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Pamela Anderson Goes Postal To Ban Fur In Israel

(CELEBRITIES/FUR BAN) Pamela Anderson wants Israel to pass a fur ban, and she went straight to the top to do it! After honeymooning in Israel, the former Baywatch beauty and animal activist wrote a letter to the country’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, asking him to endorse a bill banning the sale of clothes made of animal fur. The longtime anti-fur advocate hopes the once-sympathetic PM will help put an end to the needless animal suffering. Read below to learn more about Anderson’s plea for this revolutionary ban. — Global Animal

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Israel Indicts ‘Slaughterhouse Four’ In Abuse Case

(FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL CRUELTY) ISRAEL — Four employees of the Adom Adom meat supplier in Beit She’an, Israel are being accused of severe animal cruelty. Israel’s Northern District Attorney’s Office and Agriculture Ministry indicted the workers on Tuesday, citing the employees used cattle prods inappropriately, and often beat the animals with wooden sticks. Continue reading below to find out how the slaughterhouse workers were discovered, and what’s in store for them following the indictment. — Global Animal

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PETA Puts An End To India’s Animal Testing

(ACTIVISM) INDIA — After a long and grueling campaign, PETA has come through for animals in India. Following in the footsteps of the European Union and Israel, India has become the newest country to ban cosmetic testing on animals. Hopefully this will encourage further countries to follow suit. Read the press release below to find out how PETA plans to further their relationship with India’s government. — Global Animal   

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Israel Ducks On Animal Rights, Says Yes To Foie Gras

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Just before a bill banning the import and sale of foie gras was set to undergo its first reading for the legislative branch of the Israeli government on Wednesday morning, two ministers filed an appeal to bring the legislation back to the cabinet late Tuesday night. The bill received approval on Sunday in the Ministerial Committee on Legislation and was slated to prohibit the trade of foie gras. Animal-rights activists are enraged by the efforts of the two ministers, Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir and Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch—both of whom claim that the bill was needed to prevent economic damage. Read on to learn more on the unfortunate news. — Global Animal

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