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The Sky’s The Limit: Center Channels Creativity To Save Wildlife

New rehabilitation efforts are being made for animals at an animal care facility in Massachusetts.  Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Mass. has begun using what they are referring to as a hydrotherapy pool, which was built by its’ staff and volunteers. The pool is currently being used for seabirds and waterfowl; the pool was created to help remove contaminate, speed-up water proofing, and release stress by using a constant stream of cleansed water.

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25 Most Bizarre & Fascinating Animal Facts

(WEIRD ANIMAL FACTS/ABOUT ANIMALS) The animal kingdom is full of wonder and amazement. There is so much we still don’t know about the world we live in and the different animals that inhabit it. For instance, did you know that a wolf can eat up to 20lbs of meat in just one sitting? That’s a whole lot of meat. Here’s a list of 25 of the most outrageous, disturbing, and adorable animal facts—from cats, penguins, and dolphins to tigers, ostriches, and pandas. — Global Animal

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What The Shell? Meet Jonathan, The 182-Year-Old Tortoise

(WILDLIFE/TURTLES) Meet Jonathan the 182-year-old tortoise. A resident on the tiny British island of Saint Helena, he may be the world’s oldest living land creature. Born ten years after the death of Saint Helena’s most famous resident, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jonathan has outlived 38 American administrations, 51 British Prime Ministers, and has been around long enough to witness Haley’s Comet three times. Read on to learn more about the rare Seychelles Giant’s past, present, and future. — Global Animal

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(WILDLIFE/POACHING) In 2013, Nepal successfully stopped all poaching.

Nepal Celebrates A Full Year Without Poaching

(WILDLIFE/POACHING) This month, Nepal celebrates one year without wildlife poaching. Nepal’s success is due to its hard-line on illegal hunting. Poachers face long prison terms and swift justice thanks to authorities’ ability to prosecute on a local level, an uncommon system compared to other countries with poaching problems. In addition, every level of government is working together and efficiently to ensure the safety of Nepal’s wildlife. Saving animals from poaching has also allowed for Nepal’s tiger and rhino populations to grow in recent years. Read the full article below for more on Nepal’s impressive commitment to anti-poaching efforts. — Global Animal

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Anne The Elephant May Be Safe, But Is She Happy?

(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Anne, a formerly abused circus elephant, has finally found a forever home. The process took three long years, but Anne is now being provided with accommodations at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. However, because Longleat decided against creating an elephant sanctuary, Anne is being forced to live out her remaining years without the necessary company of other elephants. — Global Animal

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Go Wild For World Wildlife Day

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/PICTURES) March 3 is World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer, from plants to wild animals. On December 20, 2013, the sixty-eighth session of the United Nations General assembly proclaimed March 3—the day the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted—as World Wildlife Day. — Global Animal

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Polar Explorer Breaks The Ice: Uncovers New Penguin Colony

(ANIMAL SCIENCE/PENGUINS) Polar explorer Alain Hubert has been taking trips to the South and North Poles since 1983. He is a trained civil engineer, a certified mountain guide (UIAGM), a carpenter, an entrepreneur, and a public speaker—but one of his favorite hobbies? Counting penguins. Hubert recently returned to Antarctica to count a newly discovered emperor penguin colony, despite estimates already calculated by a computer. The new colony, named after the coast on which they were found, Ragnhild, is one of 44 colonies of emperor penguins found on the continent, where an estimated 595,000 emperor penguins reside in total. Read about Hubert’s incredible Antarctic journey, and the science behind it all, in the article below. — Global Animal

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How Landowners Can Help Save Wildlife

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ANIMAL WELFARE) The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust (HSWLT) is an organization that helps landowners protect the wildlife roaming their land. The trust helps by setting up a sanctuary so the land cannot be sold to individuals or companies that would destroy the property and the habitat of local wildlife. — Global Animal

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