Daring Rescuers Descend Into Deep Wells to Save Animals in India

Daring Rescuers Descend Into Deep Wells To Save Animals

(ANIMAL RESCUE VIDEO) The staff at Animal Rahat, an animal-protection organization supported by PETA, regularly descend up to 80 feet with only a rope and a net to rescue all kinds of animals who have fallen into deep, abandoned wells once used to provide Indian villagers with water. The Animal Rahat rescue team is currently […]

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Puppy wants to play

Patient Dog Deals With Hyper Puppy

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) “Wanna play now? How about now? Can we play now?” Do you have your own idea of what this hyper little puppy is saying to this very patient dog? Share in the comments below! — Global Animal

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Unchained Mountain lion returned to forest after life in back of circus pick-up

Mountain Lion Returns To Wild After Life Of Abuse

(CIRCUS ABUSE/WILDLIFE RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEO) For 20 years, Mufasa the mountain lion endured a life of circus abuse, living chained in the back of a pick-up truck. This was until wildlife officials and Animal Defenders International (ADI) rescued him in a surprise raid, cut him from his circus chains, and took him to their Spirit of […]

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