China Southern Airlines Fined For Monkey Business

(PRIMATE TESTING/ANIMAL WELFARE) China Southern Airlines was recently fined for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. From August 2012 through August 2013, the airline transported over 1,300 monkeys to the United States without a license, giving the USDA the authority to fine them $11,600. The investigation and fine were prompted by a complaint filed by PETA last year after receiving a whistleblower report.

In 2011, the airline was called into question for the deaths of 15 primates while importing them into Los Angeles. And in 2012, China Southern was eventually fined over $14,000 for illegally shipping primates and failing to provide the animals with adequate food, water, and veterinary care.

Given the fine could have reached upwards of $30,000 for eight violations of the Animal Welfare Act, animal rights activists are unhappy with this relatively small fine, and are calling for more action. Read on for more on China Southern’s cruelty and urge Air France and ABX Air to join nearly every other airline in the world by banning shipments of primates for cruel experimentation. — Global Animal

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Monkeys and other primates are shipped from across the world to endure experimentation, including the injection of harmful chemicals. Photo Credit: PETA

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN)

The USDA announced today it has fined China Southern Airlines $11,600 for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. According to records received by national animal research watchdog group, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! China Southern illegally imported approximately 1,380 monkeys without a license.

“It is a shockingly small amount to fine China Southern for such an egregious violation.” SAEN Director of Communications, Julia Orr said.

“Such a paltry amount means nothing to an airline of that size. These monkeys are shipped in horrible conditions and are destined for a life of torture in experiments. It just goes to show there is a lack of oversight and penalty for the animal experimentation industry.”

The shipments occurred from August 28, 2012 through August 7, 2013. In seven separate shipments, Macaca Fascicularis monkeys were shipped through Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The exact number of monkeys is unknown, but each shipment contained approximately 120 – 360 monkeys.

After increasing pressure from animal rights activists, China Southern announced in March it would stop shipping primates for research labs but has reneged on a similar promise previously.

In 2011, China Southern was embroiled in a legal case after 15 monkeys died in transit from China to Los Angeles. The airline was eventually fined $14, 438 by the USDA for the deaths of 17 primates, a further two primates from the shipment had to be euthanized. The fine could have been as much as $30,000 for eight violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

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TAKE ACTION: Urge Air France and ABX Air to join China Southern Airlines and end the cruel transportation of primates to labs.


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