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A Horse Of A Different Color? Scottish Pony Evicted From Home

(HORSES/ANIMAL WELFARE) UNITED KINGDOM — Grey Lady Too, a four-year-old dapple grey, has been living in her caretaker’s home on Isle of Lewis since 2011 following a dispute over grazing area. Her guardian Stephanie Noble moved Grey Lady Too into her home “for her own safety.” A Western Isles animal welfare council recently removed the pony from the property to prevent suffering of the animal due to hazardous conditions, as well as Noble’s inability to properly alter her house. — Global Animal

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The Cows Come Home: Neglected Cows Finally Find Sanctuary

(FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY/COWS) Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch recently welcomed five cows to its facility in Murchison, Texas. Before arriving at the sanctuary, the cows were confiscated by animal control and a law enforcement agency in their hometown of Palm Beach County, Florida. Operated by The Fund for Animals, an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch is the largest animal sanctuary for formerly abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. — Global Animal

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Movie Review: How “Turlock” Rescue Chickens Flew The Coop

(MOVIE REVIEW/FARM) A powerful new film, Turlock: The Documentary covers the large-scale rescue of chickens at a factory farm in Turlock, California. When the factory farm shut down, 50,000 chickens were left without food or water. After being starved and neglected for over two weeks, the chickens were rescued by Animal Place, a nearby farm sanctuary. The film details the efforts of the workers and volunteers of Animal Place in their attempt to save as many lives as they could from the farm. Thanks to their hard work, they were able to save 4,500 birds. — Global Animal

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“The Vampire Diaries” Star Stands Up For Pregnant Pigs

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL WELFARE) The fangs come out for The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley in response to pig gestation crates. Wesley joins other animal loving celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Martha Stewart, and Kristen Bell in speaking up against the cruel and torturous treatment of pregnant pigs. — Global Animal

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Horses Enjoy Greener Pastures At Florida Retirement Home

(HORSE RESCUE/EQUINE SANCTUARY) Thanks to Mill Creek Farm, Florida is now a retirement hot spot for horses, too. Owned by Peter and Mary Gregory, the sanctuary provides lifetime care to horses seized by law enforcement agencies, retired from government service, rescued by humane societies, and destined for slaughter. At this safe-haven for old, abused, and abandoned animals, the horses will receive veterinary care, be doted on by kind-hearted volunteers, and spend the rest of their days in tranquility—roaming acres of tree-studded pastures where they’ll never be worked or ridden again. For ways to help this vital Retirement Home for Horses, visit, and continue reading to find out more about the noble horses that live there. — Global Animal

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Dairy Cows Get Second Chance At Life

(FARM ANIMALS/COWS) GERMANY — When cows are no longer able to produce milk or calves, they are often surrendered to slaughterhouses—which is hardly appropriate compensation for the farm animals’ years of hard work. However, Anke Heublein, founder of the fundraising club, Save the Cows in Rhein-Berg, believes these hardworking animals deserve a second chance at life. Heublein’s club rescued 25 cows from a dairy farm outside of Cologne, and now the animals are living out their days in an open field. Members of the farm’s family were heartbroken when they learned the cows would be given up for financial reasons. The cows’ enthusiasm for life is documented in the YouTube video, “Happy Cows” (see below), and shows the animals’ rejoicing in their new environment. — Global Animal

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The Beauty In Growing Old (GALLERY)

(PETS/FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL PICTURES) After spending a year caring for her mother who suffers from dementia, photographer Isa Leshko decided to confront her own mortality and fears of old age by photographing elderly animals. Leshko’s pictures are reminders of the dignity and beauty that accompany growing old. The humbling photographs inspire empathy towards farm animals who, as the artist explains, rarely get a chance at a “full natural lifespan” and typically “experience brutality and death early in their lives.” Take a look at Leshko’s compilation in the gallery below and read on to learn more about her project. — Global Animal

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Chicken nuggets contain very little meat.

Humanity Hones In On Hen Intelligence

(OPED/FARM ANIMALS) Next time you’re elbow deep in an enormous bucket of fried chicken, take a second to consider the intelligence of the bird who gave their life for the lard-laden meal. A recent study from Britain suggests chickens are relatively practical thinkers and even make excellent students. Although chickens probably won’t be taking up calculus anytime soon, their intelligence poses a lot of questions regarding the treatment of farm animals. If these birds show even the slightest indication of intelligence, who’s to say they aren’t emotionally distraught due to their caged environments? Read Nicholas D. Kristof’s personal account of farm bird intelligence at the link below. — Global Animal

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