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The Muncie Animal Shelter took to Facebook on Tuesday, writing: "Come out to the Muncie Animal Shelter between 10am-5:30pm any day and walk an adoptable dog as you hunt for Pokemon and hatch eggs!" Photo Credit: Muncie Animal Shelter Facebook

Play Pokemon Go? Here’s One Way To Make The Game Even Better

(ANIMAL SHELTERS/DOG WALKING) If you’re one of the millions of people playing Pokémon Go–now the the biggest mobile gaming app in U.S. history–here’s one way to make the game even better! The Muncie Animal Shelter in Indiana is currently seeking out avid Pokémon Go players to help walk adoptable dogs while they play. Since individuals […]

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Is Quebec’s Pit Bull Ban Jumping The Banned-Wagon?

(PIT BULLS/BREED DISCRIMINATION) QUEBEC — In the wake of a series of high-profile pit bull attacks, Quebec City recently announced a plan to ban pit bulls throughout the city. Mayor Régis Labeaume released a video statement on June 16 explaining why he wants to ban pit bulls in Quebec City beginning January 1, 2017, leaving […]

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"Bud" the African grey parrot may have witnessed the murder of his Michigan caretaker. Photo Credit: Telegraph

Did This Parrot Sing Like A Canary? Bad-Mouthing Bird Reveals Murder Suspect

(ANIMAL NEWS/PETS) MICHIGAN — Glenna Duram was recently charged with first-degree murder in the May 2015 killing of her husband, Martin Duram. Relatives believe the Duram’s pet parrot, Bud, may have witnessed the murder, potentially giving police insight into what may have happened during the fatal shooting. The bird allegedly replayed the tragic event by mimicking […]

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Bubbles (pictured) had been at SeaWorld San Diego in California for almost 30 years. Photo Credit: SeaWorld San Diego via Mirror

Captivity Kills: SeaWorld’s Beloved ‘Bubbles’ Dies

(SEAWORLD/ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY) SeaWorld San Diego’s oldest pilot whale, Bubbles, has died after spending her entire life in captivity, sparking outrage on social media. After Marineland of the Pacific closed in the 1980s, Bubbles was transferred to SeaWorld San Diego and became a celebrity of sorts as one of the park’s most beloved animals for […]

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Comfort dogs at Chicago O'Hare International Airport before traveling to Orlando, Florida to comfort families and victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting Saturday night. Photo Credit: ABC 7 Chicago

Comfort Dogs Head To Orlando To Help Families & Victims Heal

(ANIMAL NEWS/SERVICE DOGS) Following the horrific shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub Saturday night, comfort dogs from Chicago flew out of O’Hare Airport Monday morning to help families and victims of the tragedy heal. Twelve of the service dogs were invited by a local Lutheran church that has an outreach program with the LGBT community. Many […]

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