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Photographer Shows Compawssion For The Underdog

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/RESCUE DOGS) According to the ASPCA, approximately 5 to 7 million pets enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 to 4 million are euthanized—that’s one every six and a half seconds. In addition, millions more are abandoned, only to suffer from illness or injury before their untimely death. However, many are fighting to change these statistics. One is photographer Frank Bruynbroek, who dedicated 15 years of his life into the creation of Compawssion: Portraits of Rescued Dogs. The touching collection of black and white, film portraits of rescued dogs shows audiences what it means to be a dog who has been abandoned and then rescued. — Global Animal

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Dog’s Last Day On Earth Will Bring You To Tears (GALLERY)

(DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) The Roberts family knew it was time to put down their beloved black lab named Duke after cancer began to take over his body. But first, they gave him the best last day on Earth a dog could ask for. The day was filled with love, family, friends and all of Duke’s favorite activities. Relive Duke’s last day in the moving photographs below. Tissue alert! — Global Animal

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Tulsa Heroes Help Homeless Companions

(TOUCHING TALES/PETS) OKLAHOMA — Tulsa is home to an amazing set of animal heroes: two Animal Welfare control officers who have made it their mission to help homeless animals. Tulsa is a bustling city in Oklahoma, which also inevitably makes its pavement home for many residents who have lost their homes for various reasons. What fascinated Jeff Brown and his friend Pete Theriot was the astonishing number of animals kept as pets by homeless residents. Upon further observation, they found that their guardians “take better care of their pets than the average person.” Read more about the efforts of these two local heroes in the full article below. — Global Animal

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Pets & Pageantry: Celebrate Adoption With Miss America

(CELEBRITIES/PET ADOPTION) Nina Davuluri, the reigning Miss America 2014, is asking everyone to celebrate diversity and adopt a mutt. Davuluri, whose pageant platform is “Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency,” encourages the public to adopt a cat or dog instead of purchasing a pet from a breeder. Every year millions of cats and dogs are placed into animal shelters, and a majority are euthanized because there are not enough good homes available. By choosing adoption over buying from a breeder you can help save lives. Continue reading to learn more about Miss America and her platform to help animals. — Global Animal

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The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park has been operating for over 85 years. Photo credit: Buddha Dog

Pet Cemeteries: Preserving The Memories Of Our Furry Friends

(CATS AND DOGS/LIFE WITH PETS) Coping with the loss of a pet can be just as difficult as dealing with the loss of a human being. Individuals become greatly attached to their animals, and it’s a sad fact that our beloved pets don’t live as long as we do. Pets provide people with a type of joy that cannot be found anywhere else, and a true animal-lover desires the best for their pet in life and in death. Our pets may not live as long as us, but they always remain in our hearts. Here are some interesting facts about five pet cemeteries from across the globe. — Global Animal

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The Truth About Dog Bites: Don’t Bully Breeds!

(DOGS/ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) In light of the viral video of Tara the “hero cat” saving her family member, a four-year-old boy, from a dog attack in Bakersfield, California, dog aggression has become a hot topic of debate. Dog bites are not uncommon, but it’s also important that the general public receive information concerning violent attacks from reputable and reliable sources. — Global Animal

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This Husky Is The Ultimate Copycat (GALLERY)

(CATS AND DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) Have you ever wondered how a dog raised by cats would behave? We have found the answer in an adorable Husky mix named Tally. Tally’s parents say she has spent her entire life with cats, and thus tends to act like one. Tally isn’t very loud, and just like cats, she absolutely loves to nuzzle up in small places, especially boxes. Check out the gallery below of Tally acting like a cat and being absolutely adorable while doing so. — Global Animal

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