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People use protective glasses on their dog during a partial solar eclipse at the Pier Head in Liverpool, north-west England, on March 20, 2015. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS        (Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

How Will Animals React To The Solar Eclipse?

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) Animals across the country may act strangely on Monday, August 21, as the U.S. witnesses the first total solar eclipse since 1979. While experts claim reports of animals going berserk during solar eclipses are purely anecdotal, animals big and small have been seen changing their behavior when the sky goes dark during totality. […]

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Photo credit: The Guardian

Join The Stampede! Celebrate World Elephant Day

(ELEPHANTS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Happy World Elephant Day! This global campaign was founded in 2012 to shine a light on the delicate state of elephant populations across the globe. In addition to habitat loss and exploitation, poaching for the ivory trade is one of the most difficult issues conservationists must face to protect these gentle giants. But […]

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Lions are quickly vanishing across the African plain. Photo credit:

Be A Lionheart For Lions This World Lion Day!

(LIONS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Today, August 10 is World Lion Day! Celebrating the almightly King of the Jungle, this international holiday aims to raise awareness about the plight of lions and help save them from extinction. African lion numbers are dropping drastically as wealthy hunters pay tens of thousands of dollars to hunt these magnificent creatures. In […]

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Ivory artifacts seized by NY state investigators to be crushed in Central park. Photo Credit: Associated Press

New York City Crushes Millions Of Dollars’ Worth Of Illegal Ivory To Save Elephants

(ANIMAL NEWS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) NEW YORK CITY — In a move to combat the illegal ivory trade that kills countless elephants each day, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation destroyed over two tons of ivory in Central Park on Thursday. While the practice is controversial, the destruction of piles of confiscated tusks, trinkets, statues, […]

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Cecil the lion's son Xanda in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Photo Credit: Bert Duplessis/

Cecil The Lion’s Son Meets Same Fate As Famous Father

(ANIMAL NEWS/WILDLIFE) Just two years after the slaughter of Cecil the lion, one of the famed lion’s cubs was killed in similar circumstances during a trophy hunt in Zimbabwe earlier this month. The six-year-old lion named Xanda, who was in his prime, was shot and killed just outside the bounds of Hwange National Park–not far from […]

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Miriam Petrova, holding a photo of her cat Gogo, and other owners of cat victims after the sentencing of Robert Farmer. Photo Credit: Jacqueline Ramseyer/Bay Area News Group

California Cat Killer Sentenced To The Max

(ANIMAL NEWS/ANIMAL CRUELTY) In a case that’s been closely monitored by animal rights advocates across the country, a judge sentenced a San Jose man with the maximum term allowed (16 years) after he admitted to kidnapping, torturing, and killing nearly two dozen cats in a gruesome crime spree spanning over two months. The 26-year-old man, Robert Farmer–who […]

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Watch bears roaming the valleys of Yellowstone National Park. Photo Credit: Austin-Lehman Adventures

A Grizzly Future For Yellowstone Bears?

(BEARS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) They say, “never poke a sleeping bear.” So why change the laws for the Yellowstone grizzly bears now? These grizzlies have been a part of the endangered species list for over 40 years. The brawny bears ultimately persevered as their numbers are finally up, and luckily they no longer need protection under the […]

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Early victim: one of the more than 100 elephants poisoned in Hwange national park in September 2013. Photo Credit: AP

A Common Crime: 10 More Elephants Poisoned By Poachers

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/POACHING) In a major loss for the animal kingdom, 10 elephants–including a mother and her young calf–were poisoned by poachers at Zimbabwe’s Hwange national park last week. A bucket of poison (typically a dilute sodium cyanide solution and/or paraquat, an extremely toxic agricultural herbicide) was found near the scene and three arrests were made […]

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Celebrating World Oceans Day: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

(OCEANS) Happy World Oceans Day! Originally created by The Ocean Project in 2002, World Oceans Day became nationally recognized as June 8 in 2008. Since then, the project has reached millions worldwide in advocating for healthier oceans and a healthier planet. There’s no doubt that factors like climate change and pollution are threatening our Earth’s […]

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A protester at the March for Science in Philadelphia in April. Photo Credit: Mark Makela for The New York Times

Trump To Planet: Drop Dead

(CLIMATE CHANGE/OP-ED) Thursday marked a new low for President Donald Trump after he announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, the global plan to address and thwart climate change. Trump famously referred to global warming as a Chinese hoax during his campaign, and with this latest decision he’s recklessly asserting […]

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