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Baby orangutans on the way to the International Animal Rescue’s center in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Credit Kemal Jufri for The New York Times

How Big Banks Are Making Rain Forests Pay The Price

(ENVIRONMENT/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) With big banks like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs under fire for funding the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline project, many are becoming more aware of how major financial institutions influence habitat destruction, animal welfare, and climate change. Believe it or not, some of the world’s largest banks have distributed more than […]

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Vegan pho. Photo Credit: Vegan Magazine

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Pho Noodle Soup

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Who doesn’t love a nice steamy bowl of soup on a cold December day? Pho noodle soup is a staple dish in Vietnamese cuisine. While it’s famous for the savory flavors that come from hours of simmering in beef and exotic spices, this cruelty-free version is stocked with crispy tofu, fresh assorted […]

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Standing Rock Rising

Vet Travels 900 Miles To Help Horses At Standing Rock

(HORSES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) The controversial multi-billion-dollar Dakota Access Pipeline project continues to make headlines as an estimated 10,000 protesters remain on prairie land, despite growing calls for them to move elsewhere. While danger to both protesters and law enforcement is ongoing, one veterinarian is providing help to the Sioux and their horses amid the chaos. After […]

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Photo Credit: Oh She Glows

Meat-Free Mondays: Carob Almond Freezer Fudge & Frosty

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, but without all of the guilt? These carob almond freezer fudge squares are the perfect chocolatey snack for the holidays. They’re not only vegan–but they’re also gluten-free, raw, sugar-free, and soy-free! Bring them to the office to share with coworkers, or simply enjoy them […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary</p>

Teaching Compassion: What Every Parent Should Know

(ANIMAL WELFARE/OP-ED) Introducing children to animals is an important stage of parenting. How you present the human-animal relationship to a child will unquestionably echo into his/her adulthood. It’s during these formative years where kids learn how to peacefully and respectfully coexist with living beings unlike themselves. Read on to learn what kids shouldn’t be doing at […]

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Adoption helps save the lives of animals in need. Photo Credit: OlgaKay

Give Thanks For Animals: Fostering Pets

(ANIMAL SHELTERS/RESCUE PETS) Becoming a pet foster parent is a great way to help animals. It saves animals from overcrowded shelters, and allows the foster families the joy of caring for pets without the long-term commitment. Read on for a first hand account about fostering pets, and for a beginner’s guide to animal fostering. — […]

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This nutty apple pie is a delicious vegan dessert! Photo Credit: (VEGAN)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Thanksgiving Menu

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks over a delicious meal enjoyed with friends and family. Luckily, no animals need to be harmed in this celebration as there are plenty of cruelty-free food options available to enjoy during the holidays. Try this full Thanksgiving menu that includes a sweet potato mash with candied pecans, […]

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Photo Credit: Oh She Glows

Meat-Free Monday: Crispy Quinoa Cakes

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Who doesn’t love quinoa? Often referred to as “the miracle grain,” quinoa is an incredibly diverse ingredient and rich in nutrients. It’s also packed with protein, making it the perfect grain for practically any vegan or vegetarian dish. These crispy quinoa cakes are stuffed with delicious vegetables like kale, sweet potatoes, sun-dried […]

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Photo Credit: PETA

Meat-Free Monday: Butternut Squash Soup

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Butternut squash is everyone’s favorite fall ingredient. And with temperatures staring to cool down, who doesn’t love a bowl of warm, hearty soup? For this week’s Meat-Free Monday recipe, try this delicious vegan butternut squash soup. The variety of herbs and spices perfectly compliment the squash’s sweetness. Garnish with crushed Corn Nuts […]

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This tasty treat is perfect for halloween parties! Photo Credit: Elana Pisani

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Caramel Popcorn

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) What’s Halloween without some caramel goodness? Vegan caramel can be difficult to find in a store because it’s generally butter- or cream-based, but it is surprisingly effortless to make at home with simple substitutions. This creamy caramel popcorn recipe is easy to make because it doesn’t require a candy thermometer and is […]

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Happy Caturday! 20 Ways To Celebrate National Cat Day

(CATS/LIFE WITH PETS) Calling all cat lovers! October 29 isn’t just any Caturday–it’s National Cat Day! Opposed to National Dog Day on August 26, today is dedicated to celebrating cats and spreading awareness about cat adoption. Founder Colleen Paige suggests observing the paw-liday by donating food to local shelters and animal welfare groups, spoiling your […]

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A Nightmare For Dolphins Shipped To The Desert For New Tourist Attraction

(MARINE PARKS/DOLPHINS IN CAPTIVITY) Despite growing public opposition to places like SeaWorld and Marineland, Dolphinaris Arizona–a new $20 million dolphin park near Scottsdale, Arizona–officially opened it doors on October 15. The tourist attraction currently features three captive dolphins and provides customers with the opportunity to pay hundreds of dollars for “interactive experiences” like swimming with […]

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