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Maple Sweet Potato Fries

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Maple Sweet Potato Fries

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN FOOD) This recipe is a blend of the best flavors of fall. Sweet potatoes are made even sweeter by adding a maple glaze infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. The maple mixture adds enough flavor and moisture that you can skip additional condiments. They are not as crispy as traditional fries but make up for […]

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Leaving a dog home alone for too long can lead to destructive behaviors.

Take A Bite Out Of Destructive Chewing In Dogs & Puppies

(DOG TRAINING/PUPPIES) Chewing is an extremely common and normal activity in dogs. Dogs and puppies love to chew on bones, sticks, and many other things that are easily available. But it’s up to you to dictate what your dog can and cannot chew, and it’s your responsibility to prevent letting your dog chew unacceptable and/or […]

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turkey close up

10 Reasons To Gobble For Turkeys

(THANKSGIVING/ANIMAL FACTS) Thanksgiving is finally here, and people around the country are stuffing their bellies with turkey. These birds certainly get the short end of the stick on this national holiday, but they actually aren’t the dumb birds people believe them to be. For instance, did you know turkeys flirt in order to gain the […]

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Daring Rescuers Descend Into Deep Wells to Save Animals in India

Daring Rescuers Descend Into Deep Wells To Save Animals

(ANIMAL RESCUE VIDEO) The staff at Animal Rahat, an animal-protection organization supported by PETA, regularly descend up to 80 feet with only a rope and a net to rescue all kinds of animals who have fallen into deep, abandoned wells once used to provide Indian villagers with water. The Animal Rahat rescue team is currently […]

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