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Chicken causes more foodborne illnesses than any other meat. Photo credit:

Ag Gag Tramples Freedom Of Speech

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/ANIMAL NEWS) The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and PETA have made huge strides in their effort to disband the unlawful “ag-gag” or “anti-whistleblower” laws in Utah. The controversial “ag-gag” laws give the state the right to conceal incriminating evidence of animal cruelty on their factory farms. It is now illegal for whistleblowers, or […]

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Street artist Banksy makes artwork in New York City to combat factory farming, and animal cruelty.

Banksy Brings Animal Awareness To New York

(ACTIVISM/CULTURE) No stranger to communicating social issues through art, the pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist known as Banksy’s latest installation is an oddly haunting criticism of factory farming and farm animal cruelty in general. The infamous yet renowned painter-political activist’s piece consists of a mobile truck packed with stuffed animals that let out wailing animal sounds. Read […]

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A delicious dairy-free mushroom, red bell pepper and garlic pizza with Go Veggie! Mozzarella Flavor Shreds.

The Well-Intentioned Eater: Pizza! Pizza!

(GREEN/COMPASSIONATE LIVING) I did something I thought I’d never do: I bought dairy-free cheese. I love my cheese and I’m really picky about what kind I eat, so needless to say I was a little skeptical at how it was going to taste. Even though there are plenty of health warnings about eating too much cheese—lots […]

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Photo Credit: iStockphoto/Fanch Galivel

Israel Indicts ‘Slaughterhouse Four’ In Abuse Case

(FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL CRUELTY) ISRAEL — Four employees of the Adom Adom meat supplier in Beit She’an, Israel are being accused of severe animal cruelty. Israel’s Northern District Attorney’s Office and Agriculture Ministry indicted the workers on Tuesday, citing the employees used cattle prods inappropriately, and often beat the animals with wooden sticks. Continue reading below to find […]

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Chipotle GMO free

Chipotle: The Real Deal Or Misleading Marketing?

(FACTORY FARMING/CULTURE) A tremendous amount of buzz is surrounding Chipotle Mexican Grill after their release of The Scarecrow, an artful and inspiring short film depicting the horrors of factory farming. The Scarecrow is the second short film/ad released by Chipotle. Their first short film was titled Back to the Start, and shared a similar anti-factory farming theme to the recently released advertisement. Although it is […]

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<p>McDonald's said it will phase out pig farmers who use sow gestation stalls, which the Humane Society of the U.S. likens to "iron maidens." The pork industry doesn't see it that way. Photo credit: Humane Society of the United States</p>

Review Of “Speciesism: The Movie”, A Film That Speaks For The Silenced

(MOVIE REVIEW)Director Mark Devries’ Speciesism: The Movie is an eye-opening, yet fresh take on the array of atrocities brought on by the factory farming industry. Most film reviews will note the horrific images throughout the farming industry, but it’s the director’s experiences that makes the film truly relatable. The documentary follows Devries on a personal journey, as he uncovers the […]

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Chipotle Scarecrow

Does Chipotle’s Latest Ad Adopt A Misleading Message?

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) Chipotle’s newest ad, “The Scarecrow,” is garnering a lot of attention since its release. The video instantaneously went viral and numerous articles and comments have been posted across the World Wide Web to praise Chipotle for its organic methods and anti-factory farming message. However, in an article published on Salon, David Sirota has a different […]

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Chickens are not the only animals who could possibly predict earthquakes. Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Could Chicken Kill Us All?

(FARM ANIMALS/FACTORY FARMING) The USDA recently decided to green-light the processing of American chickens by Chinese facilities. Although American processing practices are far from exemplary, processing in China presents even more concerns for the American public. While America features disgusting rituals like “Advanced Meat Recovery” and saltwater injections, control and regulation of imported Chinese products […]

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