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Tickling Apes Teaches How Humans Aren’t So Special

(ANIMAL SCIENCE/HUMAN ANIMAL CONNECTION) Why are humans so eager to project their own feelings and experiences onto animals? In doing so, aren’t we forgetting that people are animals, too? Advanced skills once associated only with humans are actually found in many species, ranging from dolphins to wasps–thus defying the overall structure of the animal kingdom. […]

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<p>Chickens may be smarter than you think. Photo Credit: Shutterstock</p>

Who’s Smarter, The Chicken Or The Toddler?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Chickens are definitely smarter than they look, according to a very enlightening study. The domesticated fowl is able to apply logic, understand physics, navigate efficiently, and much more. Some of the chicken’s mental capabilities are usually only seen in children above the age of four, thus inferring that chickens may be smarter than your average […]

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<p>The reason behind this rise in jellyfish population is still up for debate. Photo credit: Future of Marine Animal Populations</p>

Are Jellyfish Taking Over The Oceans?

(OCEANS/JELLYFISH) Despite popular belief that these gelatinous sea creatures are taking over the world’s oceans, studies suggest there is in fact a 20-year cycle which directly correlates to the abundance of jellyfish in various parts of the world. According to researchers from the Global Jellyfish Group, this current rise in the cycle may have created […]

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Deer In The Headlights

Deer In Headlights: Why Do They Stand There?

(ANIMAL FACTS/SCIENCE) We’ve all heard the expression “like a deer in the headlights,” but why do deer just stand in front of a moving car? Here’s why headlights can make a deer freeze. Also, see the linked article below for tips to avoid hitting deer. — Global Animal

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Dogs & Drinks: The Science Behind Lapping

(DOGS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) An apple falling could be explained by the law of gravity and water staying safely in a swinging bucket by centripetal force. Science is wonderful that way. But what about the simple act of a dog lapping water? You can finally understand how your pooch does it, thanks to a few dedicated Harvard […]

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<p>Photo credit: Reuters</p>

Bees Soar Above Computers At Math

(BEES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Bees vs. Google maps, who will win? A bee, of course! Even though their brains are only the size of grass seeds, bees are able to find the fastest route possible between several flowers, much like a computer can calculate the quickest route to the airport, only bees do it faster. Read on […]

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<p>A rare caterpillar looks like the Donald's hair. Photo Credit: Phil Torres,</p>

Is That A Caterpillar Or Donald Trump’s Hair?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) There’s a new bigwig in the rainforest—literally. A rare yellow-colored caterpillar of the flannel moth species in the Amazon has been nicknamed the “Donald Trump Caterpillar.” The peculiar creature bears a shocking resemblance to the golden do of the 2016 Presidential candidate himself, yet the caterpillar’s blonde mane actually consists of venomous setae […]

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