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Baby Chimp Spin Cycle

(CHIMPS/WILDLIFE/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) Milou the baby chimpanzee isn’t so fond of playing in the trees with the other chimps at Sanaga-Young Sancturary. He would much rather spin around and around until he gets dizzy. Look at him go! — Global Animal

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Cat With An Itch He Can’t Scratch

(FUNNY CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat gives a whole new meaning to cat scratch fever. Watch carefully as he stares into the middle distance, contemplating things far beyond the scope of an average feline, scratching himself in wonder. — Global Animal

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Great Dane Throws Toddler-Like Tantrum

(FUNNY DOGS/GREAT DANES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Don’t you just hate it when your brother/sister gets all the attention? Dinky the Great Dane certainly can relate. In the video above, watch what happens when Dinky is told to wait his turn to get some love from his dad. How spoiled! — Global Animal

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Cool Cat DJs

(KITTENS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) These kittens may be small, but they’ve got a big talent as they crank out some tunes. Watch these cats spin their way into our hearts. — Global Animal

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Puppy To Adult In 40 Seconds

(DOGS/PUPPIES/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) They grow up too fast, as one man found out when he took a picture a day of his dog’s first year of life. In just 40 seconds, we see him transform from an adorable eight-week-old puppy to a handsome one-year-old young man! — Global Animal

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Rescued Mink Swims For First Time

(RESCUE ANIMALS/MINKS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Zodiac was supposed to be skinned to become a part of a mink fur coat but he was rescued earlier this summer from a fur farm. Watch the four-month-old mink experience water for the very first time. — Global Animal

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