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Bunny Fever! 9 Questions Before You Take The Hop

(PETS/EASTER/BUNNY RABBITS) Easter is just around the corner, and pet stores are filled with rabbits just waiting to hop into your Easter basket. So you and your children-–especially your children-–may be hoping for a bunny. But like the rush to buy a dalmatian after 101 Dalmatians was a big hit, it can be a different […]

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Only about 1% of all pets in North America are insured. Photo Credit: Modern Dog Magazine

Poison Prevention Week: Protect Pets From Household Items

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) This week, during National Poison Prevention Week, learn how you can protect your pet from the toxic dangers and poisoning. Many common household items, such as Advil and chewing gum, could pose a serious threat to your pet. Pet insurance company Trupanion has compiled a list of the most common poison […]

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Sleeping Puppy dog Sticks Out tongue

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Understanding Dog Sleep Patterns

(DOGS/PET CARE) Every pet parent wants to see his or her dog remain healthy for as long as possible. It’s important to make sure your dog eats the healthiest foods possible, gets plenty of exercise, and receives a regular veterinarian examination, keeping up with all of their vaccinations. However, sleep patterns are just as important […]

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Pets need special care in their old age. Photo Credit:

5 Tips To Keep Your Aging Dog Happy & Healthy

(DOGS/PETS) Just like humans, dogs must also go through the stages of growing old. Little by little, you’ll notice that your lovable companion can’t do the things they used to when he/she was just a pup. As your dog ages, his/her reaction time tends to slow down, their bladder-holding abilities become less impressive, among other […]

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From Wolf To Wag Evolution of Domesticated Dog

From Wolf To Wag: The Evolution Of The Dog

(DOGS/WOLVES) Ever wonder how wolves evolved into man’s best friend? From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs come in a startling variety of over 400 breeds that have evolved over the past 130,000 years or so. Check out the fun infographic below to learn more about the evolution of the domesticated dog including the development and […]

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Cat Heaven Island: The Happiest Place On Earth?

(CATS/ANIMAL PICTURES) There is an island in Japan known for having a higher population of cats than humans. No, this is not some cat lady fantasy, but a real island inhabited by mostly felines. Cat Heaven Island, officially titled Tashirojima, was originally a fishing community that used cats to rid the mice on the island. […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Lyndsey Renee</p>

7 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

(CATS/ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/PET CARE) All animals do some pretty strange things—human animals included—but cats take the prize for bizarre antics. From elevator butts and head bonks to kneading your lap, find out what your pet cat’s odd behavior means. — Global Animal

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