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George's surgery cost $180 to complete. Photo credit: Huffington Post

George The Goldfish’s Spectacular Surgery

(FISH/PETS/ANIMAL NEWS) AUSTRALIA — A 10-year-old goldfish named George recently underwent life-saving surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. Amazingly, doctors were able to successfully complete the surgery, and George is expected to live for many more years. Read on to learn about why George no longer has to live like a fish out of water. — Global Animal

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Paris Hilton's teacup pomeranian can actually fit into a teacup. Photo credit:

Paris Hilton Pays $13K For New Designer Dog

(CELEBRITY NEWS/DOGS/CELEBRITIES) Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton recently payed a staggering $13,000 for “the world’s smallest Pomeranian puppy.” The teacup Pomeranian named Mr. Amazing barely weighs 12 ounces and is only 2.5 inches tall. That’s a lot of money for such a tiny dog! — Global Animal

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Critics of dolphin hunting claim that there is not enough of a demand for dolphin meat. Photo credit: Gregorio B. Dantes Jr.

Dolphin-Killing Season: This Slaughter Must Stop!

(OCEANS/TAIJI DOLPHINS) Taiji, Japan’s six-month-long dolphin slaughter, where over 20,000 dolphins are corralled into a cove and killed each year, is now underway. Critics recognize the cruelty of this gruesome practice, and are working to dolphin hunting in Japan once and for all. Read on to learn more about Taiji dolphin hunting season, and how you can help save thousands of dolphins from slaughter. — Global Animal

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The court in India feels that animal sacrifice should no longer be practiced in the modern era. Photo credit: Piyal Adhikary/EPA

An Act Of Faith? India’s Sacrifice Saves Animals

(ANIMAL  CRUELTY/ANIMAL WELFARE) Animal sacrifice has been a part of religious practices throughout history, and usually involves the cruel and merciless treatment of innocent animals. A region in Northern India, which has banned animal sacrifice for religious purposes in Hindu Temples, is taking steps to create a more humane environment for animals around the globe. Read on to learn about […]

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In Memory Of Sirius, Only Police Dog Killed In 9/11 Attacks

(SEPTEMBER 11TH/ANIMAL HEROES/POLICE DOGS) NEW YORK — Today is the anniversary of that fateful day of terror. Not all first responder victims were of the two-legged kind. Sirius, a Port Authority Police Department K-9, was killed when the Second Tower collapsed. Read on about the only police dog killed in the attacks that day, the grief-stricken partner he left behind, and how this working dog—or perhaps more accurately, canine American—is rightfully honored along with other fallen heroes. Rest in peace, Sirius. — Global Animal

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The International Whaling Commission banned the hunting of blue whales in 1966. Photo credit: Wall Street OTC

California Blue Whales Make A Splash

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/WHALES) CALIFORNIA — California’s blue whale numbers are as high as they were before whale hunting became more common throughout the 20th Century, according to a recent study. The region’s blue whale population may have faced extinction if precautions were not taken to protect the endangered species. But thanks to strict monitoring, blue whales have made a grand recovery. Read on to learn about the great success story of California’s blue whales. — Global Animal

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Since many chickens cannot support their own weight, they die of dehydration, unable to get to water. Photo credit:

Cluck For National Chicken Month!

(FACTORY FARMING/ANIMAL WELFARE) September is National Chicken Month, and the ASPCA is helping raise awareness about the truth behind broiler chicken, or chickens used for food. The majority of factory farmed chickens live in highly unsanitary and unhealthy conditions until they are slaughtered for food. National Chicken Month raises awareness about these harsh living conditions, thus enforcing healthier chickens and more sanitary meat products. — Global Animal

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South Africa Makes Big Moves To End Poaching

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/RHINOS/POACHING) South Africa plans to transfer up to 500 rhinos to nearby countries Botswana and Zambia in an effort to combat the ongoing poaching problem in Krueger National Park. Moving just one rhino could cost $1,500 or more. South Africa is home to the largest rhino population—18,000 white rhinos and 3,000 black rhinos. But this year alone, 630 rhinos have been killed, and 408 of these rhinos were in Krueger National Park. Continue reading to learn more about South Africa’s plans to end to rhino poaching once and for all. — Global Animal

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