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<p>March 3, 2011 -- Four new species of fungi that turn ants into zombies have been discovered in the Amazon. Ants become infected when they come into contact with spores released by the fungus. Within a week the ant enters a "zombie-like" state. The fungus then grows out of the head of the ant, releasing spores into the air, which rain down onto unsuspecting ants and the forest floor. Photo Credit: Evans et al./PLoS One</p>

Fungus Creates Zombie Ant Army To Reproduce

Many plants use bugs and animals to hep them reproduce, but few plants do it the way these  fungi do.  These four new types of fungus have been found to burrows into an ant’s brain, rendering the ant into a zombie-like state in order for the fungus to reproduce. Are we in danger of an […]

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Man With Mini Horse With Prosthetic Leg Midnight

Miniature Horse Gets Prosthetic Leg And New Life

TEXAS — Midnight the miniature horse was born without a full hind leg, causing his original caretakers to neglect him. Now, Midnight is living happily with a prosthetic leg, thanks to Ranch Hand Rescue. Watch the video of this incredible story, and the amazing strides this little horse has made toward a normal life. — […]

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