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Photo Credit: Facebook/Standing Rock Rising

Vet Travels 900 Miles To Help Horses At Standing Rock

(HORSES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) The controversial multi-billion-dollar Dakota Access Pipeline project continues to make headlines as an estimated 10,000 protesters remain on prairie land, despite growing calls for them to move elsewhere. While danger to both protesters and law enforcement is ongoing, one veterinarian is providing help to the Sioux and their horses amid the chaos. After […]

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Anna Faris In The Doghouse After Rescued Dog Found On The Streets

(ANIMAL NEWS/CELEBRITY PETS) Actress Anna Faris is facing a $5,000 fine after a dog she adopted four years ago was recently found emaciated and wandering the streets. Kinder4Rescue, an animal adoption center in North Hollywood, claims the Scary Movie star violated a contract Faris signed when she first adopted the Chihuahua named Pete, stating that […]

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Photo Credit: NY Times

Tickled Pink: Can Rats Experience Joy?

(RATS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Not a fan of rats? This new study might change your mind! Neuroscientists are tickling rats in an attempt to demonstrate the similarities between rats and humans when they’re tickled. Believe it or not, the rats loved being tickled so much, they would let out the rat-equivalent of laughter, jump for joy, and […]

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PTSD in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans is often healed with the help of service dogs.

A Salute To War Vets & Service Pets (GALLERY)

(SERVICE DOGS/VETERAN’S DAY) As we take this day to commemorate our honored vets, we should also take a moment to thank the service dogs who help these respected men and women. While many U.S. veterans struggle with invisible wounds such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression, some of them are able to find […]

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Photo Credit: Queensland Police

Only Down Under? Aussie Police Find Furry Friend In Woman’s Bag

(KOALAS/AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE) Australian police were in for a fuzzy surprise on Sunday night after arresting a woman with an adorable baby koala in her bag. Crikey! The 50-year-old woman was stopped during a regular patrol and arrested due to “outstanding matters.” When asked whether she had anything to declare before being taken into custody, she […]

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Political Animals & Animal Politics: Where Do The Presidential Candidates Stand On Animal Issues?

(ANIMAL NEWS/ANIMALS & POLITICS) With Election Day right around the corner, many voters have already mailed in their ballots, while others scramble to review and decide upon the various candidates, propositions, and measures currently on the table. The Humane Society recently voiced their support for Hillary Clinton based on her robust track record on animal […]

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A rabbit is used for cosmetic animal testing. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Making It Up To Animals: China Finally Accepts Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Testing

(ANIMAL NEWS/ANIMAL TESTING) In a major victory for lab animals, China has finally accepted the first non-animal testing method for cosmetics. This breakthrough can be attributed to the scientists at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS)–a non-profit institution focused on developing non-animal research methods–who have created a 3T3 Phototoxicity method that measures a chemical’s […]

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Emperor penguins are among the wildlife in Antarctica's Ross Sea, which is now protected. Photo Credit:  Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Creative

World’s Largest Marine Animal Sanctuary Is A Dream Come True

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/ANIMAL NEWS) The Ross Sea in the Antarctic Southern Ocean is considered the “largest ocean wilderness left on our planet,” and it’s officially becoming the world’s largest marine sanctuary. In a meeting last week at the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, world leaders announced that the 598,000 square-mile stretch of […]

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Happy Caturday! 20 Ways To Celebrate National Cat Day

(CATS/LIFE WITH PETS) Calling all cat lovers! October 29 isn’t just any Caturday–it’s National Cat Day! Opposed to National Dog Day on August 26, today is dedicated to celebrating cats and spreading awareness about cat adoption. Founder Colleen Paige suggests observing the paw-liday by donating food to local shelters and animal welfare groups, spoiling your […]

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You may want to reconsider kissing your dog on the lips.

Should You Kiss Your Dog?

(DOGS/LIFE WITH PETS) We all love getting kisses from our furry friends. After all, it’s only natural! But many pet parents often wonder whether kissing your dog is actually safe. It seems harmless enough, but dogs’ mouths are hosts to a large array of various types of bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Some bacteria can even […]

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A Nightmare For Dolphins Shipped To The Desert For New Tourist Attraction

(MARINE PARKS/DOLPHINS IN CAPTIVITY) Despite growing public opposition to places like SeaWorld and Marineland, Dolphinaris Arizona–a new $20 million dolphin park near Scottsdale, Arizona–officially opened it doors on October 15. The tourist attraction currently features three captive dolphins and provides customers with the opportunity to pay hundreds of dollars for “interactive experiences” like swimming with […]

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