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cute puppy tries an ice cube

Puppy Vs. Ice Cube

(PETS/CUTE PUPPIES/DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Domino isn’t sure if his ice cube is a toy or something to eat. Watch and enjoy as he tries to figure it out in the cutest way possible. — Global Animal

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Helping a dog walk again

Dog Without A Paw Gets A Hand

(RESCUE DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) A rescued puppy named Peggy Leg will soon be the “world’s smallest bionic pet.” Researchers at North Carolina State University plan to perform surgery on the chihuahua, giving her a prosthetic, titanium foot. — Global Animal

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Gertjie and Lammie playing together

Orphaned Rhino & Lamb Play

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE/UNLIKELY ANIMAL FRIENDS) This lamb and rhino are both orphaned animals rescued by Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center in South Africa. Gertjie, the rhino, and Lammie, the lamb, love chasing eachother and playing around. What an adorable pair! — Global Animal

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Ben the Bear

Ben The Bear Celebrates Two Years Of Freedom

(ANIMAL RESCUE/BEARS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Two years ago, Ben the bear was rescued from Jambbas Ranch Tours, a private ranch attraction in North Carolina, thanks to the help of animal organizations like PETA and Animal Legal Defense League (ALDF). After six years of living in a cement prison, Ben now celebrates his freedom at Performing Animal […]

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