Mayor Cat Clings To Life

Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal 

The life of a political animal is extremely stressful and cutthroat, with competitors looking to take you down at every turn. Talkeetna, Alaska’s honorary mayor, Stubbs the cat, had to learn this the hard way.

On Saturday night, the feline mayor was attacked by a dog near Denali National Park, leaving Stubbs with a fractured sternum and punctured lung. Unfortunately for the unidentified dog, crimes against a political figure are serious business.

After several hours of surgery, he is currently recuperating at a veterinarian’s office in Wasilla.

Stubbs the cat mayor of Alaska town 630x418 Mayor Cat Clings To Life

Mayor Stubbs has held office for 16 years, and has no plans of abandoning his position any time soon. Photo Credit: Facebook

Stubbs’ companion Lauri Stec intends to file a police report in order to track down the mayor’s assailant.

The honorary mayor has held office since July 1997, originally receiving the position as a result of the residents’ disapproval of all other mayoral candidates that year. Even though his position is honorary, Mayor Stubbs’ approval rating is through the roof, earning national recognition and dozens of visits from tourists each day.

Stubbs hopes to return to his office at the town’s general store after his release from the hospital. We hope Stubbs makes a full recovery, and wish him well. Towns can’t run themselves, and Stubbs has big ideas for the future.  

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