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Rescued Water Buffalo Loves To Splash & Play

(RESCUE ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Meet Kalu. Kalu is a water buffalo at the Home for Retired Bullocks, an animal sanctuary in India supported by PETA and operated by Animal Rahat. Kalu was delivered to the Home for Retired Bullocks in a bicycle basket, malnourished and in need of a good home. While he is able […]

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Cat Convinces Lambs To Follow Him Everywhere

(CATS/FARM ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Steve the orange tabby cat started his life as a lonely indoor pet at home in New Zealand, but now he has a loyal following of lambs. He may seem like an ordinary cat at first, but it’s pretty clear who runs the show here. — Global Animal

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Meet The Mighty Morphin’ Meower Rangers

(CATS/PETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) Just in time for the upcoming reboot of the Power Rangers movie, this long overdue parody follows five felines with cattitude as they morph into The Mighty Morphin’ Meower Rangers! It’s Meowphin’ Time! — Global Animal

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When Your Mom Sings You A Bedtime Lullaby

(PIT BULLS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Do you tuck your dogs into bed every night? This 5-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier named Tia gets treated just like a baby! Ever since she was a puppy, her mom sings her a lullaby when it’s time for bed. As soon as she sings to her, Tia goes straight to sleep! […]

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A Bull Is Released Into Arena Of Students

(AMAZING ANIMAL VIDEOS/BULLFIGHTING) In the video above, a teacher experiments by letting a bull run loose in an enclosed area full of students. The group of around 40 students are arranged into three rows and stand completely still. But instead of charging, the young bull races around the ring without striking anyone. The potentially dangerous […]

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