Slinky cat slides down stairs

Slinky Cat

(CUTE PETS/CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Sometimes, walking down the stairs is just too boring. Luckily, this cat has found a new way down the stairs–the slinky method! — Global Animal

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cute loving cows kissing

Cow Kisses

(COWS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Many people don’t realize how loving cows can be, but the cows at Hof Butenland, a farm animal sanctuary in Germany, are living proof. Just look at these loving cow kisses. — Global Animal

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boxer dog responds to newborn baby crying

Boxer Responds To Newborn

(DOGS/BABIES AND ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Bella the boxer certainly has a lot of feelings about her brand new baby sister Malina. While Malina lies quietly in her crib, Bella keeps a protective watch from underneath the crib. But just look how Bella responds to the newborn baby’s cries. The two of them are just too […]

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rescued dairy cow cuddles with a dog and boy

Dairy Cow Cuddles Sweeter Than Ice Cream

(FARM ANIMALS/COWS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This cow named Salvador was rescued from a Chilean dairy farm where he was fated to be killed and sold as veal. Fortunately the nonprofit organization, Animal Libre, stepped in and saved him from slaughter. — Global Animal

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how cats make us smile video

How Cats Make Us Smile

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO/CATS/PETS) How do cats make us smile? Count the ways with the Furball Cats! Studies show that cats can actually sense our emotions and comfort us. Not only can cats reduce our stress with their purrs, but petting a cat can even lower your blood pressure. — Global Animal

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rescued black bear walks like a human

Rescued Bear Walks Like A Human

(RESCUED WILDLIFE/BEARS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Eliza Jinata, an animal communicator and wildlife veterinarian, recorded a video clip of an Asian black bear walking on his hind legs like a human. This special bear was rescued from a bear bile farm where he was confined in a small cage and nearly starved to death. — Global Animal

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