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Chipotle’s Latest Anti-Factory Farming Ad (VIDEO)

(FACTORY FARMING/FARM ANIMALS) Chipotle, the popular fast-food restaurant known for their organically-farmed meat and produce, released a second thought-provoking animated advertisement titled “The Scarecrow,” which takes a stand against factory farming and promotes the company’s stance to “Cultivate A Better World.” The haunting, yet beautiful three-and-a-half minute-long, short film went viral on YouTube quickly after its release last week. Along with the release of the film, the burrito chain has also announced a new mobile game titled The Scarecrow and meant to educate and engage the public about food issues. The advertisement, posted below, focuses on an anti-industrial food theme and pulls on the heartstrings as films protagonist explores the somber reality of factory farming and animal abuse. Read on for more on Chipotle’s newest campaign and be sure to watch the short film below. — Global Animal

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Colorado dairy farm is being investigated for it's cruelty towards calves.

Guilt-Free Cheese? Scientists Create Greener Pastures For Farmers

(FARMING/GREEN) Good news for those of us trying to eat more conscientiously! Scientists are working with dairy farmers to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are studying what the animals eat, how their waste is handled, as well as the effects on soil, water, and air. One of the most damaging problems for the environment? It’s a bunch of crap…literally. Manure runoff is toxic and one of the most common causes of water pollution in the country, but by tilling their pastures more often the farmers can help prevent pollution. This is just one aspect of four projects funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help farmers reduce their environmental impact. Read on for more about these eco-friendly studies and share your thoughts in the comments below. Is this a good step in the right direction or do we need to do more? — Global Animal

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“The Ghosts In Our Machine” Looks Animal Suffering In The Eye

(MOVIE REVIEW) With the substantial amount of well-made, animal-centric documentaries in release as of late, it’s tough to stand out in the crowd. However, director Liz Marshall’s The Ghosts In Our Machine does exactly that, in addition to bringing an important message to dinner tables, closets, laboratories, as well as zoos and marine parks across the globe. Focusing around activist/photographer Jo-Anne McArthur and her yearlong journey documenting animals held captive by four different global industries, the film does an incredible job of spotlighting those tragically forgotten by society. — Global Animal

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Winston’s Great Escape: Sanctuary Saves Plucky Pig’s Life

(ANIMAL SANCTUARY/FARM ANIMALS) “This little piggy went to market” may be a cute line from a nursery rhyme, but not so cute to a little piglet named Winston who barely escaped a bloody death from a New York City slaughter market. The rogue piggy ran away and wandered the streets for days, even dodging the bustling traffic of Queens Boulevard, before finally being rescued by city animal control officers. Winston was then turned over to Farm Sanctuary, a privately funded 175-acre haven that has taken in over 500 fleeing animals from urban slaughterhouses in the last ten years. There are close to 90 of these slaughter facilities in New York, a number that has nearly doubled in the last  two decades due to an influx of immigrants used to cooking with freshly butchered meats. As for Winston, today he’s in hog heaven, frolicking in the mud with his best piglet pal, Ruby. Read on for more on Winston and the animal sanctuaries saving the lives of hundreds of previously condemned animals just like him. — Global Animal

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The Someone Project Warns, ‘Think Before You Eat’

(ACTIVISM) Dolphins, dogs, and cats are widely regarded as highly intelligent animals, and garner an abundance of compassion from humans all over the world. However, because other animals don’t have the same luxuries as some of these favored species, the animal-protection and vegan-advocacy organization, Farm Sanctuary, is promoting the intelligence of farm animals, and other animals humans consume on a daily basis. The organization’s campaign, The Someone Project, hopes to encourage people to think about what they’re eating, and aims to start a dialogue about the consumption of sentient beings. Continue reading below to understand The Someone Project’s full goal, and what kind of opposition they’re already facing. — Global Animal

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Animal Rights Movement Paves Brighter Future

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Between the overwhelmingly positive response Blackfish has received, the rising popularity of farm animal rights, and the growing force of animal activists all over the world, there seems to be a brighter future in store for modern-day animals. At the link below, New York Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof paints an optimistic picture—change is coming, albeit slowly. He writes, “We disagree about where to draw the line to protect animal rights, but almost everyone now agrees that there is a line to be drawn.” Read the following article for more on Kristof’s interesting argument to understand that as long as there are people who care about animals, increasing acceptance of animal rights is inevitable. — Global Animal

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U.S. Saddles Up For Horse Slaughter, Activists Say ‘Neigh’

(HORSE SLAUGHTER) On August 2, a judge will decide whether to issue a temporary restraining order preventing horse processing plants from opening in the U.S. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) along with other animal protection groups are currently suing the USDA, claiming the agency failed to conduct the necessary environmental review before authorizing horse slaughterhouses. Not only do 80 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter, but activists also maintain the U.S. government could spend millions of taxpayer dollars to operate horse slaughter facilities, only to have Congress eventually terminate the process. Nevertheless, reports show the Valley Meat Company plant in Roswell, New Mexico, and Responsible Transportation’s plant in Sigourney, Iowa, are set to open just three days after the scheduled court hearing. Read on to learn more about the ongoing debate and sign the petition requesting that Congress pass the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. — Global Animal

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