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These sugar cookies are perfect for Valentine's Day. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Valentine’s Day is coming, and sugar cookies are the perfect gift for your sweetie. These cookies are fluffy and chewy and you can roll them out to cut heart shapes. Using Earth Balance keeps the buttery flavor of traditional sugar cookies. The recipe includes an icing for the cookies that you can apply to […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Elana Pisani</p>

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Creamy Carrot Potato Salad

(VEGAN/MEATLESS MONDAY RECIPE) Relax and enjoy this easy-to-make potato salad! Made with vegan mayo, it is an excellent substitute for the real thing and no one will even notice the vegan twist on this classic picnic staple. Carrots are a sweet addition that add nutrition and a burst of orange color! — Global Animal

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Enjoy these Kebabs for any holiday party! (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Tofu & Brussels Sprouts Kebabs

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) This kebab recipe is the perfect vegan appetizer for parties and dinners. Tofu and Brussels sprouts are marinated in a delicious maple glaze, making them a sweet and savory treat. These kebabs are packed with protein from the tofu and vitamins C and K from the Brussels sprouts, providing a healthier option for those trying […]

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Photo Credit: Elana Pisani

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Southern Fried ‘Chicken’

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) Fried chicken is a Southern staple and a fast food favorite with chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken. But you can satisfy your cravings for the dish without harming any chickens by making a meatless version. Some meatless chicken contains milk or eggs, including brands like Morningstar. This homemade recipe will help ensure your fried chicken […]

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The Truth Behind “Humane” Food

(HUMANE EATING/ANIMAL WELFARE) What does Certified Humane really mean? Organic? Free range? What’s the difference between these and how do they affect us? We’ve compiled the ultimate list with all of the answers to what humane labeling really means and the animals behind the labels. — Global Animal

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Currently, 11 elephants remain on tour with Ringing Bros. circus.

Ringling Elephants Take A Bow, Get Early Retirement

(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL NEWS) This May–a year and a half sooner than expected–Ringling Bros.’ remaining circus elephants will be retired to the Center for Elephant Conservation (CEC) in Florida. Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, initially vowed to phase out its touring elephants by 2018, but recently changed their decision […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Elana Pisani</p>

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Italian Ciabatta Sandwich

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) This saucy sandwich is filled with vegetables but also includes fake sausage to make a hearty meal. Tofurky brand “Italian sausage” is browned and simmered in tomato sauce. Ciabatta is a delicious Italian bread that is perfect for this sandwich because it is light and airy with a crisp crust. And make sure […]

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