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In a major victory for animal rights, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced plans to retire the last government-owned chimpanzees from invasive experimentation.

The End Of An Era: Research Chimps Retiring For Good

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) Two years ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) retired most of its research chimpanzees. Now, the agency plans to retire the last remaining colony of 50 research chimps–officially putting an end to an era of invasive experimentation on government-owned chimpanzees. The NIH has determined the next group of chimps to be […]

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Photo Credit: surfneng via Flickr

Energizing Exercises With Your Dogs

(PET CARE/DOGS) Not only can introducing your dog to different forms of exercise help minimize their risk of joint pain later in life, but it can also help him/her get the most out of their active doggy lifestyles. Read on for more information and check out these great new ideas for exercising with your pet. […]

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It took Steve-o and his friends two days to complete their prank. Photo credit:

A Thing Of The Past? SeaWorld Shuts Down Shamu Shows

(SEAWORLD/ANIMAL NEWS) Today, as part of its comprehensive strategy to try and redeem the company’s maligned reputation, SeaWorld unveiled plans to phase out its longstanding orca shows at its San Diego park next year. In its place, a new orca experience in a more natural setting is set to debut in 2017, described as “informative” […]

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Ivory horns are smuggled out of West and Central Africa for markets in Asia and Europe. Photo credit:

U.S. Roars Against Wildlife Trafficking With Anti-Poaching Bill

(ANIMAL NEWS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Global Anti-Poaching Act, a comprehensive anti-poaching bill that would strengthen prosecution of wildlife trafficking cases while raising money to help combat poaching in Africa. Although poaching incidents have been on the rise in recent years, anti-poaching efforts are simultaneously gaining more attention–particularly after […]

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<p>A screech owl entangled in Halloween decorations. Photo Credit: Dave Stapp, Marin Humane Society</p>

Halloween Decorations That Kill

(HALLOWEEN/ANIMAL SAFETY) Halloween decorations can be scary, and sometimes they can be downright dangerous. With the threat of Halloween spiderwebs, plastic candy wrappers, and dangling tinsel or ribbon, the holidays can be a particularly hazardous time for wildlife. For instance, Western Screech Owl recently became entangled in Halloween decorations outside a home in suburban Novato, CA. […]

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Video footage documents an enraged bull charging into the crowd during a bullfighting event in Peru. Photo Credit: YouTube

Caught On Tape: Raging Bull Charges Crowd At Peru Bullfight

(ANIMAL NEWS/BULLFIGHTING) Bullfighting spectators in Peru were sent running to safety over the weekend after a bull unexpectedly jumped the barricades and charged at them. While bullfighters attempted to lasso the bull, things took a turn for the worse when fans began provoking the animal by tossing beer and other objects into the bullring. The […]

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Three-quarters of the world’s primary fisheries have been overexploited and are in danger of becoming dead zones. Photo credit: Robert Harding

U.S. Navy Reels In Deadly Training

(WHALES/OCEAN CONSERVATION) In a recent settlement with environmental groups, the Navy agreed to reduce its use of sonar and other training harmful to whales, dolphins, and other marine life off the coasts of Hawaii and California. Sonar can often disturb marine animals’ feeding and communication, and in some cases, these training exercises can be deadly. […]

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