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Kentucky Takes The Bull By The Horns With Ban On Veal

(FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL WELFARE) KENTUCKY — The Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission has finally decided to ban veal crates, becoming the eighth state to prohibit the cruel practice. Although this ruling is a positive one, Kentucky has yet to ban other inherently cruel factory farming practices, including keeping breeding pigs in gestation crates and tail docking of dairy cows. — Global Animal

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Dairy Cows Get Second Chance At Life

(FARM ANIMALS/COWS) GERMANY — When cows are no longer able to produce milk or calves, they are often surrendered to slaughterhouses—which is hardly appropriate compensation for the farm animals’ years of hard work. However, Anke Heublein, founder of the fundraising club, Save the Cows in Rhein-Berg, believes these hardworking animals deserve a second chance at life. Heublein’s club rescued 25 cows from a dairy farm outside of Cologne, and now the animals are living out their days in an open field. Members of the farm’s family were heartbroken when they learned the cows would be given up for financial reasons. The cows’ enthusiasm for life is documented in the YouTube video, “Happy Cows” (see below), and shows the animals’ rejoicing in their new environment. — Global Animal

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Colorado dairy farm is being investigated for it's cruelty towards calves.

Footage Reveals Dairy Farm’s Shameful Secrets

(FARM ANIMALS) A Compassion Over Killing (COK) investigation has Colorado dairy farm Quanah Cattle Co. (QCC) in hot water. Undercover footage shows the dairy farm engaging in blatant animal abuse and negligence towards newborn calves. Investigators witnessed farm workers dragging calves by their legs, and violently throwing them onto trucks. Thanks to the video evidence provided by COK, Colorado police have begun an investigation. Continue reading below to find how COK plans to stop this horrible treatment of animals. — Global Animal

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Review Of “Speciesism: The Movie”, A Film That Speaks For The Silenced

(MOVIE REVIEW)Director Mark Devries’ Speciesism: The Movie is an eye-opening, yet fresh take on the array of atrocities brought on by the factory farming industry. Most film reviews will note the horrific images throughout the farming industry, but it’s the director’s experiences that makes the film truly relatable. The documentary follows Devries on a personal journey, as he uncovers the truths behind the industry and experiences a change of heart based on those discoveries. After originally setting out to film animal advocacy groups and how they operate, Devries finds himself immersed in completely unexpected territory. – Global Animal

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Is Animal Advocacy Now A Crime?

(POLITICS) Animal advocates have exposed some of the biggest farm animal abuse cases to date. Now, state legislators are introducing laws that will make it more difficult for animal defenders to investigate cruelty and food safety cases. Bills of this nature are pending all across the U.S. with some going as far as making it a crime to take photographs at farming operations. Many believe the purpose of this type of legislation is to keep consumers in the dark about how their food is being produced. Read on about these new laws and the states that are trying to implement them. — Global Animal

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Cruelty Free Farmer Names His Dairy Cows

(FARM ANIMALS) OREGON — All hope is not lost for inhumanely treated farm animals. Bob Bansen, an Oregon dairymen, raises his cows to be happy cows. Naming each of his 230 “girls,” Bansen knows each of his cattle from head to udder. In addition to the farmer’s personal acquaintance with his cows, his secret to healthy livestock is no antibiotics. Although Bansen was hesitant to wean his many companions off of the recommended medications, he found that his cows’ health improved without them. He concluded that as long as the animals are kept clean and have access to free range, the risk of infection that warrants antibiotics is greatly reduced. If dairy farms followed Bansen’s example, many cases of animal cruelty could be put to an end. Continue reading to learn about Bansen’s humane methods of agriculture.  — Global Animal

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Social interactions between cows can influence their health, welfare and milk yield. Photo Credit: REX

Crucial Friendships In The Fields

(FARM ANIMALS) The value of friendship is immeasurable, as studies say maintaining these relationships can improve mental and physical health, add years to your life and ensure an overall happy wellbeing. Researchers in the UK are highlighting this factor during a study on cow social structure and interactions. Scientists are hoping to determine how social interactions can influence cow health, welfare and milk yield.  Hopefully this research doesn’t just lead to increase sales for dairy farmers, but improvements in the treatment and lives of these cows. — Global Animal

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Mark Bittman: You Don’t Need Milk

(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) In a recent New York Times op-ed piece, famed food writer Mark Bittman talks about the adverse effects of dairy. Bittman is the author of How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, and working on a new cookbook Vegan Before Six. Giving up dairy might be just the answer to various health concerns. Not to mention, the life of a dairy cow is short, cruel and painful. Check out Bittman’s well informed article “Got Milk? You Don’t Need It.” — Global Animal 

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