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Top Reasons To Go Vegan: Meat Causes Heart Disease

Take The Meatless March Challenge

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) Meatless March is in full swing and people across the world are embracing veganism and vegetarianism for their health, religion, the environment, and compassion for animals. During the month of March, you can cut back on your meat consumption by taking the Meat-Free Mondays Challenge. You can even eliminate all animal products from your diet and go completely vegan. — Global Animal

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Try these cashew cheese nachos for the Super Bowl. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)

Top 9 Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and if you are throwing a party you might want to try some new vegan recipes to impress your guests. These recipes from PETA will make a delicious addition to your party and are all meat- and dairy-free. With appetizers like potato skins and nachos, meals like chili and an enchilada bake, and even desserts of cookies and brownies, these recipes will have your game day festivities covered! — Global Animal

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Can You Imagine A World Without Meat? (VIDEO)

(VEGETARIAN/MEATLESS) What would the world look like if the sale and consumption of meat was completely outlawed? As part of its What If? series, BBC explores a hypothetical newscast from the year 2050, when meat products are banned. Visit the link below to see the video for yourself. — Global Animal

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Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Vegan Diet?

(VEGAN CELEBRITIES/VEGAN DIETS) Jay-Z has a lot on his plate these days—especially veggies. Not only is he leading the pack in Grammy nominations, but he and his wife Beyoncé are also the latest celebrities to go vegan—at least until Christmas. Before receiving his nine Grammy nods—including “Part II (On the Run)” featuring Beyoncé—the music mogul and the “Single Ladies” songstress began a 22-day “spiritual and physical cleanse” that ends on Christmas Day. — Global Animal

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What’s In Your Food? Hidden Animal Products (GALLERY)

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) We all know that processed foods can contain questionable ingredients. Most of us have difficulty reading through labels on packages because it seems like a foreign language. But if you are vegan or vegetarian, it may be even worse than you thought. Check out this gallery of hidden animal products to see where your food is really coming from. — Global Animal

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Meat-Free Monday: Thanksgiving Edition

(THANKSGIVING) We are very excited to post an entirely vegan Thanksgiving meal, created by Casey Roeder of There are 16 pages of recipes to look through, so make sure you check them all out. We even have a PDF version for easy downloading. Happy Thanksgiving! And as always, happy eating! — Global Animal

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Meatless Monday Goes Global

(VEGETARIAN) After the UK’s Telegraph recently reported that China now consumes twice as much meat as America, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has decided to promote Meatless Monday in an effort to protect the environment, animals, and people. To participate in this international campaign, people should just take one day of the week off from eating meat. According to the HSUS, if every American cut meat out of their diet every Monday, an estimate of 1.4 billion animals would no longer be factory farmed. Read on to learn why you should participate in this international campaign. — Global Animal

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15 Powerful Reasons To Go Veg

(VEGETARIAN/VEGAN LIVING) Looking to make a positive change in your life? Go vegetarian, or better still, vegan. It’s a powerful way to improve your life, your health, and the wellbeing of other people, animals, and the planet. Check out these 15 excellent reasons to enjoy a meatless, plant-based diet. — Global Animal

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