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Hop Into Spring With Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) Spring has finally sprung, and what better time to go cruelty-free? Cruelty Free International is asking consumers to look out for the Leaping Bunny logo before buying household products this spring. When you’re prepping for spring cleaning this season, be sure to buy products that don’t test on animals, as indicated by the reputable Leaping Bunny logo. Cruelty Free International is also calling to put an end to animal testing for household products. Continue reading below to learn more about Leaping Bunny, and don’t forget to sign the petition to help stop inhumane animal experimentation. — Global Animal

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California Calls To End Cruel Cosmetic Testing

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL TESTING) California approved a resolution urging the United States government to take measures against cosmetic animal testing. State Senator Marty Block initiated the measure sponsored by several animal rights organizations, including Cruelty Free International. Actress Mayim Bialik, a supporter of Cruelty Free International, is thrilled about the resolution and hopes the rest of the U.S. will follow in California’s footsteps. California has been a leader in restricting animal testing, and the state’s success definitively proves it’s possible to use alternatives to animal testing in the cosmetics industry. Read the full article below for more on the resolution. — Global Animal

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Do Your Part: Help Ban Canadian Animal Testing

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Cruelty Free International needs your help to ban animal testing in Canada once and for all. The global organization has created a new petition that outlines the cruelties of animal testing while offering humane alternatives. These alternatives to cosmetic animal testing are not only more effective, but also less expensive. The petition has gained the approval of the Clerk of Petitions, and after receiving hand signatures from 25 Canadian citizens, it will be sent to the House of Commons. Continue reading for more on how you can help Cruelty Free International ban Canadian animal testing for good. — Global Animal

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“Big Bang Theory” Star Needs Your Help Ending Animal Testing

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM/ANIMAL TESTING) Mayim Bialik, best known for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, is joining forces with Cruelty Free International to help put an end to cosmetic animal testing. On March 5, Congressman Jim Moran announced the introduction of the Humane Cosmetics Act, which will make animal testing illegal in the United States. In order to get this instrumental bill passed, Cruelty Free International, along with their many celebrity endorsers—including Peter Dinklage of Game Of Thrones and Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead—need your help. See below to find out how you can help save the lives of thousands of innocent animals. — Global Animal

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Are Animals Dying On The Government’s Watch?

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL WELFARE) The National Institute of Health (NIH) has been withholding illegal activities in criminal research labs across the U.S., endangering not only animals, but human beings as well. According to animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN), the government agency has been “whitewashing criminal activity” including three animal deaths and the abuse of several other research animals at the University of Michigan and other U.S. labs. Now, SAEN—who has worked hard to make these disgusting crimes public—is calling for heavy penalties, requesting no less than $40,000 in fines. Continue reading for more about the evidence withheld by the NIH and view the information below to contact the USDA and insist on a major fine for the University of Michigan’s negligence. — Global Animal

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New Bill Could Ban U.S. Animal Testing For Good

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Congressman Jim Moran has introduced a new bill to end cosmetic testing on animals in the U.S. If passed, the Humane Cosmetics Act would make it “unlawful for anyone to conduct or commission cosmetic animal testing in the U.S.” and prohibit “selling, offering for sale or transporting any cosmetics in interstate commerce if the final product or any component was developed or manufactured using animal testing.” Continue reading for more on the Humane Cosmetics Act, and lend your support to the campaign by asking your legislator to co-sponsor the bill. — Global Animal

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Britain Fails To End Animal Testing

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) issued a response to the British government’s new stance on animal testing and they believe the government is not going far enough in limiting animal testing. Last week, the government issued a document, Working To Reduce the Use of Animals in Scientific Research, but the BUAV claims it lacks any clear plan or specific details on how to reduce animal testing. They believe the British government has failed on its promise from 2010 to seriously take on animal testing. Read below for more on the BUAV’s response to the document. — Global Animal

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One Million Voices Against Canada’s Animal Testing

(ANIMAL TESTING/ACTIVISM) While over 80 percent of the world still allows animals to be used in cruel experiments for cosmetics, Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop are calling for a worldwide ban on animal testing. On Tuesday, Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop met with Canada’s Leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May MP and presented her with a worldwide petition containing over one million signatures from over 65 different countries. As the largest and most ambitious campaign of its kind, many are hoping the petition for a worldwide ban will encourage MP Elizabeth May to raise the issue with the Canadian government. Continue reading below for more details on Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop’s appeal. — Global Animal

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