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Super Bowl 50 2016 dog commercial - Heinz ketchup ad with dachshunds weiner dogs

A Round Of Ap-paws: Dogs Win Super Bowl 50

(SUPER BOWL/DOGS) Now that we’ve seen the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers, it’s time to announce the real winners of Super Bowl 50: man’s best friend! Between the Puppy Bowl and a number of fur-filled Super Bowl ads, there’s no doubt that dogs came out on top. Take a look at these five memorable […]

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These sugar cookies are perfect for Valentine's Day. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Valentine’s Day is coming, and sugar cookies are the perfect gift for your sweetie. These cookies are fluffy and chewy and you can roll them out to cut heart shapes. Using Earth Balance keeps the buttery flavor of traditional sugar cookies. The recipe includes an icing for the cookies that you can apply to […]

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An eagle is seen gliding straight toward a drone before clutching it and dragging it to the ground in Rotterdam, Netherlands January 29, 2016, in this handout photo released by the Netherlands police to Reuters on February 1, 2016.   REUTERS/Nederlands Politie/Handout via Reuters

Eagles Vs. Drones? Dutch Police Devise Deadly Drone Defense System

(EAGLES/MILITARY WORKING ANIMALS) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s actually a police-trained eagle taking down an unmanned aerial vehicle. In an attempt to simplify anti-drone defenses, the Dutch National Police Force is currently in the middle of a trial period where eagles are trained to identify, capture, and transport illegally operated drones […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Elana Pisani</p>

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Creamy Carrot Potato Salad

(VEGAN/MEATLESS MONDAY RECIPE) Relax and enjoy this easy-to-make potato salad! Made with vegan mayo, it is an excellent substitute for the real thing and no one will even notice the vegan twist on this classic picnic staple. Carrots are a sweet addition that add nutrition and a burst of orange color! — Global Animal

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The wolf holds a significant position in foundational mythologies of Eurasia and North America. The Tlingit community god name means “wolf,” and they worship a wolf-head, and the shamanic Turkic believes they are descendants of wolves. Photo Credit: Facebook

Big Bad Wolf Really Is A Fairytale

(WOLVES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Next time you’re stuck in a graveyard with a full moon in the sky, and you hear a wolf howl in the distance, don’t be afraid. Studies suggest startling wolf howls are just cries of loneliness. Once thought to be a simple stress cry, research shows wolf howls actually change depending on the […]

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