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What Overthinking Looks Like

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This is exactly what overthinking looks like. Watch as a Husky pup desperately tries to eat his food through his cage, even though the crate door is wide open. — Global Animal

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Dive-Bombing Macaques

(WILDLIFE/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) Watch as these endangered Rhesus macaques in Jaipur, India, divebomb off a lampost into Sri Lanka’s Gem River. This footage proves monkeys really do love to have fun, implying they are absolutely capable of feelings. — Global Animal

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Blind Rescued Deer Has The Best Life Now

(ANIMAL RESCUE/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This blind deer was rescued by a farmer after he found her starving and abandoned by her mother. Luckily she survived against all odds, and so now she spends her days living the good life, cuddling with her dog sister and eating spaghetti! For more of Dillie the Deer, visit her […]

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Goat Pajama Party

(BABY ANIMALS/FARM/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Who doesn’t love goats wearing pajamas?! Check out these baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, ME, and watch as they enjoy a super cute pajama party. — Global Animal

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Pit Bull Is Best Friends With Two Guinea Pigs

(PETS/PIT BULLS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Pet lover Kristy Gamayo was advised to keep her sweet American pit bull, Moki, away from her two pet guinea pigs, Frida and Pandora. But as it turns out, they really love to cuddle. For more daily cuteness, follow this unlikely trio of best friends on Instagram. — Global Animal

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Goat Yoga Classes Offered At New Hampshire Farm

(GOATS/FARM ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) We’re always looking for new ways to stay in shape, but this new class takes the cake! Did you know you can now do yoga with baby goats at a farm in New Hampshire? It’s a dream come true! Find out more in the video clip above. — Global Animal

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Parkour Goats

(FUNNY ANIMALS/GOATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) We’ve all seen parkour stunts before, but these goats are the ultimate kings of parkour! — Global Animal

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