Hair-Raising Question: What Would Trump’s Dog Look Like? (PHOTOS)

(PET HUMOR) Donald Trump’s has a big mouth in a salesy “there’s a sucker born every minute” kind of way. And the major leaguer (who’s sure he hit a triple, but was actually born on third base) struck out spectacularly when Obama released his long-form birth certificate. Then Trump’s poll numbers plummeted. How embarrassing.

Now the former birther has fired himself from running for president (how was the famous germaphobe going to shake all those hands anyway?).

While comedians have a field day and everyone else bids farewell to The Donald and his pseudo-political ambitions, here at Global Animal, we have one last pressing question:

If Donald Trump had a dog, what would the pooch look like?

Pets can look like their people, and in the case of The Donald, it would have to be about the hair. Here are a few photos we found of Trump-esque doggie-do imaginings. – Global Animal


A chihuahua named Bandit Rubio was gussied up like Donald Trump and trumped the competition at a New York pet celebrity look-a-like contest. Bandit wore a custom-made grey pinstripe suit with a red tie and dark brown toupee. Winners received a free year of veterinary care.

What? Me, a comb-over? You're fired!

I'm apprenticing as a salesman of overpriced real estate.

Uncanny resemblance!

A wistful stare is best accompanied by wispy hair.


If you have a picture of a dog you think shouts Trump, feel free to send us the photo to be added here. Thanks! – Global Animal


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