casper the dog relaxes in bath tub

The Best Way To Take A Bath

(FUNNY PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Is this a polar bear or Casper the dog? Regardless, this pup looks like he is in heaven getting a bathtub belly rub. Watch out for soap in the eyes! — Global Animal

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Jazz for Cows

Jazz For Cows

(FARM ANIMALS/COWS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) The New Hot 5, an American-based jazz brass band, plays for a herd of cows serenely grazing in a green pasture in Autrans, France. Watch the herd enjoy the jazz band’s rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In.” — Global Animal

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Playful Cat Rocks Baby to Sleep

Nanny Cat Rocks Baby to Sleep

(FUNNY PETS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Thinking about hiring a nanny? Think again! The world’s most helpful cat is here to save the day. Watch as nanny cat rocks her human sibling to sleep. It’s a win-win! — Global Animal

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