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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 - #MontyThePenguin

Monty The Penguin Melts Our Hearts

(BIRDS/CHRISTMAS/PENGUINS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, the Christmas-themed commercials are already underway–and this one is sure to warm your heart on this cold November day. The ad The advertisement above, made for British department store John Lewis, features a boy named Sam and his penguin friend, Monty. But when Sam notices […]

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15 Amazing Manatee Facts

(INTERESTING ANIMAL FACTS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Manatees, sometimes referred to as the cows of the sea, are now considered to be a vulnerable species given there are less than 10,000 mature manatees left in the wild. They are a loving, adorable species who need our help. Check out these fun facts and donate to help keep this […]

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<p>This cheerful pig hangs out in shallow waters. Photo credit: Eric Cheng / Barcroft Media</p>

Beach Babes: Sun, Sand, & Swimming Swine? (GALLERY)

(PIGS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) A small island in the Caribbean boasts an unusual and talented group of animals—swimming swine! About 20 pigs as well as some goats and cats live on the island in the Bahamas, which is uninhabited by humans. Read on to learn more about Pig Island and check out the gallery of these adorable piggy paddlers! — […]

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Kitten battles reflection in the mirror

Kitten Battles Reflection

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/KITTENS/FUNNY CATS/PETS) After seeing his reflection in the mirror for the very first time, this adorable Tabby goes straight into attack mode! Unfortunately for him, the mirror wouldn’t back down, leaving the cute kitten with no choice but to walk away defeated. — Global Animal

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Why Bigger Is Better: 5 Favorite Big Dog Breeds (GALLERY)

(DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) With all the slobbering and fur, big dogs tend to get a bad rap. The way we see it, the more dog, the more love they have to give. Below are some fun facts about our favorite large dog breeds—Great Danes, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, just to name a few—followed by a gallery of […]

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Zoos: The Historical Debate

(ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) For centuries people have flocked to zoos to see wild animals up close. The first zoo was established in 1748 in Vienna, Austria, and is still entertaining people today. But many believe that keeping an animal in a simulated habitat is not in their best interest, citing issues of animal welfare and conservation. […]

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Buster Raccoon does not like the cold weather.  He needs some motivation to wake up. TREATS!!!!

Buster The Raccoon Hates Winter

(RACCOONS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Winter is just around the corner, and Buster the Raccoon aka “Butter Brownie” is not thrilled about it. He doesn’t like the cold weather, and quite frankly, neither do we! — Global Animal

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<p>Turkeys: The dumbest of them all. Benjamin Franklin called Thanksgiving’s main course an “animal of courage,” but a 1997 Oregon State University poll found turkeys to be the dumbest of all the animals. Still, plenty of people stick up for turkeys, with one OSU scientist insisting that the animal gets a bum rap. “It’s an example of how a misunderstood animal behavior becomes identified as proof that the animal is extremely lacking in intelligence,” said animal science professor Tom Savage. Think about that next Thanksgiving.</p>

Go Cold Turkey! Boycott Butterball This Thanksgiving

(THANKSGIVING TURKEYS/ANIMAL CRUELTY ) With Thanksgiving just around the corner, PETA has filed a complaint against Butterball for the inhumane treatment of their turkeys. PETA wants consumers to know that although Butterball birds are labeled as “humane certified,” American Humane Certified (AHC) standards allow producers to force turkeys into overcrowded and unsanitary sheds, amputate their […]

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