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Manchester Dogs' Home was established in 1893. Photo credit: Ecorazzi

Top Dog Simon Cowell: A Manchester Dogs’ Home Hero

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL SHELTERS/ACTIVISM) Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell has donated over $40,000 to the Manchester Dogs’ Home animal shelter after it tragically burned down from a fire on September 11. The fire, likely caused by arson, killed over 60 dogs. Cowell’s extreme act of kindness will help rebuild the animal shelter, and Cowell is determined to bring justice to the tragedy. Read on to learn more about how Simon Cowell plans to help save the Manchester Dogs’ Home. —Global Animal

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Baby Chimp Spin Cycle

(CHIMPS/WILDLIFE/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) Milou the baby chimpanzee isn’t so fond of playing in the trees with the other chimps at Sanaga-Young Sancturary. He would much rather spin around and around until he gets dizzy. Look at him go! — Global Animal

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13 Fun & Furry Facts About Chinchillas

(FUN ANIMAL FACTS/PETS) Chinchillas are some of the world’s cutest and smallest rodents, but how much do you really know about these furry friends? Wild chinchillas are indigenous to Latin America where they live in colonies of up to 100 in the mountains. Check out more fascinating and fun facts about this adorable little furball. — Global Animal

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George's surgery cost $180 to complete. Photo credit: Huffington Post

George The Goldfish’s Spectacular Surgery

(FISH/PETS/ANIMAL NEWS) AUSTRALIA — A 10-year-old goldfish named George recently underwent life-saving surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. Amazingly, doctors were able to successfully complete the surgery, and George is expected to live for many more years. Read on to learn about why George no longer has to live like a fish out of water. — Global Animal

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Cat With An Itch He Can’t Scratch

(FUNNY CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat gives a whole new meaning to cat scratch fever. Watch carefully as he stares into the middle distance, contemplating things far beyond the scope of an average feline, scratching himself in wonder. — Global Animal

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Paris Hilton's teacup pomeranian can actually fit into a teacup. Photo credit:

Paris Hilton Pays $13K For New Designer Dog

(CELEBRITY NEWS/DOGS/CELEBRITIES) Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton recently payed a staggering $13,000 for “the world’s smallest Pomeranian puppy.” The teacup Pomeranian named Mr. Amazing barely weighs 12 ounces and is only 2.5 inches tall. That’s a lot of money for such a tiny dog! — Global Animal

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Great Dane Throws Toddler-Like Tantrum

(FUNNY DOGS/GREAT DANES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Don’t you just hate it when your brother/sister gets all the attention? Dinky the Great Dane certainly can relate. In the video above, watch what happens when Dinky is told to wait his turn to get some love from his dad. How spoiled! — Global Animal

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Critics of dolphin hunting claim that there is not enough of a demand for dolphin meat. Photo credit: Gregorio B. Dantes Jr.

Dolphin-Killing Season: This Slaughter Must Stop!

(OCEANS/TAIJI DOLPHINS) Taiji, Japan’s six-month-long dolphin slaughter, where over 20,000 dolphins are corralled into a cove and killed each year, is now underway. Critics recognize the cruelty of this gruesome practice, and are working to dolphin hunting in Japan once and for all. Read on to learn more about Taiji dolphin hunting season, and how you can help save thousands of dolphins from slaughter. — Global Animal

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