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Elephant caught on CCTV cleaning up the trash

Housekeeping Elephant Caught On Camera

(SMART ANIMALS/WILDLIFE/AMAZING ANIMAL VIDEO) We all know elephants are highly intelligent creatures, but watch this elephant as he is caught on tape by a security camera, picking up trash and putting it in a garbage can. What a smart cookie! — Global Animal

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Rottweiler loves the cat so much

Cat Gets Dose Of Puppy Love

(DOGS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Looks like this cat is dealing with a rather serious case of puppy love! This Rottweiler certainly has a soft spot for kitties. Watch him give his very best cat friend a major dose of friendly kisses. — Global Animal

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Dog s Sitting on Cat s Compilation huffington post [ Dogs Life ]

Dogs Sitting On Cats Compilation

(FUNNY PETS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Apparently dog butts are quite the ultimate weapon against cats. After endless bullying by cats over the years, dogs are determined to no longer be the butt of their catty jokes. — Global Animal

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Sevierville, TN Bear Rescue

Rescued Bears Feel Freedom For First Time

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Thanks to the generosity of The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, PETA has successfully rescued two Himalayan black bears from a tourist trap in Tennessee. The bears were illegally imported and confined to decrepit concrete pits in a residential backyard, aka Three Bears General Store, until the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency investigated […]

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Cutest birthday present EVER

Girl Gets Surprise Birthday Kitten

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/PETS/KITTENS) Having lost two senior cats, all Brooklyn wanted for her birthday was a kitten. In the adorable video above, her parents finally surprise her with the best gift of all: a new furry friend. — Global Animal

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