Playful Baby Rhino Chases Birds

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE/RHINOS) In the video above, a playful baby rhino in Kruger National Park in South Africa decides to show off for a group of tourists. Watch as he chases after a flock of birds like there’s no tomorrow! — Global Animal

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Raccoon Or Dog? Meet The Tanuki!

(WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) A rare Japanese dog-like species is making its rounds across the Internet after photos of Tanu the “raccoon dog” went viral, raising questions like, “Is that a raccoon, or a dog?” The animal is often mistaken for a badger or raccoon, but it’s actually neither. Tanu is a tanuki, or a canine […]

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World’s Weirdest: Magical Lives Of Narwhals

(ANIMAL VIDEO/OCEANS) Commonly referred to as the unicorns of the sea, narwhals are best known for their unicorn-like horns. Scientists have many theories about their tusks’ powers and purpose, but it’s actually a super-sensory tooth that can reach up to 10 feet in length. However, unlike unicorns, narwhals are very real, and unfortunately they face […]

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Cute Attack - Dog and River Otter

River Otter & Pup Play

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Every evening, a local river otter comes out to play with Rio the dog. The two have built quite a playful friendship. What once was an acquaintance on the other side of the fence has now become a good friend who comes over to play every day.Take a look! — Global […]

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