sea Shepherd vessel, the Bob Barker, in the Southern Ocean. According to Sea Shepherd, the Yushin Maru No. 2 deliberately attacked the Bob Barker, causing damage to both ships. Sea Shepherd has campaigned against the Japanese whaling fleet in the South Ocean Whale Sanctuary for years and this season has been largely successful in blocking the fleet. The Japanese are allowed to slaughter whales in the South Ocean under the guise of scientific research and Sea Shepherd’s mission is to prevent as much of the killing as possible. — Global Animal

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Gruesome Streaming Video Captures Dolphin Slaughter

(SEA SHEPHERD/TAIJI DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER) Approximately 80 bottlenose dolphins were captured in the infamous Cove off the coast of Taiji, Japan, yesterday. The dolphins will be either hawked as spectacles for entertainment or slaughtered and sold as meat. The Japanese fishermen will select which of the captured dolphins they consider most attractive and sell the dolphins to marine parks and “swim with dolphins” encounters around the world. The rest of the Taiji dolphins will be harpooned to death, turning the cove blood red, as the Japanese fishermen do every year for profit.

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“Whale Wars” Special Event: Changing Tides For Sea Shepherd

(OCEANS/WHALES) Next month, Animal Planet will host a two-hour special event covering Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s 2012 campaign, Zero Tolerance. Whale Wars: A Commander Rises will air on December 13 from 9-11 PM (ET/PT). The program will feature Captain Paul Watson as he steps down from his leadership role in the organization due to legal troubles surrounding his tactics against Japanese whalers in Antarctica. New captains are chosen to lead the four ships of Sea Shepherd’s fleet and carry on their mission of defending the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Read on for more on the Whale Wars event and watch the exclusive Global Animal interview “The Whale That Changed My Life” in the video below. — Global Animal

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Sea Shepherd Celebrates Humpback Homecoming

(SEA SHEPHERD/OCEAN CONSERVATION) This past week, a segment on “60 Minutes” covered the issue of anti-whaling and ocean conservation, specifically the growing numbers of humpback whales. The “return of the humpbacks” as the program calls it, is due to international anti-whaling laws as well as the efforts of conservationists. A feature of the segment was Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its founder, Captain Paul Watson. Watson has brought attention to Sea Shepherd as the star of Whale Wars on Animal Planet, in which he and his team track and interfere with illegal whale hunting. Sea Shepherd has had its share of successes when it comes to its whale defense campaigns, including Operation Zero Tolerance, the focus of season six of Whale Wars which will air in December. During Operation Zero Tolerance, the Sea Shepherd fleet defended the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica and saved the lives of over 900 whales over the 2012-2013 whaling season. The next campaign over 2013-2014, entitled Operation Relentless will be Sea Shepherd’s 10th Antarctic anti-whaling campaign. — Global Animal

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Blue-whales are the world's largest known animals. Photo Credit: Erik Olson, New York Times

Sea Shepherd Cracks Down On Cruel Sport

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Since 1983, the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has been fighting to stop whale and dolphin Grind hunting in the Faroe Islands—also referred to as the Taiji of the North—and now they’re ready for their next battle with their summer launch of “Operation GrindStop 2014.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a Grind is when small fishing boats surround a pod of whales or dolphins and drive them into the bay. The pod is then beached and left defenseless while men savagely plunge blades into the whales and dolphins until they die. This cruel “sport has been around since 1584 but not because it’s done for profit, or even to feed a starving community—the Faroe Islanders have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Grind hunting seems to persist today simply because it’s considered “traditional Viking fun.” Read below for more on Operation GrindStop and see how you can help Sea Shepherd stop these brutal massacres. — Global Animal

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