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Toads may gather into groups before a quake occurs. Photo credit: BBC Nature

Can Animals Predict Earthquakes?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) CHINA — While studies have shown dogs can possibly predict earthquakes, Chinese government researchers believe that other animals such as chickens, fish, and toads may also be capable of predicting quakes. — Global Animal

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<p>A new study explains why penguins have lost their ability to fly. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons</p>

Why Penguins Can’t Fly

(ANIMAL SCIENCE/PENGUINS) Millions of years ago, penguins lost their ability to fly, and now scientists finally know why. The tuxedoed birds are some of the best divers out there, but unfortunately good flippers don’t make for good flyers. Scientists say, once penguins sacrificed flight, their wings and body size most likely evolved quite rapidly since […]

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<p>Photo credit: David Pruter</p>

15 Weird Animal Facts!

(WEIRD ANIMAL FACTS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Have you ever wondered how fish communicate? Or why you just can’t shake those pesky mosquitoes? There are so many things that we still don’t know about our friends in the animal kingdom, but we learn new, fun, and weird animal facts all the time. Check out these facts about animals, […]

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<p>Mother goats remember their kids' voices a year after separation. Photo Credit: Brian Squibb</p>

A Mama Goat Never Forgets

(MOTHER’S DAY/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Many mammal moms recognize their babies’ cries during the post-birth and nursing periods, but it can be difficult to observe whether those bonds last over time. However, according to new research, mother goats are able to recognize their babies’ bleats at least a year after separation. Read on to learn more about […]

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<p>What type of music does your pet prefer? Photo Credit: Shutterstock</p>

Does Your Pet Like Your Music?

(PETS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) We hate to break it to you, but your cat might not like that Radiohead CD you always play. Scientists have been able to pinpoint what types of music different animals prefer, and surprisingly it has more to do with the size of the animal than their relative temperament. Read more to find […]

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Photo Credit: Stock Photo

If You’re Happy & You Know It…Can Your Dog Tell?

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/ANIMAL SCIENCE) For many dog guardians, the results from a recent study on the emotional awareness of dogs may come as no surprise. The study, conducted by scientists at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria, claims dogs are able to recognize the difference between their guardian’s smiling face and angry face. — […]

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<p>Growing up together  It’s naptime for an orangutan baby and a tiger cub, hand-reared as siblings at the Taman Safari Zoo in Indonesia. Photo Credit: Today News</p>

More Than Just Cute: Learning From Animal Friendships

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL SCIENCE) The Internet isn’t the only place overflowing with adorable pairs of unlikely animal friends. In fact, scientists are beginning to use these friendships to better understand wildlife. Researchers are claiming that by understanding unique animal friendships, it can help us understand how species communicate. Continue reading to find out more about what these […]

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A Marmoset monkey used in animal testing

Cruel Lab Experiments Inflict Monkey Madness

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/ANIMAL TESTING) Last month, PETA released a horrific video of the psychological damage purposely inflicted on baby monkeys through experiments by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These monkeys are taken from their mothers and subjected to maternal deprivation, traumatic psychological experiments, and social isolation. Up to 60 monkeys are bred each year for […]

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