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Tilikum one of the orcas at SeaWorld sits in captivity.

SeaWorld’s God Complex? Dangerous Breeding Practices

(SEAWORLD/KILLER WHALES) A viral video posted to YouTube on Sunday announced SeaWorld San Diego has artificially inseminated their nine-year old orca, Kalia. The YouTube video, titled “Kalia’s Pregnancy: Ultrasound Footage,” shows trainers performing Kalia’s ultrasound. News of this pregnancy has animal activists outraged due to the fact that nine years is entirely too young for a female orca to be reproducing. — Global Animal

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The Well-Intentioned Eater: Smoothies, Something To Smile About

(MEATLESS/VEGETARIAN/VEGAN) I love my morning smoothie. Since discovering the Nutribullet, I drink one almost everyday and truly believe I’m much healthier because of it. I eat more vegetables and fruits than I ever have before, include power-nutrient boosts like flax and hemp seeds in my diet daily, and no longer crave junky bagels and muffins with my morning coffee. — Global Animal

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John Kerry Makes Waves With “Our Ocean” Conference

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/MARINE LIFE) WASHINGTON D.C. — In a video statement released by the U.S. Department of State, Secretary of State John Kerry announced his plans to host a global “Our Ocean” conference focused on overfishing, marine pollution, and ocean acidification. The conference, which takes place June 16 and 17 in Washington D.C., will announce new funding initiatives and policy targets while bringing together 400 senior government officials, industry representatives, scientists, environmentalists, and foundations from more than 80 countries. — Global Animal

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Lab Animal Week: Stop The Merciless Monkey Trade

(MONKEYS/ANIMAL TESTING) This week marks the 35th annual Lab Animal Week. Organized by National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), this week is designated to shed light on the unnecessary suffering of animals used for experimentation. This year, celebrity activists are participating in this week of awareness by saying “Non!” to Air France—the last major passenger airline that continues to inhumanely ship monkeys to cruel animal laboratories. In the UK, monkeys are mainly used for drug testing, but before the cruel testing begins, the monkeys are separated from their mothers, and shipped away in small, unfit crates. Continue reading below for more on how to do your part for Lab Animal Week, and click here to add the NON! Twibbon to your profile picture to help urge Air France to end the cruel transportation of primates to research labs. — Global Animal

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Popular Wildlife Photos Stir Debate (GALLERY)

(WILDLIFE/PICTURES OF ANIMALS) RUSSIA — Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova has embarked on a mission to bring fantasy to life. Her photo collection is a surrealist treasure, and recently went viral thanks to the wide assortment of unique animal centerpieces. Plotnikova controversially uses real wild animals as companions to her young female models, contrasting the two species’ worlds and juxtaposing fantasy with reality. Although her creations are highly fabricated and use trained wildlife, the photos are quite stunning and seem to celebrate animals in their natural environment. Nevertheless, Plotnikova’s project poses the following questions: Do these photos showcase the natural beauty and essence of various species and their environments? Do the photos bring about an appreciation for the animals, or are they simply being exploited? View Plotnikova’s pictures in the following gallery and share your thoughts in the comments section. — Global Animal

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What On Earth Is Earth Day?

(EARTH DAY/ENVIRONMENT) The 1960′s brought about a ton of changes for the American people, including protecting our environment. Brought into effect by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day sparked a worldwide rally to appreciate, protect, and teach about the importance of a healthy environment. From compassionate efforts including park clean-ups, teach-ins, and tree-plating parties, to long-term commitments like caring for trees planted in honor of Earth Day, Senator Nelson has inspired people around the world to become involved with the environment—and in the U.S., the number has reached up to around 80 percent of the population. Read on for the true story about what Earth Day is all about, and what you can do to take part in this important day of the year. — Global Animal

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Little Piggy Goes On A Diet

(MINI PIGS/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) In this adorable video clip, a sweet young pig sits patiently next to a woman and graciously asks her to share her spinach salad. Who’s the true food hog here? You be the judge. — Global Animal

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