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Meat-Free Monday: Quick Mac N Cheese

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) For this Meat Free Monday, we have a nutritional yeast Quick Mac n Cheese recipe from Healthy Happy Life for a classic comfort food dish that is easy, creamy and healthy. Try this “from scratch” recipe using nutritional yeast as the flavor base of the “cheese” sauce and sweet potato for added […]

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As the film "Finding Dory" is released, scientists are wary that the blue tang fish, like Dory, will be fished out to extinction. Photo Credit: kjschroeder/Pixabay

Cyanide Fishing: The Truth About Tropical Fish

(FISH/OCEANS) Yes, clownfish and blue tang fish are adorable, but how they are caught is a deadly and dangerous business. Cyanide fishing involves emitting sodium cyanide poison into a fish’s habitat in order to stun the intended fish for capture. It’s not only harmful to the fish, but the reef as well. Environmentalists and scientists […]

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Meat-Free Monday: Lettuce Wraps

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) If you’ve ever thought that vegan food was boring, we’ve got a recipe that will change your mind. For today’s Meat-Free Monday Challenge, we’ve got a spicy fiesta lettuce wrap! As always, happy eating!— Global Animal

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Cape Cod Shark Surplus: Look Out For Circling Sharks

(SHARKS/OCEANS) What if it was Shark Week every week in your town? Cape Cod, Massachusetts has caught tourists’ attention due to a recent increase of great white sharks in the region. Marine Biologist Greg Skomal began tagging these sharks in 2009 when the shark population was still relatively small. In 2015, he identified 141 sharks […]

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In July 2015, Walter Palmer (left) tracked and killed Cecil the legendary lion in Zimbabwe. Here, he poses beside one of his many trophy hunts. Photo Credit: Telegraph UK

A (Dis)honest Buck: Hunting Fees Do More Harm Than Good?

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/WILDLIFE) Many trophy hunters try to justify the killing of endangered species with claims that related hunting taxes and fees pay for larger conservation efforts. However, a new report has found little evidence proving that funds are actually being used to help protect wildlife. The report, called “Missing the Mark,” attributes this new finding […]

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Orlando-based animal organizations are offering to help pets of victims and families affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting over the weekend. Photo Credit:

Lending A Helping Paw To Pets Of Orlando Shooting Victims

(PETS/ANIMAL CARE) Over the weekend, the U.S. witnessed the deadliest mass shooting in it’s history after a gunman opened fire in an Orlando nightclub. With 49 people killed and another 53 injured, local animal groups are offering to care for pets affected by the horrific tragedy. Continue reading for a list of Orlando-based organizations volunteering […]

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Meat-Free Monday: Mini Veggie Burgers

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Celebrate this week’s Meat-Free Mondays Challenge with these gluten-free, veggie mini burgers. It’s the perfect meal to start the week off right! These miniature morsels will have you looking forward to every Monday. Happy eating! — Global Animal

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