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Kitten Dozes Off Watching TV

(CUTE KITTENS/CATS/BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) Sometimes the constant action on TV grows a bit tedious, no matter how interesting the Law and Order rerun. We’ve all dosed off on the couch, and this kitten is no different—only much, much cuter. — Global Animal

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Lion King All Hugs For Lady Who Saved Him

(WILDLIFE/LIONS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch how this lion envelopes his rescuer in a loving embrace, wrapping his paws around her in a mega-hug. And that smile!  The queen of this lion’s heart saved him from an abusive life in the circus, and this king of the jungle has no problem showing his gratitude. — Global Animal

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Dog Defeats The Cone Of Shame

(CUTE DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Is there anything worse for a dog than the dreaded cone of shame? Maybe trying to walk up the stairs while wearing one. This pup triumphs through sheer ingenuity! — Global Animal

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Lion Cub Hugs

(LIONS/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEOS) These cute lion cubs can’t seem to get enough attention as they paw and whine at their caretaker. Is there ever such a thing as too many hugs? We think not. — Global Animal

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Puppy vs. Steps

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) If your legs were three inches long, you’d hesitate at stairs too. Watch this adorably inspiring bulldog puppy face his fears head on as he braves the dreaded stairs. — Global Animal

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