Daily world news about wild animals and endangered species. Includes facts and information on animals in Africa, lions, tigers, and other big cats, elephants, rhinos, and all other wildlife. Keep up to date on wild animal welfare and wildlife conservation. It’s all here.

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Wild Cat & Fox Are Best Friends (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/WILDLIFE PICTURES) First spotted by local fishermen in Lake Van, Turkey, this wild cat and fox appear to be best friends. The odd couple have been seen together for over a few years now. Check them out as they play, cuddle, and generally have a good time together in the photo gallery below. — […]

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What will it take before we respect the planet? Photo credit: World Wildlife Foundation

Animal Ads Prove A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

(ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISM/PICTURES OF ANIMALS) The powerful images in the gallery below help give a voice to innocent animals who would otherwise be left unheard. Produced by animal rights organizations like World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Society for Protection of Animals (SPA), these animal ad campaigns shed light on which species are close to extinction […]

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<p>Massive migrations of monarch butterflies along the California-Mexico coast can take these airborne insects over 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers).  Photograph by Hope Ryden</p>

Springtime Means Amazing Butterflies! (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/BUTTERFLIES) Springtime is here, and along with the beautiful weather it brings…butterflies! Feast your eyes on this photo gallery of amazing winged beauties–from the most common to the rarest of butterfly species. These wonderful photos are sure to make you float like a butterfly, or at least stop and smell the roses! — Global Animal

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Jonathan the tortoise. Photo Credit: BBC News

5 Animals Who Can Outlive Humans

(WILDLIFE/AMAZING ANIMALS) The average lifespan for a man is 71 years, whereas the average lifespan for a woman is 73.5 years. But can you believe there are animals who have outlived humans by over a hundred years, and sometimes even longer? Check out these five animals who have found the secret to living a long […]

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Sunder enjoys his newfound freedom at the elephant sanctuary. Photo credit: PETA

Sunder’s Sanctuary: A New Home For Captive Elephants

(ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL SANCTUARY) BANGALORE — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), along with Bannerghatta Biological Park, collaborated to put together India’s first elephant sanctuary. Elephants are commonly kept chained in small areas, a highly unsuitable environment that prevents them from roaming, bathing, and socializing. The new 122-acre sanctuary currently houses 15 elephants. Among these […]

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Iconic Rhino Victim Overcomes All Odds

(WILDLIFE/RHINOS) Just three years ago in South Africa, three wild rhinos were involved in a horrendous poaching incident, leaving one of the group members dead, and two seriously injured. Thankfully, Dr. William Fowlds, a vet who is dedicated to helping the species survive in the wild, came upon the two rhinos, Thandi and Themba, after […]

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The last 15 rhinos in Mozambique were murdered for their ivory this past month. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rhinos In Transition: Saving Species From Slaughter

(RHINOS/WILDLIFE/ENDANGERED SPECIES) The dense forests and grasslands of South Africa were home to the world’s largest population of southern white rhinos and the three remaining sub-species of black rhino. However, prior to 1895, the white rhino populations had nearly been eradicated. Estimates at the time counted only twenty to fifty rhinos left. Through conservation efforts […]

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