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In this cruel blood sport, dogs are forced to fight and left to die. Photo Credit: TheDoDo

#GetTough For National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

(DOGS/DOG FIGHTING) Dog fighting is a terrible crime where heartless individuals will typically breed and raise dogs for the specific purpose of fighting other dogs. It is a brutal blood sport that occurs across the globe in all types of communities, facilitating abuse and violence solely for the sake of spectators’ entertainment and gambling. Today, […]

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Live animals, trapped in plastic bags, are sold as key chains in China. Photo Credit: Care2

Live Animal Keychains: Trendy Or Cruelty?

(FASHION/ANIMAL CRUELTY) With the rise of China’s economy, more citizens are celebrating their new-found wealth. Because of this, high-end sports entertainment, fast food restaurants, and sports cars are becoming more prominent in modern Chinese society. However, a smaller item Chinese are buying is admittedly more upsetting than the rest. For about $1.50, you can buy a trendy keychain […]

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Indoor cats tend to be drawn to floral arrangements. Photo credit: Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Fatal Flowers? Keep Lilies Away From Cats!

(PET CARE/CATS) With Easter just around the corner and lilies in full bloom, it’s important to learn about the dangers of bringing lilies into your home. Many pet guardians do not realize that lilies, particularly Easter, Tiger, Asiatic, Day, and Japanese Show lilies, are poisonous and potentially deadly to cats. If a cat ingests or […]

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Of all the agricultural land in the U.S., 80 percent is used to raise animals for food and grow grain to feed them. That’s almost half the total land mass of the lower 48 states. Photo Credit: PETA

5 Films That Will Make You Want To Change Your Diet

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/FACTORY FARMING) There is a new epidemic sweeping across the globe, but it seems nobody is doing anything about it. That’s probably because this epidemic doesn’t affect people–it affects animals. Millions of helpless animals are tortured, abused, and mistreated just so we can feed our faces. Factory farming is big business, and it’s destroying […]

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Pets need special care in their old age. Photo Credit:

5 Tips To Keep Your Aging Dog Happy & Healthy

(DOGS/PETS) Just like humans, dogs must also go through the stages of growing old. Little by little, you’ll notice that your lovable companion can’t do the things they used to when he/she was just a pup. As your dog ages, his/her reaction time tends to slow down, their bladder-holding abilities become less impressive, among other […]

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SeaWorld has decided to end its captive dolphin feeding program.

SeaWorld Reels In Dolphin Feeding Program

(SEAWORLD/CAPTIVE DOLPHINS) SeaWorld recently announced its visitors will no longer be given the opportunity to hand-feed fish to captive dolphins in response to backlash after an unsuspecting child was bitten by one of the park’s dolphins in 2012. — Global Animal

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