Archive | February 23, 2011

Gorillas Go Heart-Healthy With New Zoo Diet

Just like for people, heart disease is the number one killer for male Western lowland gorillas. In hopes of increasing gorillas’ lifespans, researchers in Cleveland are working with zoos to put them on a more heart-healthy diet, similar to the one they would be on if they were in the wild. – Global Animal REUTERS/Mehgan […]

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Montana Governor Throws Tantrum, Commands Wolf Killing (TAKE ACTION)

Feb. 16, 2011 — MONTANA — In a letter of rage sent to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has threatened to disrespect the Endangered Species Act by allowing entire packs of gray wolves to be slaughtered. His justification: complaints from hunters and cattle ranchers. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that bowing down to these interest groups’ demands are the reason why we only have 1,700 gray wolves left in the region. — Global Animal

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