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Baby Elephant ‘Rescues’ Man Who Saved Her

(WILDLIFE/ELEPHANTS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Baby elephant Kham Lha is one of the younger residents at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. In the video above, she rushes into a river to ‘save’ her human friend Darrick, a staff member at the sanctuary, from drowning. This just shows how much love and respect Kham Lha has for […]

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Meet B-rad, The Cutest Baby Sloth In The World!

(BABY ANIMALS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this segment of On Location, Coyote Peterson meets the smallest, cutest baby sloth we’ve ever seen! His name is B-Rad and he is a rescue animal at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Quepos, Costa Rica. Fortunately he was brought to the sanctuary for rehabilitation and will eventually be released back […]

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Bottle Feeding Baby Otter

(BABY ANIMALS/WILDLIFE RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This beloved baby otter named Pearl was rescued at just about two weeks old. Watch as she excitedly wags her tails as she is bottle-fed. Our hearts are melting! — Global Animal

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This Cat Would Not Leave Tiny Puppy Stuck In A Ditch

(CATS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) A video of a cat saving a puppy who fell into a ditch has gone viral–but if you look closely, this isn’t a little puppy, but a kitten! It’s actually highly likely this video documents a mother cat rescuing her very own kitten. The courageous cat doesn’t hesitate to save the kitten […]

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Don’t You Just Love These Baby Goats In Pajamas?

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS/BABY ANIMALS/GOATS) Don’t you just LOVE these baby goats wearing pajamas? Meet Winifred and Monty, two baby Nigerian dwarf goat siblings at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine. This video is sure to make anyone’s day better. Just watch and see for yourself! — Global Animal

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My Cat Is My Valentine

(FUNNY CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Do you have a special someone in your life? Maybe a few furry Valentines? If your heart goes pitter patter for your pets, this video is for you! Happy Valentine’s Day! — Global Animal

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Zookeepers Raise Orphaned Baby Dik-Dik At The Chester Zoo

(BABY ANIMALS/ZOOS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Keepers at the Chester Zoo have stepped in to raise an orphaned baby antelope, following the death of his mother, who passed away shortly after giving birth. The one-month-old orphan dik-dik named Thanos is currently being bottle fed by staff five times a day until he’s old enough to eat by […]

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