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<p>Keep your pooch full of happiness and cheer this winter. Photo Credit: Petagogy</p>

Winter Tips For Safe & Happy Pets

(PET CARE/CATS AND DOGS) You wouldn’t go outside in the cold without bundling up, so why would you expect your dog to? Those of you enduring a snowy winter have plenty of time to check this list twice. Does your pet live in a winter-ready house? — Global Animal

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5 Tail-Wagging Veterinary Innovations Of 2014

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Veterinarians across the country are constantly working to ensure our pets are happy and healthy. Each year, vets use cutting-edge treatments to improve our furry friends’ quality of life–whether through advancements in mobility, drug developments, or modernized surgery techniques. Continue reading below for five of the most accessible veterinary innovations of […]

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horse with snowman

Saddle Up For Winter With These Horse Feeding Tips

(FARM ANIMAL CARE/HORSES) Sharing your life with a horse can be a very fulfilling experience, but winter can be a rough time for horses and their handlers. Feeding can be challenging and the snow and cold can cause some horses to lose condition. To ensure your horse lives a long, happy life, it’s important to […]

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Pet Safety: Dogs Don’t Belong In Trucks

(DOGS/PET SAFETY) While letting your dog hop in the back of a truck may be convenient for short trips, pet guardians should think twice about engaging in this unsafe habit. Whether it be a crash, chasing another animal, or being startled, at any moment your beloved companion may jump or be thrown out of the […]

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<p>It is important for pet gaurdians to plan for the future.</p>

What If Your Pet Outlives You?

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Pets are an integral part of our lives. But if your pets outlive you, then who will take care of them? This is an important question for all pet guardians to ask. The key is a good plan—one that outlines everything from who is to look after the animals, to how […]

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