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California Tackles Flea Market Pet Sales

(PET SALES/ANIMAL LAWS) This past week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law an important restriction on the sale of animals at flea markets and swap meets. AB 339 was sponsored by Born Free USA and the State Humane Association of California and was authored by Assemblymember Roger Dickinson. The bill allows for the sale of […]

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Shelter Animals’ Fate Uncertain In California County

(ANIMAL SHELTERS/PETS) CALIFORNIA — Last month, the city of Bakersfield put forth a plan to remove its county, Kern, from the city-owned animal shelter. The city wants the county out of the shelter by the end of September, leaving many residents concerned over the hundreds of displaced animals left by the eviction. To combat rumors, […]

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Obama Barks Back at Breed-Specific Laws

(DOGS/PETS) What a great week to be a dog in Washington! In addition to the White House’s welcoming of a new, one-year-old puppy named Sunny on Monday, President Obama has also come out in support of legislation which would allow pet parents to choose whichever dog they desire, regardless of breed. This statement comes in response to […]

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<p>The endangered San Joaquin Kit Fox is on the list of animals killed by rodenticides. Photo Credit:</p>

Proposed Rat Poison Ban Protects Pets and Wildlife

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL CONSERVATION) California may be pulling the plug on “super” rat poisons. Proposed regulation action, DPR 13-002, would ban the widespread use of dangerously strong anticoagulant rodent poisons. The ban would designate brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difenacoum, and difethialone as restricted materials, limiting them to those who are licensed and have training to use them appropriately. If the […]

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<p>A German Shepherd, like the one featured above, was brutally murdered last April.<br />
Photo Credit: Dog Guides</p>

No Justice For Dog Murderer

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) CALIFORNIA — A 42-year-old man convicted of beating his neighbor’s German Shepherd to death last April has been sentenced to a year in jail and denied the right to own or care for any animal for the next 10 years. However, the man could have faced more than four years in prison. While […]

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<p>Governor Jerry Brown has 5 days to outlaw the hounding of bears and bobcats in California! Take action and encourage him to sign the bill! Photo credit: nmhansen</p>

CA Governor Has Five Days To Save Bears, Bobcats

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) CALIFORNIA — Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30, 2012 to sign bill SB 1221 which prevents the hounding of bears and bobcats in the state of California.When hounding, hunters use radio-collared dogs to track and hunt bears and/or bobcats.Hounding not only directly effects the natural species of bears and bobcats, but it often […]

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Long Overdue Transformation For Animal Shelter

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — The Animal Legal Defense Fund and nearby residents recently sued a Palm Springs shelter for failure to abide by state laws protecting animals, and their case has been heard. Homeless dogs and cats in the surrounding area will now have a much better chance of being adopted into loving homes and treated the […]

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<p>Dan Tichenor poses with his two Plott Hound hunting dogs in Castro Valley.  Photo Credit: Aric Crabb/Santa Cruz Sentinel Staff</p>

New Bill Hopes To Ban Hound Hunting

(ANIMAL LEGISLATION) Senator Ted Lieu’s legislation outlawing hound hunting in California is quickly moving forward. If approved, the bill will specifically prohibit the use of dog packs to hunt bears and bobcats within the state. Hundreds of hunters and animal activists attended an important hearing in April, where both sides brought conflicting testimonies about the […]

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