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Black bears, like the one pictured above, are extremely intelligent animals

Brave Man Saves 400-Pound Bear From Drowning (GALLERY)

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL PICTURES) In this daring rescue story, Adam Warwick, a biologist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), saves a nearly 400-pound black bear from drowning. The bear had wandered far away from his home in the Osceola National Forest, and was seen roaming around a residential neighborhood in search of food. Wildlife […]

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Some animal behavior experts believe a trap and kill program could cause more harm since the coyotes that get caught in the traps are usually the weaker ones, leaving larger packs of more aggressive coyotes.

Coyote Conflict: Why Killing Coyotes Doesn’t Work

(COYOTES/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) An increasingly familiar sight throughout U.S. cities and suburbs, coyotes are the most common large predators in America. Because of this, roughly half a million are killed every year–a rate unlike any other wild animal in U.S. history–whether by the hands of sport hunters or government entities. However, controlling coyote populations has proven […]

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Cougars can kill hundreds of deer over the course of their lives, leading some scientists to argue that restoring them to 19 states with large populations of deer could prevent automobile-deer collisions. Credit Konrad Wothe/Minden Pictures

Deer Deadlier Than Cougars? You’d Be Surprised!

(WILDLIFE) Did you know white-tailed deer cause more than a million car accidents, resulting in more than 200 deaths each year? Eastern cougars, on the other hand, could significantly reduce these numbers. Scientists predict if they were to return to their historic range, these predators could actually save human lives–an estimated 155 over the course […]

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Looking into the emotional eyes of this young orangutan, it is difficult to comprehend how we could knowingly cause the destruction of such a human-like creature. Photo Credit: Paul Hilton/Instagram via One Green Planet

How Removing Palm Oil From Your Life Can Save Orangutans

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/PALM OIL) Meet Chocolate, an orangutan who is a very lucky survivor of illegal wildlife trading.But how long will his luck continue after being set free? Borneo and Sumatra are the only two countries home to endangered orangutans. Unfortunately, these intelligent and human-like animals may be gone forever because of the palm oil industry. […]

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Mosha, a Thai elephant wounded by a land mine, wears her new prosthetic limb. Photo Credit: Reuters

Meet Mosha, The World’s First Bionic Elephant

(ELEPHANTS/WILDLIFE) Mosha, a three-legged Thai elephant, was only 7-months-old when she stepped on a deadly land mine on the Burmese border and lost her front leg. She is one of the dozens of elephants who have been wounded by land mines in this border region where rebels have been fighting the Myanmar government for decades. […]

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A bat box in the Clark Botanic Garden in North Hempstead, N.Y. The town started encouraging the building and hanging of bat houses in its parks in 2007 to curb the use of pesticides. Photo Credit: Santiago Mejia/The New York Times

Are Bats Better Than Pesticides?

(BATS/INSECTS) North Hempstead in Long Island, New York is taking an unusual approach to reducing the threat of West Nile and Zika virus by building bat houses throughout several of the town’s parks. With mosquito season in full effect, bats are proven to be more effective than pesticides, consuming up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour. […]

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In July 2015, Walter Palmer (left) tracked and killed Cecil the legendary lion in Zimbabwe. Here, he poses beside one of his many trophy hunts. Photo Credit: Telegraph UK

An Africa Without Lions: “Angry Tweets Won’t Help African Lions”

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/TROPHY HUNTING) The killing of Cecil the Lion last summer sparked widespread outrage, provoking a global war against trophy hunting. After more than one million individuals signed a petition demanding “justice for Cecil,” three major American airlines blocked the transportation of trophy hunts, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed lions from West and […]

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In July 2015, Walter Palmer (left) tracked and killed Cecil the legendary lion in Zimbabwe. Here, he poses beside one of his many trophy hunts. Photo Credit: Telegraph UK

A (Dis)honest Buck: Hunting Fees Do More Harm Than Good?

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/WILDLIFE) Many trophy hunters try to justify the killing of endangered species with claims that related hunting taxes and fees pay for larger conservation efforts. However, a new report has found little evidence proving that funds are actually being used to help protect wildlife. The report, called “Missing the Mark,” attributes this new finding […]

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Happy Days: Secrets Of Joyful Animals (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE) There’s nothing better than 25 pictures of animals at their best—happy faces, giddy leaps, and sweet, precious hearts. Here are some magnificently happy animals who’ve clearly figured something out worth sharing with the rest of us (when they’re done frolicking or whatever). Enjoy! — Global Animal

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<p>A seagull doing its part. Photo Credit: Sister72, Flickr</p>

6 Animals Who Love To Recycle

(GREEN/WILDLIFE) Animals are chipping in and doing their part when it comes to recycling. Yes, our animal friends are going green and need us to get with the program. Read on about six animals who truly know what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle. — Global Animal

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