Little Piggy Goes On A Diet

(MINI PIGS/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) In this adorable video clip, a sweet young pig sits patiently next to a woman and graciously asks her to share her spinach salad. Who’s the true food hog here? You be the judge. — Global Animal

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Baby Bulldog Tries To Walk

(PUPPIES/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) “Who put this blanket here? How am I supposed to walk with two inch legs?” This baby bulldog learning to walk is the best way to brighten up your Monday morning. — Global Animal

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Dog Rescue Story: From Distress To Diva

(ANIMAL RESCUE VIDEO/DOGS) A team from the Humane Society of the United States rescued more than 60 dogs from a puppy mill in Sampson County, North Carolina. One of the pups, Stella, had missing teeth, flea dirt, and other signs of neglect, but after warming up to her rescuers, she was as friendly as could be. Stella now found a forever home with Joy Walker, who works for CareFirst Animal Hospital. — Global Animal

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Dog & Elephant Best Friends

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Witness two minutes of heaven with Bella the Labrador and her best friend Tarra the elephant, as they gambol around The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. For the full story of these amazing friends, click here. — Global Animal

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Ultimate Cat Greeting

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) After her guardian was away on a business trip for three days, Moo the cat simply can’t believe he’s home and enthusiastically runs down the stairs to greet him. — Global Animal

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