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Chicken nuggets contain very little meat.

Humanity Hones In On Hen Intelligence

(OPED/FARM ANIMALS) Next time you’re elbow deep in an enormous bucket of fried chicken, take a second to consider the intelligence of the bird who gave their life for the lard-laden meal. A recent study from Britain suggests chickens are relatively practical thinkers and even make excellent students. Although chickens probably won’t be taking up calculus anytime soon, their intelligence poses a lot of questions regarding the treatment of farm animals. If these birds show even the slightest indication of intelligence, who’s to say they aren’t emotionally distraught due to their caged environments? Read Nicholas D. Kristof’s personal account of farm bird intelligence at the link below. — Global Animal

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Tetherball Bear

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this black bear have a ball at his happy home at the Animal Ark Zoo in Reno, Nevada! This animal sanctuary works with the Nevada Department of Wildlife to help rehabilitate orphaned bears and release them back into the wild if/when they’re able. — Global Animal

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Man’s Best Friend Or Man’s Best Man?

(ANIMAL WELFARE/SCIENCE) Gregory Berns and his research team has successfully trained dogs to sit still for long enough in an MRI Scanner to receive a clear image of their brains. Images have proven dogs are more like people than we think, especially when considering brain activity in the specific brain region called the caudate nucleus. Since we have been limited for so long to just observing animal behavior, the ability to learn about dogs’ brains is a huge breakthrough for these animals. Read on to learn more about Berns’ research and what this new discovery could mean for the rights of dogs everywhere. — Global Animal

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Dog Tells Mom The Babysitter’s Bad

(PETS) South Carolina’s Benjamin and Hope Jordan are certainly thankful for their family dog. The couple became suspicious of their son Finn’s babysitter, Alexis Khan after the dog showed aggression towards her. The Jordan’s left the house and recorded Khan one night, discovering the dog’s intuition to be spot on; Khan had been abusing their son. Continue reading to find out how Finn and his dog companion are doing now. — Global Animal 

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The Power Of Pooch Therapy: “No Job Too Big Or Small! We Do It All!”

(WORKING ANIMALS) “Some things are just better with a dog by your side” has never rang so true. There’s no doubt that animal interaction can help reduce human stress levels and increase our sense of comfort and happiness. In the guest article below, author of Lola Goes to Work, Marcia Goldman, discusses the extensive training that went into transforming her five-pound Yorkshire Terrier Lola into a one-of-a-king therapy dog. And believe it or not, one of the very first therapy dogs was a Yorkie named Smoky! Read on for more on Smoky’s history and learn all about Lola’s therapy work. — Global Animal

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Big Bad Wolf Really Is A Fairytale

(WOLVES/WILDLIFE) Next time you’re stuck in a graveyard with a full moon in the sky, and you hear a wolf howl in the distance, don’t be afraid. A recent study suggests startling wolf howls are just cries of loneliness. Once thought to be a simple stress cry, research shows wolf howls actually change depending on the partner they’re trying to reach. Continue reading below to learn how researchers came across this interesting conclusion, and how wolves change their vocal pattern to find their friends. — Global Animal 

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