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<p>During a natural disaster, do not leave your pet alone. Photo Credit: Reuters/Mark Wallheiser</p>

Hurricane Isaac: Safety & Evacuation Checklist For Pets

(HURRICANE ISAAC/PET SAFETY CHECKLIST) As Hurricane Isaac approaches Louisiana, officials are warning residents of high sustained winds reaching 75 mph and around 20 inches of rain. While Isaac is well below the intensity of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, a category 3 storm that left more than 250,000 pets stranded, its large size and slow track has weather […]

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<p>Professor Engel talked about an experiment involving the burning of beagles. Photo credit:</p>

Emory University Hosts Animal Ethics Conference

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Over the weekend, Emory University hosted an animal conference titled “An Uncomfortable Conversation: Human Use of Animals,” featuring lecturers from disciplines such as law, philosophy, and English. The two-day interdisciplinary conference was divided into four sessions with a total of 14 speakers. The workshop was held at the Emory University Center for Ethics. […]

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<p>Due to the county's pitbull ban, Buehrle lives farther from the ballpark. Photo credit: US Presswire/Buehrle family photo</p>

Pit Bull Ban Impacts All-Star Pitcher

(PIT BULL BAN) MIAMI — To the excitement of Marlins fans, all-star pitcher Mark Buehrle decided to relocate his family to Miami. However, his Staffordshire Terrier named Slater did not receive the same warm welcome as Miami-Dade County, the site of the Marlins new ballpark, has a ban on pit bulls. In response to the […]

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<p>Photo credit: danakosko/flickr</p>

PA Police Propose To Shoot Strays (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL NEWS) PENNSYLVANIA— In the midst of financial woe, Pennsylvania’s capital city Harrisburg is considering allowing police officers to shoot stray dogs. As a cost-cutting measure, city officials reduced their yearly financial contribution to the local Humane Society by $50,000. Instead of directing strays toward shelters, the city of Harrisburg contemplates an inhumane alternative as […]

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<p>Kate Middleton has decided to hunt pheasants with the Royal Family on Boxing Day. Photo Credit: AFP</p>

Duchess Kate Middleton Opts Out Of Pheasant Hunt

(CULTURE) Earlier this month, Kate Middleton was practicing her hunting shot in preparation for her stay at the Queen’s Sarvingham House over the Christmas holiday. Dating back to the reign of George V (1910-1936), the Royal Family has hunted pheasants at their annual Boxing Day hunt on December 26th. — Global Animal

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An Act of Dog long

Dog Paintings Inspire The No-Kill Movement

(AN ACT OF DOG/NO-KILL SHELTERS) Approximately eight million pets in the United States find themselves in animal shelters each year. Despite their health statuses, only half will avoid euthanasia. Thus, we need to establish more no-kill animal shelters to save pets in need. In an effort to make the no-kill dream a reality, Mark Barone and […]

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Orca Morgan close

Morgan Update: Court Orders Better Solution

(WHALES / TAKE ACTION) NETHERLANDS — A Dutch court prevented the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk from transferring Morgan the orca to the entertainment park Loro Parque in Spain. The ruling calls for the captive whale to be moved to a larger living space where she can interact with other marine animals. The Orca Coalition is pleased with […]

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dog on laptop

Does Your Pet Facebook Or Tweet?

(ONLINE PETS) Does your dog, cat, or other pet use Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube? You’re not alone — one in 10 pets has a social media profile. Moreover, animal lovers feature animal pictures on their social media pages. — Global Animal

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