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<p>Keep your pooch full of happiness and cheer this winter. Photo Credit: Petagogy</p>

Winter Tips For Safe & Happy Pets

(PET CARE/CATS AND DOGS) You wouldn’t go outside in the cold without bundling up, so why would you expect your dog to? Those of you enduring a snowy winter have plenty of time to check this list twice. Does your pet live in a winter-ready house? — Global Animal

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Pet Safety: Dogs Don’t Belong In Trucks

(DOGS/PET SAFETY) While letting your dog hop in the back of a truck may be convenient for short trips, pet guardians should think twice about engaging in this unsafe habit. Whether it be a crash, chasing another animal, or being startled, at any moment your beloved companion may jump or be thrown out of the […]

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<p>It is important for pet gaurdians to plan for the future.</p>

What If Your Pet Outlives You?

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Pets are an integral part of our lives. But if your pets outlive you, then who will take care of them? This is an important question for all pet guardians to ask. The key is a good plan—one that outlines everything from who is to look after the animals, to how […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Boeke/Flickr</p>

Protect Your Pet This Holiday Season

(PETS/PET CARE) While holiday meals and festive decor often bring us joy, they can serve as a huge danger to your pet. During the upcoming season, veterinarians see a huge influx of patients, due to consumption of “human” food and even decorations. Read the tips below to learn how both you and your pet can celebrate the holidays […]

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Christmas Cat

What Does Your Pet Want For The Holidays?

(PETS/CHRISTMAS) Are you forgetting someone special in your life this holiday season? The one that you see every day; you give them a scratch and a tickle; you feed them and groom the—they are your pet! Why not treat the special animal in your life to some new pet supplies? Pets appreciate gifts. While dogs […]

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More than 50 percent of pets in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese. Photo Credit: PSDA

Obesity: A Growing Problem For Pudgy Pets?

(PET HEALTH/PET CARE) Obesity is not only a problem with humans, but it’s also a very serious problem for cats and dogs. Reports show that over 50 percent of household animals are classified as overweight or obese. Not only do obese animals have a higher risk of serious health conditions such as heart disease and […]

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Christmas Puppy Wearing Santa Hat and Reindeer Antlers

Protect Your Pet From Holiday Dangers

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Holidays can be dangerous times for pets. Stress, visiting relatives, and holiday shopping can make it harder to keep an eye on your furry family members. Read these tips on how to keep your pets healthy and happy this holiday season! — Global Animal

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