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Cat Plays The Shells

Cat Shells It Out

(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) We’ve all heard of dogs playing poker, but how about cats? Watch as this cat plays an expert game of Thimblerig. — Global Animal

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elephant playtime, elephants playing soccer

Elephant Playtime

(ELEPHANTS/WILDLIFE/ANIMAL VIDEO) The elephants at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai enjoy an enrichment toy brought to the park by Dani Globetrotter, one of the park’s supporters. The sanctuary offers a natural environment for dozens of elephants and other species. Watch as the herd joyfully kicks around the ball. Who knew elephants were such […]

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asthmatic otter learns to use inhaler

Asthmatic Otter Learns To Use Inhaler

(ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Mishka, a one-year-old sea otter, developed breathing problems following a wildfire in the Seattle area. Now, she is learning to use an asthma inhaler thanks to Dr. Lesanna Lahner at the Seattle Aquarium. — Global Animal

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