Did You Know Chickens Purr Like Kittens?

(CHICKENS/FARM ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Listen to the lovely and soothing sounds of this chicken purring. Yes, believe it or not, chickens can purr just like cats when they’re happy! Doris the rescue hen just loves to curl up on her caretaker’s lap and take a nap. Thisheartwarming video might even make you think differently about […]

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Man Stops Traffic To Save Kitten’s Life

(KITTENS/ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) In this heartwarming video, a good Samaritan stops in the middle of a busy road to rescue a tiny helpless kitten. One local news site was able to track down the hero, whose name is Denis Degtyarev, 43, from Kaliningrad, Russia. He told reporters, “The kitten turned out very small, not […]

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See Them Now! Over 100 Pigs Saved From Squalor

(FARM/PIGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) More than 100 pigs were recently rescued after PETA and law enforcement took action at Darlynn’s Darlins Rescue Ranch, Inc., a hoarding facility disguised as an animal rescue. With some help from the Pig Advocates League, they were transported to Rooterville Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida, where they’ll remain until they are adopted into […]

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Pig-casso Loves To Paint

(PIGS/FARM/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Meet Pig-casso! This 2-year-old pig saved from slaughter is believed to be the world’s one and only painting piggy. She truly is living the life in her own hog heaven! — Global Animal

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