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Gourmet Dog Food & SUVs: A Dog-Eat-Dog World?

(PETS/DOG FOOD) What’s the difference between a dog and an SUV? Nothing, if you feed your pooch gourmet dog food. This is the argument the Washington Post’s Brian Palmer asserts when assessing the environmental impact of feeding man’s best friend some of the niche dog foods that have risen in popularity in recent years. But exactly why is feeding your dog gourmet food so damaging to the planet? Read on for the answers. — Global Animal

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Why Walking Your Pet Is A Must

(CATS AND DOGS/PET HEALTH) Ever wonder what it’s like to be stuck in a house for nine or more hours a day? Cooping up your pooch or feline for extended periods of time without multiple long walks a day can seriously affect your pet’s health. Overeating due to idle time is a major reason why cats and dogs become overweight. Taking your pet out for 30 minutes to an hour daily can not only drastically improve their girth, but their mood and personality, too. Read more on why it’s important to exercise your four-legged friends. — Global Animal

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Hungry For Savings? 5 Ways To Save On Pet Food

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Pet parents know when it comes to taking good care of our pets, it can get a little pricey—especially when it comes to their food. With such a vast amount of pet food brands out there, from high-end organic meals to regular dry kibble, picking the right food for your pet can be tricky and expensive. However, saving money on pet food is a possibility, and actually quite easy! With helpful tools such as social media, online shopping, and some some basic research, you can drastically cut down on that expensive pet food bill. Read on for helpful tips and tricks that will keep your pet and your wallet nice and full! — Global Animal

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Dog training, animals standing at attention.

Wagging Dogs Reveal Their Tell Tail Story

(ANIMAL SCIENCE/DOGS) Previously, scientists have assumed when a dog’s tail wags predominantly to the left, the animal is nervous, and when the wagging goes to the right, the dog is happy. However, new information shows fellow dogs can actually pick up and respond to these tail cues. Continue reading below to find out how scientists came across these observations, and what it means for the future of understanding dog behavior. — Global Animal

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How To Know If Your Dog Has Been Poisoned

(PET CARE) Various dog jerky treats from China are being pulled off shelves as the FDA reportedly received more than 3,600 complaints of dogs and cats becoming sick, particularly gastrointestinal illnesses, since January. However, while the FDA has issued a warning for all pet food treats made in China, pet parents should be aware that pet food manufacturers are not required to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products. While dogs can’t exactly tell us when they’re sick, they often exhibit non-verbal clues that can help guardians recognize signs of accidental poisoning. Some suggestions that your pet may have ingested something toxic range from the more obvious like fainting, vomiting, and seizures to lethargy, black stool, and heavy panting. But let’s face it, we’re not all Dr. Dolittle. So for the health and safety of your beloved pet, make sure to read over these tips on how to tell if your dog has been poisoned. — Global Animal

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Bring along treats to make your pet's trip to the vet more enjoyable.

5 Vital Pet First Aid Tips

(PET HEALTH) Pet parents want to give their pets the best possible care. Regular vet visits, proper grooming, and ensuring regular exercise and adequate nutrition are just some of the ways in which we make sure our pets are happy and healthy. But what about in emergency situations or natural disasters? Not all pet guardians are aware of the need for an emergency plan. Read on for these five helpful pet first aid tips. — Global Animal

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Deadly Dog Virus Kills 6 Pets In Michigan

(PET HEALTH/DOGS) A deadly virus is killing dogs in Michigan. According to authorities six pets have died, and the possible culprit is canine circovirus. It’s a small, contagious virus that was first discovered in dogs in 2012 in both San Diego and possibly Ohio. Most often seen in pigs and birds, the circovirus has no known vaccine. Veterinary experts say there’s no cause for panic, but also admit to knowing very little about the virus. For anxious dog caretakers worrying about your own best buddy—be alert and if your dog shows any signs of extreme lethargy, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea go to your veterinarian immediately! Although they still don’t know how the dogs are being infected, experts say the highest risk of spreading viruses comes through contact with an infected animal. Read on to learn more about the circovirus and how to better protect your pet. — Global Animal

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Pet Tech Tools Ease Pet Stress

(PETS) Things can get stressful when you’re away from your pet for long periods of time, but recent technology is hoping to ease these fears. Whether you’re wondering what your pet does while you’re away or looking to stimulate your pet companion intellectually, there are a variety of devices that can help. From dog treadmills to electronic pet doors, the world of animal technology is constantly changing. Read the article at the link below to find out which new innovations can help you feel better about leaving your animal alone. — Global Animal

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