dachshund puppy rings bell for treat

Dachshund Puppy Rings Bell For Treat

(DOGS/CUTE PUPPIES/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) In the video above, Maddie, a 10-week old dachshund puppy, is taught how to ring a bell for a treat. Not to our surprise, the clever pup picks up the trick pretty quickly and becomes quite a bell-ringing monster. — Global Animal

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Baby Bear Cubs Wrestle In Road in Yosemite Park

Wrestling Bear Cubs

(BEARS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) We can ‘bearly’ take how cute these little bear cubs are as they wrestle in a Yosemite road while mom watches from the side. — Global Animal

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puppies running timelapse video

Puppies Run For Dinner, Timelapse Style

(PUPPIES/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch these Golden retriever puppies Colby and Bleu make the run for dinner over the course of nine months. The dogs grow bigger and bigger, but their funny race stays the same. Just watch them grow! — Global Animal

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pig hides from sun under tall dog

Pig Finds Shade Under Dog Friend

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) With the summer heat in full effect, sometimes you need to get a little creative to stay cool. Pigs have particularly sensitive skin and typically cover themselves in mud to avoid sunburn. But instead, this little piggy decides to take cover underneath his tall dog friend. How convenient! — Global Animal

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