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Photo Credit: Humane Society International

Help Save Animal Lives: Emergency Efforts In Nepal

(EMERGENCY ANIMAL RESCUE) Today, less than three weeks after a mammoth earthquake struck Nepal, killing over 8,000 people, the country witnessed another devastating 7.2-magnitude quake with dozens of deaths and more than a thousand injuries reported. Along with the thousand of lives directly affected by both disasters, many animals have also been left injured and […]

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Ian Gibson had been tracking the elephant for five hours before being trampled to death. Photo Credit: and Wikipedia/Paul Mannix - Elephant, Amboseli National Park, Kenya/Creative Commons

Elephant Tramples Hunter, Saves Own Life?

(ELEPHANTS/HUNTING) Ian Gibson, a professional hunter who led big-game safaris in Africa, was reported dead last week after he was trampled by an elephant he was tracking to kill for ivory. Gibson was hunting the bull elephant with his client for approximately five hours in Chewore North in the lower Zambezi Valley when the group […]

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Los Angeles City Council banned the use of bullhooks in circuses on Wednesday.

California: Let’s Make Bullhooks A Thing Of The Past!

(CIRCUSES/ELEPHANTS) Since Ringing Bros. Circus announced their plan to phase out all performing elephants by 2018, a chain reaction of humane decisions for circus elephants has gone into effect. Most recently, California state Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) has introduced SB 716, a new bill that would prohibit the use of bullhooks on elephants in […]

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In this cruel blood sport, dogs are forced to fight and left to die. Photo Credit: TheDoDo

#GetTough For National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

(DOGS/DOG FIGHTING) Dog fighting is a terrible crime where heartless individuals will typically breed and raise dogs for the specific purpose of fighting other dogs. It is a brutal blood sport that occurs across the globe in all types of communities, facilitating abuse and violence solely for the sake of spectators’ entertainment and gambling. Today, […]

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Cruelty Free International works solely on banning animal testing around the world. Photo credit:

New Zealand’s New Ban On Cruelty

(COSMETIC ANIMAL TESTING) In response to heavy campaigning from animal rights groups and the Green Party to end animal testing for cosmetics, New Zealand is now the latest country to ban the cruel practice. Greens MP Mojo Mathers, who worked toward passing the ban, said it would not have been possible without public pressure from […]

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<p>A traditional, non-vegan Seder plate. Photo Credit: Dan Goodman/Associated Press</p>

How To Celebrate A Vegan Passover

(VEGAN RECIPES/PASSOVER) Celebrating a vegan, traditional Jewish Passover might seem next to impossible given the abundance of associated dietary restrictions, but it’s easier than you’d think! Read on for tips on how to modernize your Passover Seder and check out these great recipes for a vegan Seder, or “veder.” — Global Animal

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