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Hop Into Spring With Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) Spring has finally sprung, and what better time to go cruelty-free? Cruelty Free International is asking consumers to look out for the Leaping Bunny logo before buying household products this spring. When you’re prepping for spring cleaning this season, be sure to buy products that don’t test on animals, as indicated by the reputable Leaping Bunny logo. Cruelty Free International is also calling to put an end to animal testing for household products. Continue reading below to learn more about Leaping Bunny, and don’t forget to sign the petition to help stop inhumane animal experimentation. — Global Animal

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The Icy Truth Revealed At Charleston Lab

(MONKEYS/ANIMAL TESTING) Thanks to a whistleblower, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) discovered earlier this week that dozens of moneys have died at Alpha Genesis, Inc. laboratories in Charleston, South Carolina. SAEN also indicated that over 30 animals died of hypothermia at the Charleston laboratory. Sadly, this is not its first incident involving animal cruelty, as several years ago the facility broke federal laws in the deaths of five primates. SAEN is calling on the government to fine this inhumane lab $10,000 per every negligent death reported, which means the lab could end up paying close to $250,000 in fines (rightfully so!).  Continue reading below to find out more about this horrific research facility. — Global Animal

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Canada Clings To Cruel Seal Hunt

(SEAL HUNT/ANIMAL WELFARE) Canada’s annual seal hunt kicked off on Monday despite widespread condemnation and a dying demand for seal products. A total of 34 countries, including the United States, Russia, and members of the EU, now ban imported seal products, but with the support of the Canadian government, the seal industry still stubbornly clings to life. Read on to find out why Canada continues to defend this barbaric practice. — Global Animal

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California Calls To End Cruel Cosmetic Testing

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL TESTING) California approved a resolution urging the United States government to take measures against cosmetic animal testing. State Senator Marty Block initiated the measure sponsored by several animal rights organizations, including Cruelty Free International. Actress Mayim Bialik, a supporter of Cruelty Free International, is thrilled about the resolution and hopes the rest of the U.S. will follow in California’s footsteps. California has been a leader in restricting animal testing, and the state’s success definitively proves it’s possible to use alternatives to animal testing in the cosmetics industry. Read the full article below for more on the resolution. — Global Animal

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Animal Planet Canada Silences “Call Of The Wildman”

(TV/ANIMAL NEWS) CANADA — Animal Planet Canada’s “Call of the Wildman” tracks one man’s interaction with Kentucky wildlife. The star of the show, Ernie Brown, Jr., is better known as “The Turtleman.” Alongside Neal James and his dog Lolly, Brown operates a nuisance animal removal business, in which he catches and releases “nuisance animals.” However, a report by Mother Jones spotlighted instances of severe animal abuse, neglect, and mistreatment during filming. Now, Animal Planet Canada has decided to cancel the upcoming season of the show in response to the public’s strong negative response to the exposed animal cruelty. Read on for more details and see whether or not Animal Planet in the U.S. plans to air a new season of the show. — Global Animal

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Dogs Gruesomely Skinned For Golf Gloves

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOGS) Next time you tee-off, think twice about the gloves you’re wearing. Manufacturers in Southeast Asia are using dog skin for everything from golf gloves to musical instruments, like drums and guitars, according to an animal rights group in Thailand. Predominantly they’re using the skin from male dog’s testicles because “it’s particularly soft.” If it’s not horrifying enough that dogs are being killed for their meat, now their skin is in high demand as well. Police in Thailand made the gruesome discovery of a pile of dog bones and hundreds of dog skins near the Laos border last month. They believe the remains were left by smugglers looking to take them into Vietnam and China, where dog parts are sought-after by restaurants and manufacturers. Many of these pups are beloved pets, stolen from their homes by unscrupulous smugglers because “they’re easier for the smugglers to catch” than strays. The dogs are then cruelly transported in overcrowded cages and in some cases skinned alive for their leather. Government in Southeast Asia is supposedly cracking down on this sickening, illegal tradebut are they doing enough? Read on to learn more about the inhumane and torturous treatment these innocent animals are forced to endure and what’s being done to stop it. — Global Animal

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California Court Makes Waves, Upholds Shark Fin Ban

(SHARKS/SHARK FINNING) In a victory against the cruel practice of shark finning, U.S. District Judge William Orrick III of San Francisco upheld California’s 2011 ban on the possession or sale of shark fins. The decision to uphold the law, despite opponents’ claims that it discriminates against the Chinese community, continues the upward momentum against shark finning. In the last few years, the European Union, New York State, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and India have all banned shark finning, and even China has made moves against the practice. Read on to find out more about this big win for sharks in California. — Global Animal

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Hunger Games Star Takes Bite Out Of Blood Ivory Trade

(CELEBRITY NEWS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Great news for African elephants, animal advocates and Woody Harrelson. When the Oscar-nominated actor wasn’t hunting down a sadistic serial killer in his HBO hit series True Detective, the Hawaii resident was urging lawmakers in his state to help stop another kind of murderer—elephant poachers. And it looks like they were listening. — Global Animal

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