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Shelter Kittens Born With Dwarfism Find The Best Mom

(CATS/SHELTER PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Elfie and Gimli are cat brothers who were born with dwarfism. The duo were dumped at an animal shelter, but luckily they didn’t stay there for long! They were quickly rescued from the shelter, and found themselves the best cat mom. Take a look! — Global Animal

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air-swimmer pup dog swimming over water

Air-Swimmer Pup

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS/PUPPIES) Mimmi the long-haired Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix is an expert air-swimmer, but she certainly isn’t the first! Watch her go! — Global Animal

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Frenchie Puppy Has Her Very Own Rescue Pig

(PIGS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Adorable animal friendships never get old! Take a look at this heartwarming example in the video clip above. Keeva the French Bulldog puppy was adopted to be a friend for Piper the pig, but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. Now, a few months later, Keeva’s family adopted a little piglet […]

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Grumpy Dog Doesn’t Like His Happy Mask

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) By using a simple forced perspective trick, this clever dog mom made a small mask of the “happy” version of her French Bulldog’s face. Watch her reveal the real face behind the mask. He doesn’t look too impressed. — Global Animal

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