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Tide May Be Turning For Dolphins In Taiji

(TAIJI DOLPHINS) The annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, is ending early this year, according to Japanese reports. The killing season usually runs from September 1 to April 1, but sources claim this season is ending a few weeks early due to lack of demand for dolphin meat. Animal rights activists, however, point out that Taiji’s lucrative business of capturing and selling dolphins to sea parks and aquariums worldwide ran its full shameful course again this year. The sharp drop in dolphin meat sales is partly attributed to the release of the documentary The Cove in Japan, which brought attention to the brutal slaughter and the high levels of mercury found in the dolphin meat given to the public, including school lunches. This marks the fifth year the number of dolphins killed in Taiji has declined since activist Ric O’Barry’s “Save Japan Dolphins” campaign launched. Read on for more on how animal activists are working to end the annual slaughter…— Global Animal

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Dolphin Lovers Unite On Dolphin Day (PHOTOS)

(DOLPHIN DAY/TAIJI SLAUGHTER) — In response to the start of the Taiji dolphin-hunting season yesterday, citizens across the world stood up and voiced their outcries over the annual dolphin slaughter at more than 40 Japanese embassies and consulates. September 1 marks the beginning of the dolphin hunt; the date also marks Dolphin Day. While Dolphin Day events are intended to put pressure on Japan, Ric O’ Barry adds that “the goal is to make this the biggest global event celebrating Japanese dolphins yet.” Moreover, the coverage of Dolphin Day will hopefully raise awareness about Taiji and spur more people into action to help diminish the hunters’ profits. Although Dolphin Day calls for animal activism, the event also gives us time to reflect on dolphins and their beauty, intelligence, and right to exist. Check out the pictures and video from Dolphin Day 2011 below. — Global Animal

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Japan Dolphin Day: Protest The Slaughter In Taiji

(TAKE ACTION) JAPAN — Every year in Taiji thousands of dolphins are trapped in a cove. Some are sold to aquariums to live a life of imprisonment and slavery, but most are slaughtered. This year’s hunt is scheduled to begin September 1st. Protest this event on Sept. 1 by participating in Japan Dolphin Day events or donating to Ric O’Barry’s Save Japan Dolphins team. Find out how you can help save the dolphins here. — Global Animal

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Sentosa Dolphin Captors Respond With PR Campaign (TAKE ACTION)

SINGAPORE (OP-ED/TAKE ACTION) — In response to our article asking animal lovers to take action to help save the Sentosa 25 dolphins, Resorts World  contacted Global Animal. The company also sent their brochure in praise of capturing wild dolphins and keeping them in captivity. Read on for a mind-boggling encounter with the resort chain’s campaign of misinformation…

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First Dolphins Caught In Japan, No Slaughter Yet

TAIJI, JAPAN- Pods of dolphins have already been captured and locked in tiny pens, waiting for their transport to marine parks around the world, but it seems that protestors have prevented the slaughter of any dolphins so far. Will the presence of protesters and environmental agencies like Sea Shepherd prevent the killings entirely, or are the hunts to resume if activists back down?

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