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Harry Harlow first isolated infant primates from their mothers in the 1960s. Photo Credit:

Tell UW-Madison: Stop The Monkey Madness!

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) In response to backlash from various animal rights groups, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison has announced they will not be moving forward with one of the most controversial aspects of their upcoming study on human anxiety and depression. Researchers are expected to begin deadly experiments on baby monkeys in the coming months, but […]

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Go Vegan For Meatout Day

(VEGEAN/VEGETARIAN) Since 1985, the first day of spring has become one of the largest campaigns for compassionate living, Meatout Day. Every year on March 20th, the Great American Meatout is celebrated across the globe to promote the benefits of switching to a wholesome vegan diet. Read on to learn how mayors nationwide are urging residents […]

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There is evidence that someone behind these experiments intentionally left out committee members who were opposed to testing the monkeys. Photo credit:

Wisconisin Monkey Experiments Swept Under The Rug?

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Cruel experiments involving newborn monkeys at the University of Wisconsin are on the verge of being “swept under the rug” indefinitely, in result of a new piece of legislation that is currently in the process of being approved. The proposed amendment to Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill would legally permit the university […]

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SeaWorld has decided to end its captive dolphin feeding program.

SeaWorld Reels In Dolphin Feeding Program

(SEAWORLD/CAPTIVE DOLPHINS) SeaWorld recently announced its visitors will no longer be given the opportunity to hand-feed fish to captive dolphins in response to backlash after an unsuspecting child was bitten by one of the park’s dolphins in 2012. — Global Animal

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Ringling Brothers

Ringling Bros. Makes Elephant-Sized Decision

(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Today, America’s best-known circus Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey announced plans to phase out elephants from its performances by 2018. With consumers now so alert to animal welfare issues, the circus’ parent company, Feld Entertainment, made the shocking decision in response to mounting public pressure and constantly changing regulations involving “anti-circus” […]

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Mycotoxins are found in all types of grains. Photo credit: Demotix

Dangerous Dog Food? Purina Pet Food Poisons Thousands

(DOGS/PET HEALTH) Major dog food company Purina is being sued for killing 4,000 dogs with its toxic dog food Beneful. This is not the first time Purina has been accused of producing a harmful product. Years ago, Purina was initially accused of using the harmful food additive, propylene glycol, in its food. This time, those […]

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