Elephant Poachers Given Weapons

(POACHING) Back in November, the New York Times reported that the army chief of Democratic Republic of Congo was suspended over claims he sold weapons to armed groups and elephant poachers, as the government said they had captured a string of towns in eastern Congo, including Goma, a provincial capital, raising serious questions about the stability of this vast and often-troubled country. While Congo’s Army has been infamously corrupt for decades, the Congolese government suspended the chief of staff of ground control after a UN investigation found that he had been running a criminal network which supplied ammunition to elephant poachers and other violent groups. Top elephant researchers in the Congo have suggested that the “Congolese military are implicated in almost all elephant poaching,” making the military “the main perpetrator of illegal elephant killing” in Congo. Click the link below for more information regarding this ongoing issue. — Global Animal
 Elephant Poachers Given Weapons

Rebel soldiers were driving and marching out of Goma to return to positions they held before they took the city . Photo Credit: AFP/GETTY


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  1. Erika Yost Kumar on Facebook January 23, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    so frustrating and sad!