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Photo credit: The Guardian

Celebrating World Elephant Day

(ELEPHANTS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Happy World Elephant Day! This global campaign was founded in 2012 to shine a light on the delicate state of elephant populations across the globe. In addition to habitat loss and exploitation, poaching for the ivory trade is one of the most difficult issues conservationists must face to protect these gentle giants. But […]

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Orca jumps in ocean, killer whale swimming in the wild

Orca Baby Boom: Hope For Endangered Whales?

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/ORCAS) The Pacific Northwest is experiencing an orca baby boom after four newborn orcas were born between last December and April of this year. The baby orcas were spotted off the coast of Washington and British Columbia, an area famous for its orca pods, and not a moment too soon. While four whales may […]

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African Lion

Roaring For Wildlife: World Lion Day Honors Cecil

(LIONS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Today, August 10 marks World Lion Day, the first global campaign celebrating the importance of lions across the globe. But this year, the day has a particularly important meaning, with an increased focus on conservation. Lions are endangered throughout Africa and India, but widespread outrage following the recent killing of Cecil the lion […]

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Major airlines like Delta, United, and American will no longer ship trophy hunts as freight, effectively immediately. Photo Credit:

Big Airlines Ban Big Game Shipments, But Will UPS?

(SPORT HUNTING/ANIMAL NEWS) Following global outrage over Walter James Palmer’s killing of Cecil the lion last month, a number of prominent airlines announced they will no longer ship hunted animal trophies as freight, which includes lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo–or what hunters frequently refer to as “the big five.” Zimbabwe has also suspended big […]

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jon stewart daily show dog

Jon Stewart Walks His Daily Show Dog (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/PIT BULLS) It comes as no surprise that Jon Stewart is quite the pit bull lover. “The Daily Show” host has stood up for the breed on numerous occasions and is the proud parent of three rescued pit bulls, including a three-legged pooch named Champ. Not to mention, “The Daily Show” set has reportedly […]

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Cruelty Cannot Be Concealed: Judge Lifts Idaho Ag-Gag Law

(AG-GAG LAWS/FACTORY FARMING) IDAHO — This week, in a major victory for factory farm animals, a federal judge ruled Idaho’s ag-gag law–which prohibits undercover investigations of agricultural operations–as unconstitutional. The misguided law was passed last year in response to Mercy For Animals footage revealing horrific conditions and unspeakable cruelty to animals at an Idaho dairy […]

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