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Hawaiian Hospital Nurses Monk Seals Back To Health

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/ENDANGERED SPECIES) HAWAII — The Hawaiian Monk Seal Hospital in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii is set to open its doors this summer. The hospital will provide much-needed care for the critically endangered monk seals, and will release them back into the wild once they recover. Read the full article below for more details on the hospital and the critical state of monk seals in the wild. — Global Animal

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15 Amazing Manatee Facts

(INTERESTING ANIMAL FACTS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Manatees, sometimes referred to as the cows of the sea, are now considered to be a vulnerable species given that there are less than 10,000 mature manatees left in the wild. They are a loving, adorable species who need our help. Check out these fun facts and donate to help keep this species alive and well. — Global Animal

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First Great White Shark Tracked Across Atlantic

(OCEANS/SHARKS) A great white shark nicknamed Lydia was tagged off the coast of Florida in March 2013. She roamed along the East Coast for a while, but recently underwent a Trans-Atlantic journey in under 24 hours. Lydia is the first of her kind to be tracked across the Atlantic Ocean. She has traveled over 19, 500 miles since she was first tagged, and is currently headed towards the coast of Ireland. Read the full article below for more details on Lydia’s amazing journey and the science behind it all. — Global Animal

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Sea Turtles Crawling Towards Extinction?

(SEA TURTLES/OCEAN CONSERVATION) There are seven different species of sea turtles and each are considered threatened, yet there are over 40 regions (including Australia, Japan and Mexico) where it is still legal to hunt these resilient animals. In fact, more than 40,000 marine turtles are legally killed each year, with Papua New Guinea being responsible for more than 36 percent of all legally captured turtles. Continue reading below to find out more about these endangered species and click here to see how you can help save sea turtles from extinction. — Global Animal

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Celebrities Rock The Boat: Boycott SeaWorld! (GALLERY)

(CELEBRITIES/BLACKFISH/SEAWORLD) Thanks to last year’s eye-opening documentary Blackfish, SeaWorld’s brutality is gaining worldwide notoriety. More and more celebrities are speaking against SeaWorld’s cruelty to animals. Some of our favorite anti-SeaWorld quotes come from celebrities like Grammy Award-winning Josh Groban (You Raise Me Up), country superstar Willie Nelson (“On the Road Again”), actor Matt Damon (The Monuments Men), and actress Olivia Wilde (Rush).  Check out these latest celebrities expressing their anger towards SeaWorld’s inhumanity. — Global Animal

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Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Whale Of A Grant To Save Oceans

(CELEBRITY NEWS/OCEANS) Leonardo DiCaprio proves once again he’s king of the world—especially the oceans. Last month, the Oscar-nominated star hilariously spoofed himself on Saturday Night Live with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Johah Hill. Now, through his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he granted $3 million dollars to Oceana, the largest international advocacy group working on behalf of oceans. — Global Animal

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Australia’s War On The Environment?

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/SHARKS) SYDNEY — During Tony Abbott’s short time as Australia’s Prime Minister, sharks have been indiscriminately killed, the dumping of dredging on the Great Barrier Reef was approved, and Tasmania’s forests are now under severe threat. Has the current Australian government declared war on the environment? According to the Independent’s Kathy Marks, the answer is a resounding and shameful yes. Read on to find out why. — Global Animal

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Celebs Call On Obama: End Japan’s Dolphin Slaughter

(TAIJI DOLPHINS/OCEAN CONSERVATION) A handful of American celebrities and animal activists want to use negotiations for a free trade agreement with Japan as a bargaining tool to end the cruel capture and slaughter of dolphins in Japan. In a letter addressed to the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, Hip Hop mogul Russel Simmons asked the ambassador to urge President Obama to tie the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Other celebrities behind this latest push include Oscar-winning Sean Penn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Ellen DeGeneres, among many others. In one single event this year, 250 dolphins were captured, about 80 were killed, and an additional 50 plus were sold off to aquariums and water parks. Read on to learn the details of this latest effort to end Japan’s gruesome dolphin slaughter. — Global Animal

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