Frenchie Loves Watermelon

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO/FRENCH BULLDOGS) There’s no doubt that French Bulldogs love watermelon! Witness Theo the brindle Frenchie as he tackles the Watermelon Eating Challenge! Follow him on Instagram @hokus_theo. — Global Animal

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Kind Man Saves Skunk Stuck In Coke Can

(ANIMAL RESCUE/WILDLIFE/ANIMAL VIDEO) Earlier this week, Mike MacMillan did what he described as “the bravest thing in my life,” when he freed a skunk who had his head stuck in a Coke can. “I couldn’t live with myself thinking of this guy dying a slow death with a can on his head…I assumed that I […]

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Frenchie Pup Conquers Couch

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) You can do it, girl! It took Frank the French Bulldog four long months to conquer the lounge. Luna, on the other hand, dominates at just 11-weeks-old–Rocky Balboa style! Follow them both on Instagram @ frankandlunafrenchies. — Global Animal

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Kitty Love

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat just loves her daddy! Watch her cuddle up and longingly gaze into his eyes–the definition of true kitty love! For more cuddly cuteness, follow sir_smittenkitten on Instagram! — Global Animal

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Shark Cat Vs. Shark Baby

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY CATS/PETS) You probably remember Max-Arthur, the cat wearing a shark costume, riding a roomba. Now, we present shark cat versus shark baby! Watch the battle of cuteness unfold in the video clip above! — Global Animal

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When Someone Tells A Joke & You Fake Laugh

(FUNNY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This video of an arctic fox laughing went super viral earlier this year. Watch Archer as he closes his eyes and lets out a high-pitched noise that sounds almost like human laughter. He even rolls onto the floor, as if he just heard a good joke. — Global Animal

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Lion Family Reunited In Africa

(CIRCUS ANIMALS/LIONS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Leo the lion was rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) on the first day of their operation to enforce Peru’s newly instated ban on wild animals in circuses. He had all of his canine teeth smashed during his time in the circus and underwent three hours of dental surgery in August to […]

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Panda Enjoys A Popsicle

(PANDAS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Did you know that pandas like popsicles? In this video, watch a panda eat his first ever popsicle. His concentration is absolutely hilarious! — Global Animal

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