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Britain's Got Talent, Boa Constrictor, Animal conservationist

World’s Youngest Animal Conservationist’s Got Talent!

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/CONSERVATION) Seven-year-old Olivia Binfield gained the judges attention on Britain’s Got Talent with her huge heart and compassion for animals. Although just a child, Olivia aspires to be a zoologist and dedicates herself to protecting our animal friends. With the help of her co-star, a boa constrictor named Lucy, Olivia recited a poem she wrote from memory about her love of animals. The poem entitled “Endangered Animals” raises questions such as: why do humans treat animals so poorly? Watch the audition in the following video clip and read the full poem below. — Global Animal

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A Friend In Need…

(TURTLES/CUTE ANIMAL FRIENDS VIDEO) Prepare to be moved by this heroic tortoise who helps a pal out of a tough spot. These two tortoises remind us that friends always have each other’s backs. It’s an eye-mister of the very best kind. — Global Animal

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This soldier returns from Afghanistan to be greeted by her faithful dog. Photo Credit:

Tissue Alert! Videos Of Dogs Greeting Soldiers

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) This Veteran’s Day, our heartfelt appreciation goes to the men and women who have served in the U.S. military. The profound sacrifices of military families are felt in this tear-jerking video series. Each video clip captures an emotional reunion between a returning soldier and his/her dog(s). What’s unmistakable is the intense connection between these soldiers and the dogs who loyally awaited their safe return. We salute our brave members of the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, and National Guard, and their canine companions! — Global Animal

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Polite Capybara Loves Popsicles

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Who says summer is over? This giant Capybara (think 100-pound hamster) politely requests a lick of a generous lady’s popsicle. And another lick. And another. It’s just so refreshing! — Global Animal

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Abused Dog’s New Leash On Life (VIDEO)

(SHELTERS PETS) The number one reason most households choose not to adopt a dog is due to negative misconceptions of shelter pets. Meet Emerson—a dog who was abused and neglected for a number of years—whose tail of hope undoubtedly proves that shelter dogs are not broken. Read on for more details on Emerson’s survival story and watch his amazing transformation in this touching video. — Global Animal

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Animals On Wheels That Will Melt Your Heart

(LIFE WITH PETS) What do a baby pig, a goldfish, and a frisky feline all have in common? These three beloved animals all live with physical disabilities. They also have guardians that have gone the extra mile and a half for each one of them. Providing them with mobility like they have never had before, these charming animal companions are now equipped with one-of-a-kind wheelchairs made especially for them. Read on to learn the stories of Chris P. Bacon, the viral video goldfish, and Flipper the cat. — Global Animal

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Zero Bark Thirty Features Seal Team Six Dog Cairo (VIDEO)

(MILITARY DOGS) Katie Rich, a member of the world famous Second City Theatre in Chicago and avid animal rights advocate, has teamed up with her fellow cast members and created Zero Bark Thirty, a “companion piece” to the critically acclaimed film, Zero Dark Thirty. The short film satirizes and celebrates the struggles of all soldiers through the memorable story of Cairo, a Belgian Malinois military dog, who is famously known for his assistance in the take down of Osama Bin Laden along with Seal Team 6. Read on to learn more about the film and check out the video for yourself. — Global Animal

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