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When Someone Tells A Joke & You Fake Laugh

(FUNNY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This video of an arctic fox laughing went super viral earlier this year. Watch Archer as he closes his eyes and lets out a high-pitched noise that sounds almost like human laughter. He even rolls onto the floor, as if he just heard a good joke. — Global Animal

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Panda Enjoys A Popsicle

(PANDAS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Did you know that pandas like popsicles? In this video, watch a panda eat his first ever popsicle. His concentration is absolutely hilarious! — Global Animal

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Newly Adopted Animals Make A Fresh Start After Louisiana Floods

(ANIMAL RESCUE/PET ADOPTION/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Last month, PETA’s rescue teams transported 62 animals from overcrowded shelters from Baton Rouge to Virginia following historic flooding throughout southern Louisiana. In the video above, take a look at some of the animals who have since been adopted to new families. Meet Benny the dog, Crash the cockatiel, and […]

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Cat Breaks Into Zoo, Becomes BFFs With Lynx

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/CATS/ANIMAL FRIENDS) This stray cat was looking for food one day when she made her way into the lynx enclosure at the St. Petersburg Zoo. Instead of attacking her, the wild cat became her best friend. Now, the zoo has adopted the stray cat and the pair have been inseparable ever since. — […]

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