Twilight Star’s Purr-fect New Cause For Cats

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Though pictured above with his two dogs, Kellan Lutz has recruited his Twitter followers to join in the fight against cat declawing. Photo Credit:

Lisa Singer, exclusive to Global Animal  

Hunky, handsome and loves cats, too? Now that’s my kind of man! Actor Kellan Lutz is speaking out against declawing cats. The Twilight star has taken to Twitter and is encouraging his followers to watch “The Paw Project,” a documentary about the mutilating effects of feline declawing. He posted:

“Hey team, take a moment and check out @PawProject. This inspiring story aims to increase awareness of the cruelty of declawing.”

Many people, animal lovers included, don’t realize just how cruel declawing is. It’s a surgical procedure where the animal’s toes are amputated at the last joint. A portion of the bone—not just the nail—is removed and may even result in permanent lameness, arthritis, and other long term complications.

Cat with Vet Twilight Stars Purr fect New Cause For Cats

Declawing cats is a surgical procedure that may result in lameness, arthritis, and other long-term complications. Photo Credit: Boulders Natural Animal

After hearing this, you’d think most pet owners would never subject their beloved kitty to that kind of potential pain. Why then are an estimated 25 to 43 percent of all cats in American homes declawed? It’s simple…ignorance.

The documentary shines light on this abuse, chronicling Dr. Jennifer Conrad’s grassroots movement, “The Paw Project,” to protect felines both large and small from the cruelty of declawing. Conrad, who also directed the film, is a veterinarian for big cat sanctuaries as well as for animals appearing in television and movies.

Her work with so many big cats crippled from declawing led her to become concerned with domestic cat suffering as well. The film documents the organization’s advocacy efforts to protect these animals and their successful campaigns to ban the declawing of both wild and domestic cats.  

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Kellan Lutz accepts the Do Something For Animals award onstage at the 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards. Photo Credit:

For those considering declawing your cat, we urge you to visit The Paw Project’s website for a more humane solution. The Paw Project documentary premieres in New York on September 27th, followed by showings in selected areas throughout the country.

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