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Sunder The Elephant Wins His Freedom

(ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL WELFARE) MUMBAI — After engaging in a 21-month-long campaign, PETA and its international affiliates have won the fight to release Sunder the elephant from captivity. On Monday, the Bombay high court passed a judgement in favor of PETA India and ordered the release of the captive elephant, who has been by his handlers at Jyotiba temple in Kolhapur for the past six years. Sunder will be transferred to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore, where he will finally be able to live a life free of abuse. Read on to find out more about Sunder and his famous supporters. — Global Animal

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California Court Makes Waves, Upholds Shark Fin Ban

(SHARKS/SHARK FINNING) In a victory against the cruel practice of shark finning, U.S. District Judge William Orrick III of San Francisco upheld California’s 2011 ban on the possession or sale of shark fins. The decision to uphold the law, despite opponents’ claims that it discriminates against the Chinese community, continues the upward momentum against shark finning. In the last few years, the European Union, New York State, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and India have all banned shark finning, and even China has made moves against the practice. Read on to find out more about this big win for sharks in California. — Global Animal

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No Guinness For Vegans This St. Patrick’s Day

(VEGAN/ST. PATRICK’S DAY) Bad news for stout-loving vegans far and wide: Guinness is off limits this St. Patrick’s Day. While swim bladders (or isinglass) help a fish swim and remain buoyant in water, they are also used by brewers as a filter to clear particles out of their beer. Isinglass doesn’t appear on the famed beer’s list of ingredients, but it has been a part of Guinness’ brewing process since the 1800s.  Read on to learn more about this secret ingredient as well as other beer filtration alternatives. — Global Animal

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Polar Bear Day: Everyday Ways To Save The Polar Bear

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/POLAR BEARS) What better time to help save the polar bear than today, International Polar Bear Day? With less than 25,000 left in the wild, polar bears are on the brink of extinction due to the devastating effects of global warming. In Canada—which unfortunately still allows polar bear trophy hunts despite their endangered status—a polar bear was forced to swim 426 miles in search of arctic sea ice; ice that continues to hit record lows. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can help save the polar bear from extinction—from riding a bike to shopping locally. So in the spirit International Polar Bear Day, check out these some simple ways to help save the polar bear. — Global Animal

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Jackie Chan Combats Traditional Chinese Medicine

(ACTIVISM/CELEBRITIES) What could be a bigger challenge than taking on Bruce Lee? Try taking on traditional Chinese medicine. Jackie Chan has made a name for himself as a Hollywood action hero, but he has also gained a reputation as an animal hero. The movie star is fighting to save endangered animals by imploring his fans to stop buying ivory, rhino horn, and other products used for traditional Chinese medicine. See the video clip below and continue reading to learn more about Chan’s efforts to help save wildlife. — Global Animal

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Sochi’s Dogs Safe…For Now

(DOGS/ANIMAL WELFARE) As the Sochi Winter Olympics begin, people are still wondering exactly what Russia is doing with the thousands of stray dogs inhabiting the region. As of now, many of these dogs are being kept in makeshift shelters and being fed regularly. The real question is, what will Russia do with these adorable pups once the Olympics are over? Will they do the right thing and make sure these dogs are able to live out happy and healthy lives? Continue reading below to find out more about the well being of Russia’s stray dogs. — Global Animal

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One Million Voices Against Canada’s Animal Testing

(ANIMAL TESTING/ACTIVISM) While over 80 percent of the world still allows animals to be used in cruel experiments for cosmetics, Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop are calling for a worldwide ban on animal testing. On Tuesday, Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop met with Canada’s Leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May MP and presented her with a worldwide petition containing over one million signatures from over 65 different countries. As the largest and most ambitious campaign of its kind, many are hoping the petition for a worldwide ban will encourage MP Elizabeth May to raise the issue with the Canadian government. Continue reading below for more details on Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop’s appeal. — Global Animal

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Animal Abusers Forced To Go Public

(ANIMAL ABUSE/ACTIVISM) New York City is taking the necessary steps to help save thousands of abused animals. On Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously in favor of a bill that was earlier vetoed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This bill will convict animal abusers, create an animal abuser registry, and forbid anyone who has been convicted of abusing animals from adopting a pet in the future. Those who do not register themselves on this list or violate the ban on adoption will be charged with a misdemeanor and may face jail time. Let’s have a round of applause for New York City for being one of the first to help put an end to such heinous crimes. Continue reading to learn more about the animal abuser registry. — Global Animal

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