Mark Freeley with Storm, his 6-year-old English Labrador retriever, who pulled a fawn from Port Jefferson Harbor several days ago, in Port Jefferson - JOHNNY MILANO,NYT

Oh Deer! Hero Dog Saves Drowning Fawn

(DOGS/ANIMAL RESCUE) NEW YORK — A 6-year-old English golden retriever named Storm is making headlines after pulling a drowning baby deer to shore in Port Jefferson Harbor this past weekend. The heroic dog’s guardian was taking Storm for a walk Sunday when the dog suddenly dove into the water, swam out toward the fawn, grabbed the animal […]

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Baby Lamb Cuddles With Pig Stuffed Animal Toy

Baby Lamb Cuddles With Pig Plush Toy

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Thanks to this adorable video from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, our day just got a little brighter. Watch Jasmine, a little baby lamb, as she falls asleep on her favorite plush toy pig. — Global Animal

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San Diego Woman Rescues Dog From Iran

(DOGS/ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this heartwarming story, a dog seriously injured in Iran was given a second chance at life thanks to a San Diego woman. When visiting family in Iran, Negar Mirgoli, co-founder of PAWS4Thoughts Animal Rescue, rescued a young Israeli herding dog named Silver. She claims someone killed Silver’s mom and the rest of her puppies, […]

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Cat Poses With His Mom’s Dinner Every Single Night

(FUNNY CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Maro is a 3-year-old cat from Japan. He’s a pretty typical cat, except he has quite the knack for sitting around in adorable costumes and getting his picture taken. He has dinner with his mom every single night, and he absolutely loves posing with their meals. Between his great costumers, table manners, […]

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Meet A Shark’s Best Friend, Brian Skerry

(OCEANS/SHARKS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) In celebration of Shark Awareness Day and the countdown to SharkFest on Nat Geo WILD and Shark Week on Discovery (beginning Sun, July 23), watch legendary National Geographic photojournalist Brian Skerry photograph sharks underwater as he discusses his mission to change the public’s negative perception of them. While it’s peak shark season and we’re […]

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Huge Canadian Lynx Loves To Get Rubs

(BIG CATS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Max Lynx is a Canadian lynx, born in captivity at a zoo in May 2011. While he isn’t completely domesticated, he isn’t fully wild either. As one of the most elusive creatures in North America, Max also serves as an educational animal ambassador for a program called Wildlife Education in upstate New […]

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Puddles The Baby Three-toed Sloth

Meet Puddles The Baby Sloth

(BABY ANIMALS/SLOTHS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Meet Puddles, a baby three-toed sloth. Puddles was abandoned by his mom, and found on the side of the road in Costa Rica by a vacationing editor for HuffPost UK. After being rescued, he’s now being cared for by the Jaguar Rescue Center Foundation. What a little cutie! — Global Animal

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