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Dolphin Project Goes To Press: Free Angel Or Watch Her Die

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOLPHINS) The Dolphin Project recently ran an ad in the New York Times to save Angel, a rare albino dolphin being held captive at Japan’s Taiji Whale Museum. Angel faces certain death in captivity if she’s not released to a more fitting home. Because her return to the wild is no longer possible since Japanese fishermen killed off Angel’s family, a proposal has been made to send her to a natural seapen or a protected cove. Dolphin Project administrators, led by Ric O’Barry, are calling for the public to send as many letters as possible to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, asking him to release Angel and end the Taiji dolphin hunts. Continue reading for more information on the Dolphin Project and how to send your own letter to Prime Minister Abe. — Global Animal

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Blue-whales are the world's largest known animals. Photo Credit: Erik Olson, New York Times

Sea Shepherd Cracks Down On Cruel Sport

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Since 1983, the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has been fighting to stop whale and dolphin Grind hunting in the Faroe Islands—also referred to as the Taiji of the North—and now they’re ready for their next battle with their summer launch of “Operation GrindStop 2014.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a Grind is when small fishing boats surround a pod of whales or dolphins and drive them into the bay. The pod is then beached and left defenseless while men savagely plunge blades into the whales and dolphins until they die. This cruel “sport has been around since 1584 but not because it’s done for profit, or even to feed a starving community—the Faroe Islanders have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Grind hunting seems to persist today simply because it’s considered “traditional Viking fun.” Read below for more on Operation GrindStop and see how you can help Sea Shepherd stop these brutal massacres. — Global Animal

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Stock Car Driver Races To Save Dolphins

(OCEANS/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Activist and race car driver, Leilani Münter, is adding fuel to a Tempe, Arizona event in support of Japan Dolphins Day. The event, which is set to correspond with the beginning of Japan’s annual dolphin drive hunt, commences on Friday. Münter joins a dedicated group of activists that hope to educate the world on the horrors of Japan’s hunts. Continue reading below to find out how Münter has aided dolphins in the past, and learn what’s in store for the event in Arizona. — Global Animal

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Protest Marine Mammal Captivity At uShaka Sea World

(ACTIVISM) SOUTH AFRICA — Each year, thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji on the south coast of Japan. Bottlenose dolphins are then pre-selected by trainers and sold for as much as $200,000 to marine parks all over the world such as Marineland, where the animals remain in captivity and are forced to perform circus acts for their entire lives. Aquariums defend their actions as “rescuing” animals, but in reality, the captive industry is subsidizing hunts which may not have been conducted otherwise. Today and May 25th, Ocean Watch SA is hosting a protest at uShaka Sea World to advocate for the rehabilitation and release of captive animals. Read on to learn more about Ocean Watch SA and sign the petition below telling uSkaka Sea World to retire their wild caught dolphins, Gambit and Frodo, ensure animals not disturbed after hours, stop breeding captive breeding programs, and only practice rehabilitation and release. — Global Animal

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900 Dolphins Slaughtered In Retaliation

(OCEANS) Villagers in the Solomon Islands have slaughtered up to 900 dolphins in retaliation for a payment dispute with the non-profit conservation group Earth Island Institute (EII). The Berkeley-based group had supposedly promised the Fanalei villagers on the island of Malaita $2.4 million Solomon Island Dollars (about $335,000 USD) to stop hunting and selling dolphins and dolphin products, however the islanders claim they only received $700,000. The mass slaughter reportedly occurred after villagers refused to renew a memorandum of understanding with EII that expired in April of last year, however EII director Lawrence Makili claims that after $300,000 was invested amongst individual communities, one group seized the remaining funds without distributing them. Read on to learn more about the unfortunate news and sign the petition demanding the maximum sentence for these villagers as well as the petition urging the Solomon Islands to keep their promise to ban the capture and export of bottlenose dolphins. — Global Animal

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Why The Dolphin Hunt Is Even Worse Than It Seems

While most already see the annual dolphin hunt as a horrific act, Hardy Jones says there’s more to hold against the slaughter than we already know. He argues that dolphins are so highly contaminated by marine toxins that they pose a serious threat to human and environmental health overall–so the Taiji villagers eating the dolphin may forced to stop, or fall ill and die first.

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