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The Gulf Oil Spill: Four Years Later

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ANIMAL WELFARE) This month marks four years since the disastrous BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Also known as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, it claimed the lives of 11 people and had catastrophic effects on the environment and surrounding wildlife. The U.S. Government estimated the total discharge at 4.9 million barrels (about 210 million gallons). The spill continues to have devastating effects on wildlife today, with an estimated 14 species still dying at unprecedented rates. Read the full article below for more details. — Global Animal

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The Icy Truth Revealed At Charleston Lab

(MONKEYS/ANIMAL TESTING) Thanks to a whistleblower, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) discovered earlier this week that dozens of moneys have died at Alpha Genesis, Inc. laboratories in Charleston, South Carolina. SAEN also indicated that over 30 animals died of hypothermia at the Charleston laboratory. Sadly, this is not its first incident involving animal cruelty, as several years ago the facility broke federal laws in the deaths of five primates. SAEN is calling on the government to fine this inhumane lab $10,000 per every negligent death reported, which means the lab could end up paying close to $250,000 in fines (rightfully so!).  Continue reading below to find out more about this horrific research facility. — Global Animal

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Canada Clings To Cruel Seal Hunt

(SEAL HUNT/ANIMAL WELFARE) Canada’s annual seal hunt kicked off on Monday despite widespread condemnation and a dying demand for seal products. A total of 34 countries, including the United States, Russia, and members of the EU, now ban imported seal products, but with the support of the Canadian government, the seal industry still stubbornly clings to life. Read on to find out why Canada continues to defend this barbaric practice. — Global Animal

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UK Celebrities Call To Ban Circus Cruelty

(CELEBRITIES/CIRCUS ANIMALS) A number of celebrities, Moby and famous comedian Eddie Izzard, and politicians in the UK are uniting with Animal Defenders International (ADI) to help put an end to the use of wild animals in the circus. Prime Minister David Cameron has delayed the wild animal circus ban, which has caused circus acts in the UK to add wild cats to their venues. The bill was first discussed last March, and if the Prime Minister does not act soon they miss the implementation date of December 2015 may be missed. Keep reading to find out more about how delaying this bill is affecting wildlife. -Global Animal

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Sunder The Elephant Wins His Freedom

(ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL WELFARE) MUMBAI — After engaging in a 21-month-long campaign, PETA and its international affiliates have won the fight to release Sunder the elephant from captivity. On Monday, the Bombay high court passed a judgement in favor of PETA India and ordered the release of the captive elephant, who has been by his handlers at Jyotiba temple in Kolhapur for the past six years. Sunder will be transferred to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore, where he will finally be able to live a life free of abuse. Read on to find out more about Sunder and his famous supporters. — Global Animal

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Hybrid Species Running Amok In The Grand Canyon?

(WILDLIFE/BISON) A herd of up to 400 beefalos are running wild in the Grand Canyon National Park. The beefalo—a hybrid of a wild bison and a domestic bull—is one of the many combinations of breeds not typically found in nature. So, what have the beefalos done wrong and how do Grand Canyon officials plan on dealing with these man-made “pests?” Continue reading for the answers, and share your thoughts on the issue in the comments section below. — Global Animal

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California’s Anti-SeaWorld Bill Stalled

(SEAWORLD/ANIMAL WELFARE) In Tuesday’s hearing, the California bill seeking to put an end to captive orca performances at SeaWorld San Diego was put on hold. Inspired by the documentary Blackfish, AB2140 would ban the export, import, and breeding of killer whales and would also require SeaWorld San Diego to relocate their 10 captive killer whales into larger sea pens. Despite being signed by 1.2 million people, the bill was stalled after lawmakers felt they did not have enough information to make a cohesive decision. AB2140 is now considered dead for the next year and cannot be picked up again until mid-2015. Read on to find out more about the potentially-landmark bill and SeaWorld’s reaction, and sign the petition urging SeaWorld to release their orcas and dolphins to ocean sanctuaries. — Global Animal

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A Wildcat Strike? Activists Sue Over Endangered Jaguar Protections

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and WildEarth Guardians are planning to sue the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program for failure to comply with the Endangered Species Act. Instead of ensuring the safety of endangered jaguars inhabiting the southwest United States, the program uses lethal wildlife techniques throughout various critical jaguar habitats. Continue reading below to find out more about the little-known, ironically-named Wildlife Services program and how it’s responsible for the deaths of millions of wild animals each year. — Global Animal

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