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Steven Tyler Screams Against Farm Animal Abuse

(CELEBRITY NEWS/FACTORY FARMING) MASSACHUSETTS — Steven Tyler, lead singer of the band Aerosmith, is calling for a ban on the inhumane confinement of farm animals in gestation crates. Many farm animals used for food purposes, such as pigs and veal calves, are forced to live in these tiny and debilitating crates until they are slaughtered. But according to Bill S.2232, animals used for food will no longer be held captive in extreme confinement. — Global Animal

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Alicia Silverstone Isn’t Clueless About Animal Testing

(CELEBRITY NEWS/COSMETIC TESTING ) Actress Alicia Silverstone, famous for her role in Clueless, joins a long list of celebrities, including Mayim Bialik, Ricky Gervais, and Peter Dinklage, that are backing Cruelty Free International’s journey to end cosmetic animal testing on animals; as well as California’s resolution to cruelty free cosmetics. Even with all of the progress Cruelty Free International has made, there is not a law against cosmetic animal testing, yet.

California recently passed SJR 22, the Cruelty Free Cosmetics resolution. The resolution, introduced by state Senator Marty Block (D-San Diego), reflected the concerns of the majority of US consumers who support the ending of cosmetic animal testing. Continue reading to learn more about Cruelty Free International and their backing of California’s latest resolution. -Global Animal.

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(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Try this spicy veggie dip for dinner.

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Spicy Veggie Dip

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) This vegetable dip recipe uses red pepper flakes to pack a punch of spiciness. It complements the natural spiciness of celery and parsley, the main veggie ingredients of the dip. Serve this zesty dip with fresh vegetables or pita chips for a delicious snack! — Global Animal

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Dog’s Last Day On Earth Will Bring You To Tears (GALLERY)

(DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) The Roberts family knew it was time to put down their beloved black lab named Duke after cancer began to take over his body. But first, they gave him the best last day on Earth a dog could ask for. The day was filled with love, family, friends and all of Duke’s favorite activities. Relive Duke’s last day in the moving photographs below. Tissue alert! — Global Animal

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Plastic Convenience Culture Killing Marine Life

(ENVIRONMENT/GREEN LIVING) From production to consumption, plastic is toxic. Did you know that plastic is made from crude oil? Crude oil is a non-renewable resource. Once it is used, it cannot be replaced. Plastic is not biodegradable and infests the oceans and poison marine life. With current trends, Earth will soon be wrapped in plastic. Read on to learn how you can become more plastic free and help protect our marine life. — Global Animal

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What will it take before we respect the planet? Photo credit: World Wildlife Foundation

Animal Ads Prove A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISM/PICTURES OF ANIMALS) The powerful images in the gallery below help give a voice to innocent animals who would otherwise be left unheard. Produced by animal rights organizations like World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Society for Protection of Animals (SPA), these animal ad campaigns shed light on which species are close to extinction and how we can change our everyday practices to protect wildlife. Check out the following animal ads that strive to bring awareness to animal rights issues and inhumane practices. — Global Animal

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Dive Into Pet Photographer’s Underwater Exhibit

(PET PICTURES/FUNNY DOGS) Famed pet photographer Seth Casteel has found success in an area most people wouldn’t think to explore, but once his website, Little Friends, took off in February 2012 he had an undeniable hit on his hands. Casteel’s photographs chronicle the charming sogginess of underwater canines, and are featured in his book Underwater Dogs as well as his website. However, if you’re still aching for more hilarious pictures of dogs, the Animal History Museum has you covered. The museum’s most recent online exhibit focuses on the behind the scenes work of Casteel’s photography. — Global Animal

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Yuck 101: Why Your Dog Vomits

(PET CARE) Have you noticed your dog gagging as of late? While doggies often vomit simply from overeating, vomiting may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Read on to learn about the possible vomiting triggers and make sure your pup feels better as soon as possible. — Global Animal

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