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Gotcha! 7 Of The World’s Most Elusive Animals Caught On Film

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/ANIMAL PICTURES) We shared some exciting news with you recently with our report on the saola sighting in Vietnam. After 15 years without a trace, a camera trap in the Central Annamite Mountains managed to snap a photo of one of the Earth’s rarest mammals. What’s even more thrilling is the saola isn’t the only elusive creature being discovered. Thanks to strategically placed, motion-sensitive cameras and amazing advancements in technology, other rarely seen endangered animals have also been spotted. — Global Animal

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Pumpkin Playtime With Big Cats

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Every year after Halloween the Big Cat Rescue receives leftover pumpkins from stores for the enrichment of the cats. Watch as the tigers, panthers, leopards, and lynx play with, pounce on, and generally demolish their new toys. — Global Animal

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The Big Cat Is Back On The Prowl

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Once teetering on the brink of extinction, the North American cougar is now one of the greatest success stories in wildlife conservation. The big cat species goes by a wide variety of different names including mountain lion, catamount, puma, panther, and painter. By 1900, cougars were nearly extinct in all regions east of the Rockies. They were treated like vermin and allowed to be shot on sight. Fortunately, the panther is back on the prowl with an estimated 30,000 living in North America. Read the article below to learn more about these wild cats and their miraculous comeback. — Global Animal

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Exotic Animals In Drug War Crossfire

(ANIMAL SMUGGLING/VIDEO) MEXICO — Mexican drug cartel leaders are keeping exotic animals as a show of power and status. But when the drug lords are arrested, the animals are left with nowhere else to go but to public zoos. With each arrest, up to 200 lions, tigers, monkeys, birds, and other exotic animals flooding into the zoos, straining resources. The cartels are also involved in smuggling and using animals for illegal trade and sneaking cocaine across the U.S. border. Read on about the fate of animals used by the drug cartels. — Global Animal

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